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  1. Me after a year!

    I def. have to go see my PCP. I used to be on Zoloft when my wedding was cancelled in 2005. It mad me feel SO much better. Now I'm on Lexapro and it ain't doing SH*TTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, I'm having near panic attacks and crying. Good think I have some anti-anxiety meds to keep me sane. I can't take this! When you feel better I do want to meet up for drinks.
  2. 115lbs. Jesus Christ, girl! I now feel fat at 133.5!

  3. Me after a year!

    I know! It's not my fault. I'm not hungry, and I'm nauseated all the time. I do eat a little, I promise. PS. I need to have the depression beaten out of me.
  4. Me after a year!

    Recommend him 110%
  5. Me after a year!

    Thanks everyone. I'm feeling great physically. Down to 133.5 lbs. Probably due to the fact that I can barely eat b/c my boyfriend and I BROKE UP!!!!!!!!! I'm such a mess. :( I thought he was the one. Man am I always mistaken.
  6. Hej Nicole! Where are you these days? Hope all is well and looking sunny! Cheers, Vim

  7. Matt and me on our family cruise. Dress size 16.

    Actually, I do!!!
  8. My 90 year old roommate is screaming. No joke. Like woke me up outta sleep. Plus my iv of dilaudid zofran and saline leaked, making my arm look like I was smuggling a giant baseball. So I had to get that changed. Its been HELL. I wanna die. Now she's telling ME to go get her nurse now & has no idea where she is. Omg

  9. I'm down 80 pounds. My loss has been on the slow side but I'll take it. Julie's at my house right now actually. She is still very sick and has to fight everyday. I'm on facebook and update there frequently. There are pictures of us from our visits together.

  10. Me after a year!

    That's sounds like a great idea! And get to bed! You are sick. PS. Dress stays with me. LOL
  11. You look great!!!!!!!! I actually went on Twitter to see what the fuss is about. I still don't understand it! LOL I saw your pic and had to come see your progress. Then I thought I'd post! So, what are you down to now? Have you spoken to Julie? How are you both?

  12. Look who showed up! :P how are you? The picture you just commented on was from 6 months ago...I'm a year out now. I'll have to post new ones.

  13. When you gonna put up pictures!?!?!