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  1. I’m doing very well. Weight is still off, but like all of us there are still 10 -15 lbs it seems always is contested
  2. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve posted here. Just wanted to stop in and say Hi. Hopefully you’re all doing well.
  3. So Monday the first full day at sea and my iPhone was stolen. So the following pics were taken in Key West with my iPad today The rest will have to come later. Princess will have to upload the photos of all of us from dinner the first night.
  4. I hope you have a trickle charger for the Silver Wing Tom. I'm riding mine to work a couple of days a week. Three if I'm lucky. Yes I do have automatic iCloud backups. The weird thing is that iPhone 6 can't be re-activated or "wiped" if it's stolen. The serial number is encripted so the device is useless. I locked it and wiped it. I can listen to voicemail and call from Bones' phone. But, hey, I'm on vacay!
  5. I'm on the TT cruise at this writing, and we are having our first Port Day in Key West. Unhappily, while working out in the gym yesterday, I left my iPhone unattended for a few minutes and it was stolen. So. No phone. Phht.
  6. Just FYI - I got a new motorcycle in May. Traded in the Road King in. And I've been riding it a lot.
  7. If I were any better, I would have to be two people. Good to see you duffman and cinwa.
  8. Sleep is overrated. I struggle with sleeping most nights. No pain for me. My brain just won't turn off. It's not that I'm particularly worried either. Sometimes maybe, but no more that most people, I think. It's just my brain gets in a particular thought pattern and it races. It's almost like thumbing thru a deck of cards - each a particular thought, a process, a problem, a strategy, a person, or something - but at lightning speed. To sleep, I have to intentionally find a way to slow it down by finding a 'quiet place' mentally.
  9. OK 10:30pm and I'm all packed. We depart at 10am and will be boarding just about 12:30pm. Empress Deck 7303. It's funny we paid for the cruise a year ago and every few months they would offer us an upgrade - for a small fee of course. Well the offered us another one in August - balcony suite. So I was looking at the other rooms on the ship and "Holy Macaroli!" It's the largest room on the ship (I think anyway). About the size of Bone's closet here on the lake.
  10. I hope the dinner went well. Ninfa's is a great Tex-Mex spot. It is very far from Lake Conroe and also the evening we are packing. I will get a chance to meet you tomorrow in Galveston however. I look forward to that.
  11. It's good to be back. Yes there is a TT cruise. It's been planned for a year now. Departs Galveston, headed to Key West and the Bahamas. 7 days. I'm now packed and ready. Thanks to both of you for your friendship over the years.
  12. Word travels fast. you know I booked this a year ago back when wee were first planning it... a viola! its time at last. It will be great to meet all of you.
  13. Yes Im home tomorrow and will travel to Galveston on Sunday. Probably we will check in right at 12:30pm How many are going?
  14. Im still around. Sorry all. I took a few months hiatus. Im still alive and kicking Going on the TT cruise Beginning Sunday the 13th. No good excuse for being gone that anyone wants to hear. Mostly its about my business being very good despite the downturn in the oil industry. But I guess I will be meeting some of you this coming week. Looking forward to it. I did see Steve K pretty recently in Austin.
  15. Im going too. Anyone remember me? Ive been kinda out of pocket.
  16. Well since half the population of Texas are men, I would say "just about anywhere". Meeting someone that shares your interests can be as easy as attending social events of societies or organizations hosting them. What are your passions? Music? Theatre? Sports?
  17. congratulations Vol! welcome to the Loser's Bench.
  18. I do think part of it is gender related. Women tend to discuss things men would never dream of. Closeness is not really the issue. Im close to my mother and brothers. They don't know. For me, my time is precious, I rarely have time to get everything done as it is. Every day is scheduled very tight and there is not time for idle banter about kids, grandkids, healthcare, halitosis, athletes foot, hairdressers, my pedicure, the sex habits of frogs in Sarawak, religion, or politics. I would put discussion about WLS in the "not discussed at work" category with those things.
  19. OK then... how about when we turn nouns into verbs. Like the word 'text' for instance, is an noun. However if "he texts too much" it becomes a verb. A proper noun like the brand name Xerox becomes, "Please xerox this for me." I think English is the only language in the world where this phenomenon happens.
  20. This is a repeat: not telling someone about your personal health care decisions is NOT lying. Asking about it is PRYING into business that is not theirs to know. Much of the answer to this question is how you are personally wired up. I actually don't discuss much personal stuff at work. And VSG the weight comes off slower and while people noticed the loss, I've done this before. Lost and gained, lost and gained. If you're the sort that "whatever is on your mind is on your lips" then it will just be impossible for you to keep WLS on the QT. You might as well tell everyone kand deal with the consequences. I'm just not that way. I give people what's in my head on a need-to-know basis. There is no absolutely right or wrong answer to this question. Only what is best for you. I'm good with that.
  21. No Bro. I'm not say texting is bad, per se. I text every day. It's very convenient. Obsessive texting - while driving, while peeing, while working out, eating, etc., to the exclusion of normal communication, is what is bad.
  22. It's no one's business but yours. Who you choose to let know is something everyone should respect. Never let someone pressure you into divulging anything you aren't comfortable sharing. All the best to you.
  23. Ha! Angel, mebbe she knows him all too well. That means she thinks you look HAWT! And is taking no chances.
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