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  1. Tomorrow will be one year since surgery. I've been at 110lbs down for the past 3 months.

    1. Lori88


      Awesome. Great job! Happy One Year!

  2. To lose the last 25 pounds to get to my goal, I will have to work MUCH harder at this. I wonder if I actually want to?

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    2. BamaChick


      that depends on you and how you feel.

    3. Rachel14


      You got this!! It is always the end of a race or drive that seems the longest. You can do it!! :)

    4. Allycatwirt


      My goal was picked at random 110lbs ago. The charts & Doctors say I should be about 40lbs smaller than I am now. I just have no desire to be skinny and weak.

  3. Tried an experiment and it turns out that if I eat sugary stuff (cake, pastries, ice cream, candy), I will wake up with a headache the next morning. I wanted an aversion-type result from all this and now I have one...

    1. Zen_Steph


      Good! Now don't do that again! ;)

    2. Relovlee


      wow maybe thats y ive been having headaches..hmmmm thx 4 sharing ;)

  4. Those are SIZE 11 jeans, Y'all. While some might think size 11 is a bit large for them, please remember that I'm 5'10".
  5. Allycatwirt

    3 days post op

    Way to go! I TOTALLY used the pain meds as provided! Sounds like you're doing what you should: Heal!
  6. I can hardly wait until next week when I get to take a short flight from San Diego to Sacramento for work. I haven't been on an airplane since before surgery (11 months ago, yesterday) so even though I'm claustrophobic and generally hate planes, I KNOW I won't need a seatbelt extender now!
  7. can anybody top that story? I can give you the cautionary tale though... I signed up for PlentyOfFish becasue it's free and I'm NOT going to pay to talk to dudes. I've talked to a bunch of guys on the site, mosty weeding out the ones that are shorter than me (YES, I made that requirement clear on my profile, and NO, that doesn't stop 5'6" dudes from trying to contact me.) I've spoken to a few guys on the phone and I'd LIKE to think that it is my remote, desert-dwelling location that deters the majority of them, but I've only met two (2) in person. The first drove an hour to meet me for coffee. He seemed funny and nice enough in a, "Sure would like to get in yor pants" sort of way, but Meh. The second one was shaping up nicely on the phone and I wanted to go to Balboa Park in San Diego for my birthday present to myself anyway, so he met me there. We had a nice time and he was funny, and quiet, and a complete gentleman. A week later, he texted me, telling me he had to be honest about his criminal record as a convicted felon. He's a pedophile, listed on the Megan's Law website. internet dating time is OVER!
  8. I'm with Happy-Camper in the regular people section of the highway... I have a 2002 Honda Accord that I bought, used, in 2011. No name, nothing fancy, but it IS easier to get in & out of now that I'm 100+lbs lighter! I originally didn't think this little 2-seater was going to work for me, but there is plenty of leg room... BIG advantage? Paid for in cash so NO CAR PAYMENTS!!! I will drive this until I wear it out...maybe by then I'll be able to get a hybrid of some kind. No snow driving in the deserts of California...
  9. There is a brand of jerkey called Krave that I've found at BevMo and Vons here in CA. It comes in many different flavors and they have beef, turkey and pork. It's very tender (squeeze the package like charmin to verify), and my favorite is the sweet teriyaki, but chipotle is awesome when the mood strikes. I tried a sample of "Divine Bovine" jerkey a while back & it was AWESOME! I gotta find some more of that!
  10. I am allowed to wear jeans to work but they cannot be any shade of blue (the inmates wear blue pants and shirts) so I'm a black jeans sort of girl. I rock my cheap Lee Riders from Walmart (size 12 Tall thankyewverymuch) at work and when I'm bebopping around away from work, I ROCK my size 11 (tall) Arizona blue jeans I got on sale at JC Penny. Once I get to goal, I'll invest in some super-fanciness in the jean department, but until then, I can handle $20 jeans (since I have yet to find jeans from any thrift store that are long enough). The price I pay for a 36-inch inseam!
  11. Starting the 5-day pouch test in the morning.

    1. RckrVxn


      Share how it went when you are done - I want to do it after I give birth