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  1. Has anyone tried anything new that's any good? I haven't ordered from them in 2 years and have gotten off track. I got to where I was finally able to eat "normal food" so don't need to order from here anymore. Well, I've gained weight, so I'll admit I'm wrong. I'm scared to order things I haven't tried. I'm open to suggestions. I'm not big on frozen meals at all. Im still hung up on eating stuff like cottage cheese, that they obviously don't sell. However, I recently moved and had to start with a new bariatric doctor, and he got onto me big time, and I realized I kind of need to start over. I didn't have a nutritionist with the bariatric surgeon I had the 1st time, so I relied solely on this forum and a printout my surgeon gave me. Help! I'll be posting a new topic soon because I'm so off track, but until then, I'm hoping some of the "vets" from this forum will see this.
  2. It's been almost 4 years since I had a gastric bypass. I had many strictures immediately after it, but I'm now having the same symptoms again. I'm vomiting, and it feels like my food is getting stuck. I do have Gastric ulcers, but it's never caused this. I'm being scoped Monday, but I wanted to ask if anyone has ever heard of this happening this long after the surgery. Thanks ahead of time.
  3. Thanks again Dr. Gupta. I will do that.
  4. Ok, so maybe it's just an uncommon thing that happens. In the almost 2 yrs since my GB, I've had 23 scopes (last one 5 days ago) due to bleeding ulcers, strictures and gastritis). So if something was wrong in my throat I assume he would have seen it. I use Flinstone's vitamins for a multivitamin since I can't swallow adult ones. My other issue has been the calcium citrate. I've always gotten the chewable ones (because it's like eating candy but made for barbaric patients, but wanted a break). So, I ordered the petite pills. They're about 1.25 times the size of a Flinstone's vitamin, and I needed to take 6/day! I choked on just 1. So those will all go to waste. I'm back to the chewables now. Before surgery I could swallow ANY size pill made. With my smaller pills, I can swallow about 4 at a time.
  5. I've already had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation 6 months ago. I'm considering getting butt implants now. My butt is completely flat now, like a frog walking upright. I have to wear padded panties to keep my pants up. What I'd like to know is... What are butt implants made out of in the US? If it's silicone, how to keep from popping them or making them leak since you sit on them? What's the average US price for that?
  6. It's almost 2 yrs post-op for me, and I still can't swallow a pill larger than 3/4 the size of a Flinstone's vitamin.
  7. I can't find any information on why we have trouble swallowing pills after a gastric bypass. Nothing was done to our throats, but it's apparently common for pills to get stuck in our throats. Anyone know why? I'm just curious.
  8. Thank you very much! I'll look into getting a 2nd opinion. I appreciate your advice.
  9. I definitely have dogs. I have 4. And one is very overweight so I need to start walking. It really comes down to me always feeling like crap. I was just diagnosed with MS, but now they're wondering if it's something worse. I physically can walk, just not very far because the meds they have me make me feel kinda drunk. I'm gonna do it though!!
  10. No, I haven't tried going back to the liquids. That's a great idea! I may just do that. I don't do well on SF candy though. It really upsets my stomach. I'll go back to soup and jello. I forgot to say that I still don't exercise. I had so many complications and always vomiting until about 3 months ago, so I wasn't really able to do much. I'm just now where I can do light workouts due to the tummy tuck problems.
  11. This may seem ridiculous, but I stayed so constipated, that I had bowel impactions MANY times! I won't go into how I got through that. I would be laying on the floor bleeding it was so bad. Ever since I got this "Squatty Potty", I have had it so much easier. I also keep mineral oil nearby. If I get constipated, I swallow some mineral oil, go take a nap and wake up, use my squatty potty, and all is great again, and I don't have a ripped butt like I used to, lol! There's nothing more painful than a bowel impaction. I had my first child vaginally, with no drugs, and the bowel impaction was more painful! Trust me...this is a great investment. If you can't afford it, find anything that's about the same height and use that.
  12. I'm sure someone has already said this, but you are just in a "stall". After you lose a lot of weight really fast, your body needs a break. Think of it like climbing a flight of stairs. You have to stop at a landing to rest every now and then. The stall can last 2-4 weeks. After that, you will likely lose again really fast. I did that back and forth the whole first year. So please don't get discouraged as long as you're doing the right thing. Stalls are good. If we didn't have stalls, we'd lose calcium and other nutrients so fast that it could kill us.
  13. I haven't been on here in a while, and I apologize. Life has intervened. I foster special needs dogs, and adopted one that requires a lot of care, but she is an angel and SO happy! Anyway, I'm about 22 months post-op. About two months ago, I started getting very strong cravings for chocolate. I started eating it, and now I can't stop. I have gained 10-14 lbs in two months or so. Now, I also have stopped vomiting all the time, so that could be some of it, but eating peanut M&Ms all the time is most of it. I've tried again and again, and I can't stop eating them. I don't get dumping syndrome unfortunately. I don't know what to do. I can't get fat again. I have a bad heart condition and was only given 2 years to live if I didn't lose weight, which is why I had the gastric bypass. My willpower is horrible now. I've never in my life craved chocolate like I do now. I actually didn't really even like chocolate. I need some encouragement big time. I want to give up, but I know I can't. My husband has been deployed for 6 months and is coming home in 1 week. So I'm under a lot of stress getting the house cleaned up. On top of this, I had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation almost 6 months ago. I have developed two severe seromas from the tummy tuck, so now I look about 5 months pregnant. My plastic surgeon will not drain the fluid unless it's not better at the 1 year part, so I have this pressure on my pouch all the time and just feel fat due to the seromas, One is above my belly button (the worst one), and one is below. Plus now I have loose skin showing up around my hip bones. That I can deal with right now, but I don't know what to do about the chocolate. I didn't get fat having good willpower. HELP! I've attached a picture of what I looked like about 2 months after my tummy tuck. Everything was perfect! Hopefully it's not too graphic for anyone. The 2nd pic shows what I look like now on a good day. That's all swelling from seromas from the tummy tuck!
  14. Ok everyone! I can finally eat some normal stuff now. It's almost been two years, and I can just now eat a tiny bit of lettuce. I still cannot eat more than one bite of chicken. I can't do pasta or rice or bread either. Have any of you found anything on Bariatric Choice that I may can eat that's actually good? I'm not big on meat other than the chili and sloppy joe's.
  15. Thank you Dr. Gupta. He ended up telling me that the seroma above my navel seemed to be full of fluid in the tissue only, making it harder, and that the one below my navel was fluid between the skin and muscle (I think). He said that if it's not better 1 year after surgery, then he would consider draining it, but that it would just come back. I also have noticed that I have skin drooping by my hip bones. It's not as bad as before surgery, but it's definitely not pretty or what I expected. He said that it happens a lot, and that I'll need another surgery to fix it. Does all of this sound like good advice?