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    Being and Mommy and a Wife. That takes most of my time but when I do get some free time I am at the gym. I am somebody who could barely do a couple of blocks without being in pain afterwards, I am now doing Zumba, Yoga, Body Works, ABs, Free Weights and my FAVORITE Spin.

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    The Sharp Experience
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  1. LOVE IT! Such a priceless motivation. Enjoy every minute of it. Congrats on your success not only on the scale but off it as well.
  2. What a priceless thing to be able to claim after where we have come from. They are just numbers but you have made accomplishments to be where you are now and that alone should be celebrated. Toot Toot! Congrats!
  3. Bless you heart sweety. I know that is so painful and uncomfortable as well. How long dis your doctor state it would take for it to begin to heal?
  4. Take your break to grab a quick walk and or before you shower before work, get up 15 minutes earlier and Squat jumps, push-ups, side bends. Then on your lunch break grab another 30 minutes and walk with some light weights. It adds up and if stay consistent it will pay off. Believe it or not you exercising throughout your day will give you more energy as well by the end of your day.
  5. I am getting teary eyed. I have watch you blossom. I have been missing in action for awhile but you ladies have always been in my heart. Does my heart a joy that can not be explained in words to see so much happiness in your spirit. Cheers to much more!!
  6. Since summer is just around the corner, it is a great reason to hop of the fitness train and make some approvements that are sure to keep inspired and on the right track. Who's Ready? * PLEASE, be sure to tag all photos associated with challenge. * Challenge will include exercises that will be announced day of challenge. For detailed information on exercise(s), how to and modifications, please refer to my facebook http://facebook.com/PSLuvYou * The Summer Fun Fit Challenge album on facebook is public, So a facebook page nor being on my friends list is required in order to view it. * All I ask is everyone respects everyone's journey and offer support to one each other. Keep a positive mind. Fight for it. * If you have any questions, please feel free to KIK me at 200poundsgone. Thank you and I hope to see you!
  7. First let me say how proud I am of you and what you have accomplished. I rarely meet many whom has lost as much as us but it is a truly emotional feeling knowing how far you have truly come to be where you are now. This is a big motivation, it inspires me to push even harder then I am now. Big congrats to all your success and achievements! Keep striving
  8. Thank you!! I am forever grateful for making it this far and still making strides to build a better me.
  9. I hardly get a chance to stop in and share all the wonderful things my tool has help bless with me with but my most recent accomplishment has been my waist. I remember pre-op, I don't believe I could get the entire tape around my abdominal area. It was a very low point in my journey. Anything involved in measuring myself, was always a cold hard truth about how badly I had allowed myself to become 420 pounds. Whom would have ever knew I was hiding such a small wait underneath all of my weight? Hard work does pay off. It may take a little more work for some of us but it can happen if you want it bad enough. I have learned to love fitness. I don't see it as a punishment, I crave that feeling after a great workout. It is my medicine. I am so curious to see what my body will mold into in another 3 years. Thank You for allowing me to share! 1st Picture: The first time I was even brave enough to take measurements again of my waist. 35.5 inches. 2nd Picture: I was approx. -80 lighter in this picture but still a very noticeable bulge in my stomach area. 3rd Picture: My current photo I just took a couple of weeks ago.
  10. Wow! That is fantastic. Keep doing what you are doing. You are glowing. A priceless feeling to not only look good but feel it as well. Congrats!
  11. It can be such an out of body experience seeing your before and after photos. How did it feel to be able to purchase a shirt from the GAP? or even wear anything with GAP on it? Big congrats on your success.
  12. I hope to be able to wear my girls clothes when they start high school. OK, where are the pictures with you in the yellow dress? I am sure you look just as amazing as your daughter. Congrats!
  13. Wow, that is truly amazing. -85 pounds gone forever YIPPPEEE!! Congrats
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