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  1. WOW Mel, Ive got so many questions, and Im sure you know the Needless to say, the "new" guy has scored, and he better know it, it does sound like he does.. He also better know that your happiness is a must, and if he does anything to impede that, he will answer to the old man!!!!
  2. Baja Big Dog

    Ordering drinks at restaurants.

    I just tell them water gives me gas!! Trouble maker.....ha ha AV man, whats new??? Its about boat time for you Texas fair weather sissys aint it!!! Havent been here much, but saw your name and had to give you poop... Built a little 500 inch blower motor for the 28 Conquest, about 900 HP on the dyno, boat went from 78 MPH to a whopping 94 MPH, 20 grand and didnt even to a 100... SOLD THE BOAT!! BACK TO A PONTOON!!
  3. Baja Big Dog

    I'm having some very serious problems here...

    Good thoughts Donna....
  4. Baja Big Dog

    Deborah @ 3 years (almost) post op!

    Deb..Deb..Deb...holy cow look fabulous!!! Ive been gone for a while, what a treat to come back to!!
  5. Baja Big Dog

    Some people really SUCK!

    You can fix your weight, but STUPID is forever!!
  6. Baja Big Dog

    Keepin' my chin up- Kimberly's story

    Ha ha, I just came by to check up on some "old" folks, and found you instead!! You look fricken great by the way...
  7. Baja Big Dog

    Keepin' my chin up- Kimberly's story

  8. Baja Big Dog

    Does anyone have a good receipe for Gumbo

    Who can eat rice????
  9. Baja Big Dog


    Way to go girl!!!:d:d
  10. Baja Big Dog


    AHHH, found her, thanks and enjoy the only gets worse!!
  11. Baja Big Dog


    Where is she at???
  12. Baja Big Dog

    OK, dont get a tissue...

    Get a towel!! The media is full of Lindsey Lohan crap, some of us waiting for the news of her demise, it makes me sick that I have gone this long with out the knowledge of this dog... Watch the tribute after the video!!
  13. Baja Big Dog

    I love this protein!

    Dump the bullets dude...Mama Corrine should be here soon to educate you, they are NOT good!!!
  14. Baja Big Dog

    Make up remover!

    OK, dont watch this after fresh makeup is applied!! And you tough guys better watch this by yourself, your buddies will laugh when the tears roll down your face..... YouTube - Soldiers Surprising Their Loved Ones: The "Best of" Mix
  15. Baja Big Dog


    Flat Text is a perfect way for some to hide behind the real "them". Its also a great tool for some more timid ones to really express how they feel...most of us are grown ups, and the old days we could express ourselves exactly how we felt, if it involved "curse" words so be added to the color of the forum. For the old timers, can you imagine a thread that involved Julie without cussing???