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  1. Tricia, I think we had our surgeries near the same time. I'll hold you accountable if you'll hold me accountable!! Hope you're doing ok.
  2. I've been gaining weight since I went into remission from lymphoma. I read your post and had my own little aha moment. Sugar, snacking, drinking with meals -- I do all the above. Exercise -- I don't do. I know I need to, but that's a whole other story. I posted last year that I learned about developing macular degeneration. Turns out that was from chemo. However, I'm healthy now. I need to treat myself like it. I stopped going to a support group, and tried Weight Watchers. Very very different from Dr. Callery! I'm going to try to focus on healthy living and hang out here for support again. Ok, so my question -- I'm on a medication that causes dry mouth. How do I eat without liquids? Any ideas or help out there?? Gladitsme
  3. Wow, Cinwa, thanks for the info. It looks like I'll be adding another to my fistful of pills!
  4. I did have reason to not take the vitamins for 5 months, while undergoing chemo for lymphoma. But, once I was in remission, I felt frustrated spending so much time swallowing fistfuls of pills. And I wanted to feel normal, not like a patient. But, now I'm paying the price for feelings.
  5. I had my bypass in July 2005. I never lost all the weight I wanted to, but that's another story. Anyway, my reason for posting now is that I learned on Saturday that I have the start of Macular Degeneration! I just turned 50! I'm freaked out to put it mildly. The optometrist told me to take lutein, zeaxanthine (sp??), A, E, C and zinc. He said what I've got is irreversible, but with the supplements, I can keep it from getting worse. I'm also anemic and on iron. Plus I have osteopenia -- precursor to osteoporosis -- and take calcium. So, I take B100, a multivitamin, extra b12, C 1000 mg, boron, hyauralonic acid, turmeric, D, and need to get my eye vitamins, plus the prescriptions I take daily for depression and high blood pressure. The moral of the story -- don't slack off on taking your vitamins. Some things are irreversible.
  6. I recommend that you get a second opinion. You may have something wrong with your thyroid, or there could be something else going on. I'm not a doctor. I have a friend with low thyroid, and she has many of the same symptoms you describe. I was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and it was caught fairly quickly because my doctor listened to me. Wishing you the best!
  7. I have non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I've had one cycle of chemotherapy, spent 6 days in the hospital last week, and am going to have my next chemo on Friday. On the positive side, my pouch is doing well, and I still dump if I eat too much sugar.
  8. Abuse is never ok. I'm so sorry you experienced this in your life. I'm even more glad that you're getting out of the situation. Please take care and take people's reactions with a grain of salt. Without knowing the whole story we tend to react to what was said. Shallow, you're not!
  9. I was vitamin D deficient too -- my doctor put me on supplements about 6 months ago. She said that Vitamin D deficiency shows up in 80% of cancer patients. They don't know if it is a cause or result of cancer. Anyway, a month ago Thursday, I noticed a lump on my neck at the base. Long story short, they are in the process of determining if I have an infection or lymphoma -- AKA cancer. I have a biopsy 3/18 to remove one of the lymph nodes in my neck to make the determination.
  10. Have there been any studies about changes in the way post GB people metabolize medications? If antibiotics burn when I take them, could they harm my pouch?
  11. I had surgery in July, 05, and in the last few months have noticed a lot of loud gurgling after I eat. Is this normal? There's no pain or discomfort, other than embarrassment. If it is normal, is there anything I can do to quiet it down? Thanks!
  12. Hey, hope all is well with you and the family.. many blessing to you

  13. Dennis, I'm so sorry for your loss. It is difficult to know what to say. She and I had surgery only days apart. My wonderful surgeon was adamant that we needed to be sure to take our vitamin & mineral supplements and make sure to eat protein first then veggies, etc. Please accept my belated sympathy.
  14. Susie, it's been a rough go, but I've pulled away from everyone except my family and our pastors. It isn't the way I recommend to handle problems, since a burden shared is a burden lightened. It has meant so much to know people care. And I appreciate you more than you know. I know you've been thru the wringer yourself!