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  1. chic a fila sorry do not know how it is spelled has the best salad i love the cob salad with lime avacodo ranch dsg . they have terrific chicken
  2. I hate that i dont see a smaller person when i look in the mirror. its like i shrunk but every roll and bluge to me is still there. I do catch me rubbing my cheek and jawbone and neck I can feel that my face is smaller . I have went down in clothes sizes but and the scale shows i lost 75lb but I still see it on me. With pictures I can see a difference in my face not much anywhere else.
  3. any surgery even something simple comes with a risk. my aunt died from surgery she was high risk to start with she lived through the surgery and just about time to come home they assume it was a blood clot a autopsy was not preformed. she did everything right its just one of those things you can not predict .
  4. i had a doctor appt the 19th had a very small fill put in i actually couldnt feel a difference when i left the office but did the typical liquids then gradually moved up to where saturday i actually ate at a family reunion with no troubles. we'll monday i got a touch of the stomach bug and threw up like 5 times within 2 hours i didnt have much to bring up and it wasent from eatting i got sick when i wasent. anyhow im now not sick but oh so tight. ( fyi i did call the doc and she knows what is going on gave me zofran and said to call if i couldnt keep anything down or had pain) granted i have been on liquids for 3 days due to being sick so i know that alone will shrink ya but im having a hard time with fluids i can only eat a few tablespoon of mashed potatoes and i eat them slowly. i hate to go and have fluid taken out to just turn around and have it put back in. any one else have this happen.
  5. i went from 297 to 225 and just starting to have to give clothes away because they are too big . especially my nursing scrubs that is the only thing i have had people say my clothes were to big.
  6. my first fill was my largest then after that i have only has small amounts put in at at time . I have had 4or 5 fills . I think i may need another one. I have had a surge of feeling hungry even after i have ate and I think im eatting larger portions. But when i get like this I feel like I have failed. does anyone else feel like this. I have a appt in june im thinking about moving it up. I want to try a week of really watching what i eat and make sure its not just my bad habits sneaking up on me.
  7. oh you poor thing hang in there try not to do to much to soon like going up and down stairs. take meds before pain starts hopefully the doctor appt will go ok.
  8. sounds like reverse anorexia obviously she has some underlying issues anyone who wants to make them self unhealthy sounds like self distruction. very sad the thought that one day she will get help and then have to deal with losing the weight or end up with health problems . she is very young and i dont think really realizes what she is in for.
  9. cocain-extract of leave of the coca plant LSD is from fungus and opium from the poppy plant all from the ground so they are safe right ? as a nurse i see the effects of drugs on people my thought is the doctor prob feel like if you use one type of drug you may be using others . I feel like showing you have not used any drugs for a year is doing something to improve your health.
  10. i had the lapband nov 29 2010 got pregnant june 2011 had my daughter march 21 2012 so i was 6 months out. I was 35 and it was a surprise pregnancy. my doctor said she gets 1 person who gets pregnant after surgery every year . I was the 2nd one she ever had and the only one my obgyn had so lucky me i was the project. I gained 25 lbs they watched me closely i had several more sonagrams to watch the baby's growth. people do get pregnant after surgery but not many so the effects of a female and child after surgery is still new to a lot of doctors and New is not something they want to deal with. My daughter was a very healthy baby she was the smallest i ever had she was just over 7lbs my other 2 was almost 9 and 10 lbs . i lost the weight fast after birth and i have continued to steady slowly lose weight. im sure they thought after i got pregnant i would not really lose any more. my other 2 pregnancies before this one was normal and healthy never any issues. I will say with this one i felt like i had every pregnancy symptom possible. nausea with a lapband sucks. also i could not take NSAIDS after a c-section so yea terrible pain tylenol just does not cut it. worst 3 weeks recovering from that. I agree give youself a year the weight you lose will give you a healthier pregnancy.
  11. Thats great ! you really feel like your getting somewhere when clothes start moving down in sizes
  12. I love that you go and talk to people at sessions I have thought if i get to my weight loss goal or pretty close i would love to do that. I think people need to see someone else was able to do it .Not just pictures on the internet or TV but a real life person. and be able to ask questions from someone who has gone through the procedure ;so pat on the back from me for giving something back.
  13. just wanted to jump in and say yes i have seen to where some people may come off harsh or sound crititcal. I just tell myself it may just be how im reading it because we are just reading words. Other times i feel like they may just be trying to prevent you from making a mistake they made . I have a hard time following along with some things because it flat out does not pertain to me most people on here have a form of gastic bypass I have a labband so my rules and restrictions are different. I was given a no no list i have had some things on that list without side effects and i have had things on my go ahead list with bad side effects so it really is individual about what you can and cannot eat. Some of it is not should i eat this it is litterly your pouch will not let you if eat this proceed with caution. and remember there are many different surgerys out there so people are told different things. if your happy and losing weight thats all that matters. This is a lifestyle that has to be learned and be able to comment to for the rest of your life it is not a short term procedure. if you can go without sweet and treats thats great our body really does not need them. If you decide to have a piece of cake dont feel guilty . If i have a couple cookies we'll 2 cookies is a whole lot better then the 10 i would have ate before surgery. keep up the good work !
  14. for breakfast i had a fried egg 1/2 slice of toast 1 sausage link for lunch im having 4 buffalo chicken tenders a scoop of mashed pot and corn this is actually split up it will take me about 3 hours to eat it all if i do eat it all. and im at work so i keep getting interupped not sure about supper yet my work schedule is messed up today . most likely it will be what ever my husband fixes for supper i will just have to reheat leftovers since i woint get home until 7:30 All this entries about fish has made me want salmon so I know that will go on my shopping list
  15. I love the nuvaring I used it for a long time prob too long your suppose to switch to something else after 7 years . I also have several friends who also use it. if you dont want a period one month you just take the one out and put another in. normally you would wait a week. you can download a timer from online and it will pop up on your computer to remind you to take it out and put another one in.