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  1. Sarah, I went through the same thing. My surgery was April 4th i was back in the 28th and finally got out July1st. I was so sick i ended up on a feeding tube, They said the surgery was fine but for the life of me i could not hold a thing down and i was so malnurished and dehydrated. Its not a common thing but it happens im sorry you went through it, I still dont feel all that great. I have lost 100lbs in this short time and i can only take like a bite or two before that nausea feeling. So, i keep praying all this gets better. Hope you are doing better
  2. I am three months out and i get dizzy now more often and my seizure levels for the medication although normal i feel like i could have one at any moment. I have let my doctor know and he did a test on all my vitamin lvls and now i have to take vitamin D to help with that. My seizures did start back and that was after 5yrs free. None all of the drs thought it would be a problem and they are all scratching their heads.
  3. well i am out of rehab still sick when i eat they wanted to send me to a eating disorder place i think there is somehting more wrong i cant eat more than two bites without wanting to throw up has anyone had this experience?
  4. I am going through the same thing now. The smell of food makes me heeve and im barely getting fluid in not because i dont want to but because it comes up. Im nauseated all the time and regretting it im ready for this phase to be over.
  5. Yea it hurts. But you did the hard part believe me. I had mine the 4th still having issues with fluid but it igets better day by day ! Congratulations
  6. How is everyone doing now that you have been sleeved? Just wanted to check in with you all see how your new beginning is going
  7. Hi there Forneymom. Is that Forney TX? IF so you are right down the road. I did have pain the day of and the more i walked the better it was. The mindset is so interesting. You dont seem to get hungry or crave and it doesnt seem to bother me what people are eating. I am more concerned that they wont eat because i cant. That is the only fear that i have. I am not drinking like i should which is causing some headaches so i am working on that. Here is my email preciousdiamonds77@yahoo.com
  8. You will tire easily just listen to your body and walk walk walk !!!!! This helps believe it or not. Had mine on the 4th and i still tire when at the store and stuff dont try to be a hero you are doing great! Welcome the new you !!!
  9. Just remember all dr are different and whats good for me may not be good for you i had to have a taste of sausage today so i chewed that bad boy til it fell apart i bet my NUT would not like that though....
  10. Going through it too. I finally decided that some chewable antacids may help. Got some and now it is not as bad. I cant do protein shakes they all come up so i am really loving my ninja right now and yes chew it anyway it really does help with that. If you burp or hiccup you might be eating too fast and make sure you dont drink 30min before you eat or while you eat this helps too. Hope that helps going through it too hun today is my 2wk anniv
  11. he said i was drinking too fast or too much at a time he also suggested that i cut back on the ice and not have it as cold thank yoiu for those that answered
  12. Found out I was eating too fast lol and two ounces is all i should be eating anyway. haha seems so strange im eating off toddler plates and stuggling really to get the protein in omg that is hard to do im staying hydrated and all but the protein i am not getting anywhere near the requested ammount
  13. April 4th was the day I was so excited I could not sleep. I am so happy for all of you getting this done stay positive and heres my email if you would like to chat preciousdiamonds77@yahoo.com
  14. I had surgery April 4th. Feeling great Staples are out now and the weight is flying off a little amazing at times I cant believe it really is what everyone says it is
  15. I have a sleeve and my surgeon told me which gummies to get even. I think it is what your surgeon sees is best for you . He has seen you in and out.