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  1. WOW!!! Damn, girl! You look AWESOME!! Congrats!!!
  2. Hi Cheryl! Definitely alive and WELL! So nice to say that.
  3. So glad to hear that Jillie and Kate are doing well! Hoping to hear more about the tummy/breast surgery (and recovery, of course). Who else has had plastics? I have not. And not sure I really want to. I feel GREAT! My weight has been creeping up, but I'm working on getting it back down to where I want it. I gained about 15 pounds, want to lose 10 of it, have seven left to go on that front. But my clothes fit, I feel great, I exercise all the time and do whatever activities I want, and the doctor says my health is great. Only gripe is that I'm still cold all the time. Hope more of us check in!!
  4. Freezing my (smaller) butt off in Maine! Been wearing two layers of clothes (at minimum) for the past two months. Wool socks. Room temperature water makes me shiver when I drink it. Hot beverages are perpetually in hand. Still worth it.
  5. I did it and can't say I lost any weight, but it did put me back on the path and it did seriously reduce carb cravings.
  6. You can get cheap OR pre made OR fruity, but not sure you're going to get anything that hits that trifecta. Remember that this is your primary source of nutrition now, so instead of buying an $8 steak, you can get two 20 oz bottles of Isopure and get four meal replacements out of it. So, Vitamin Shoppe in SoPo has Isopure (premixed) and Syntrax nectar powder. Good luck!
  7. So nice to read success stories! How's everyone doing? Welcome to the thread Patty! HCM, how's things? Jillie you ROCK! Barb, how's it going? I'm kind of hanging out at 166/167, but I'm happy here. Thinking 150 is probably not in my future. Size 8-10 pants is good. Love to all.
  8. Unjury chicken flavor with chicken soup from Nashua Nutrition. 35 grams of protein when you mix them.
  9. In my program, the surgeon ordered them for my six month visit (had to have the draw 2 weeks before the appointment). My family doc wouldn't have known what to order/watch for nearly as well as the surgeon. I don't think you need to be very worried about this, especially if you're vigilant with your vitamins.
  10. You look great! The happy shines though. Congrats.
  11. I really can't think of negatives/drawbacks to having the surgery in my life. Fat rolls trump extra skin in my negative column. Giving up carbonation? No problem. I have more energy than I've ever had. I love exercising. I love how I look and feel. I love my clothes. I love compliments. Probably the most annoying thing for me is that I forget to not drink with my food in restaurants sometimes. Pretty minor inconvenience compared to the health issues I was facing as I ate myself to death.
  12. I didn't have much pain after surgery at all. The gas part was uncomfortable, but that was the worst. I haven't found any foods that I can't eat. I have had chicken get stuck, that's uncomfortable but avoidable. CHEW WELL.