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  1. WOW Mel, Ive got so many questions, and Im sure you know the Needless to say, the "new" guy has scored, and he better know it, it does sound like he does.. He also better know that your happiness is a must, and if he does anything to impede that, he will answer to the old man!!!!
  2. Just in case you pop in - sending you best wishes on your Birthday!

  3. Ordering drinks at restaurants.

    I just tell them water gives me gas!! Trouble maker.....ha ha AV man, whats new??? Its about boat time for you Texas fair weather sissys aint it!!! Havent been here much, but saw your name and had to give you poop... Built a little 500 inch blower motor for the 28 Conquest, about 900 HP on the dyno, boat went from 78 MPH to a whopping 94 MPH, 20 grand and didnt even to a 100... SOLD THE BOAT!! BACK TO A PONTOON!!
  4. I'm having some very serious problems here...

    Good thoughts Donna....
  5. Do you KNOW how many CHRIS GILBERTS there are on FB? ill send you my email addy and you can add me that way! :)

  6. I dont come around much, too many post Nazi's, keep sending me threating little negative notices...not like the old days, but thats why you only see 10-15 post on a good day!! Im on Facebook, Chris Gilbert..

  7. Wish you would have said something, Charlie Currie is my buddy for many many years...Im running his 9""s on my Scrambler. The mods sound like they will kick some serious @*#!! Send some pics when its done!!

  8. hey you!!!!!!!!!!! how the heck are ya?? haha I just put a RE 5.5" Long Arm kit on the TJ and just ordered about a week ago Front & Rear Currie Dana 60's. haha beefin up the TJ so i can come out west and have some fun!! MOAB is on the list!!!

  9. Hey eyes....what the hell is this crap about you meeting some guy....that really disappoints me!! Ive been waiting for your @*# (albeit small!!) to come out west for some real wheelin down Mexico way, and having an eloborate Mexican wedding,. and now this...damn, a day late and a hundred dollars short!! Congrats, Ill need more info on the latest "lab rat" before I approve... xoxoxo O man, you look maaaavalous!!

  10. Deborah @ 3 years (almost) post op!

    Deb..Deb..Deb...holy cow look fabulous!!! Ive been gone for a while, what a treat to come back to!!
  11. Some people really SUCK!

    You can fix your weight, but STUPID is forever!!
  12. Keepin' my chin up- Kimberly's story

    Ha ha, I just came by to check up on some "old" folks, and found you instead!! You look fricken great by the way...
  13. Keepin' my chin up- Kimberly's story

  14. Does anyone have a good receipe for Gumbo

    Who can eat rice????
  15. Goalllll

    Way to go girl!!!:d:d