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  1. Hello there! I'm new and thinking about surgery!

    My goodnes! 34 pounds in a month! I'd say that's doing very well. Is the bypass the same thing as the RNY?
  2. Hello there! I'm new and thinking about surgery!

    Here is a picture of me and my daughter last Friday out for lunch on my birthday. She is tall and slender and works out regularly and is gorgeous. She is probably also going to be getting married in the next year or two, and the thought of shaming her by being a 340-pound mother of the bride is definitely playing a part in my decision to look into WLS seriously again. I've never been able to be the energetic, able-bodied mom that she deserved I wish I could have been, but if I get this weight off, maybe I can still be around and have more energy for playing with future grandchildren!!
  3. Hello there! I'm new and thinking about surgery!

    This is a very good piece of advice! Thanks!
  4. Hello there! I'm new and thinking about surgery!

    Fortunately, needing to get off of NSAIDS won't be a problem for me. I stopped taking them years ago because they never did anything for me except threaten the health of my kidneys! But kidneys are fine, so that won't be an issue either.
  5. Hello there! I'm new and thinking about surgery!

    Wow, that is so terrific!! I can only imagine how wonderful that must feel! Congratulations to you, and thanks for your offer of support.
  6. Weight loss surgery comparison

    Are there specific criteria that doctors to look for to determine which procedure is best for different people? What are some of the determining factors?
  7. My name is Elizabeth Paine. I just turned 55 on March 22 and have been overweight most of my life. It has been a continual battle that has only gotten worse in the past ten years. I have had severe fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue most of my life and have really bad degenerative disc disease and really bad problems with my feet and ankles and knees, too, including surgeries on my back and one foot. The long and short of it is that there is pretty much NO FORM of exercise that I can do that is not excrutiatingly painful and makes my pain conditions worse. I've also developed really bad insomnia, so the late night, hurting, bored, can't sleep eating is a terrible enemy! I am 5"11 and currently am at the highest weight of my life. 341 pounds. I was at 347 a few weeks ago but have lost a few pounds on my own. I do not currently have high blood pressure or high cholesterol or diabetes or heart disease, but I do know that many of those problems could very well be waiting right around the corner for me if I don't get this weight under control. I am also a professional harpist and harp teacher, but I've quit trying to find very many gigs because I've gotten so self conscious. I looked into having bariatric surgery a long time ago, but they wouldn't do it then because I had a hiatal hernia. Now I understand that they will frequently just correct a hernia at the same time, so I hope that won't be a problem. I also have sleep apnea that is untreated because I'm claustrophobic and can't use the masks. (Gee I sound like a train wreck when I start talking about all of this!). Anyway, I'm on disability now, but I have discovered that KelseyCare Advantage (my Medicare provider) will cover bariatric surgery if it is considered medically necessary. I have my physical scheduled for April 8, so I will talk about it with my GP at that time. The last time I looked into weight loss surgery, I believe they were thinking that the Roux en Y procedure would be best for me, but I know that many advances new types of surgeries have come about since then, so I'm very interested in finding out more about the options that are available now. My biggest fear in thinking about having this surgery is possibly having a problem with throwing up. I HATE THROWING UP! I have had a few pretty major surgeries, so the thought of surgery is not at all scary for me, but throwing up is! Anyway, that's me! I'm looking forward to learning a lot here and making some new friends!