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  1. Okay, it is day 4 of my "Back to basics" journey and I have lost 4 pounds as of this morning! Yes, you all have helped me and I KNOW I can do this again. Staying away from all sweets right now and doing protein first. No more midnight eating and only having a protein bar after dinner if I feel like I need "something sweet". Exercising again, walking 2 miles and will hopefully build that up some more too. Thanks everyone...
  2. Yuck!! Infections are no fun. Get well soon!
  3. April, I had my surgery in April 2004 with Dr. Callery at Pomerado Hosptial in Poway, CA. I moved here to AZ in August 2004. I had no real complications and lost 140 pounds in less than 12-14 months. That was an awesome experience. Good luck with your surgery. I hope you get all your pre-op stuff done soon. I remember all too well...take care!
  4. Hey there...you are not too far from me. I live in Glendale. Have you had your surgery yet??
  5. Just a quick update, as I am typing one handed with Aimee in my other arm, I am down 2 pounds as of yesterday!!!!! I ate no sweets/sugars yesterday. I added a protein bar instead of candy bar. I am going for it. I CAN DO THIS!!! I am exercising again and it feels good too. Kim, you are awesome! You look terrific too! Thanks for your support!
  6. Cindy, I certainly can relate. I am 3 years out and just posted in a different thread about my struggles. This is the real deal and it is tough. I wish I had something awesome to say but all I can say is...keep on trying your best. Do one thing at a time...baby steps. Let's get back on track together!!
  7. [ATTACH]3502[/ATTACH]...to add Aimee's picture.
  8. Thank you all so much for your support! Exercising is really helping the old self-esteem and I have little triumps thoughout the days also. Like yesterday, I went to the grocery store and there was TONS of easter candy that was clearanced for really CHEAP!! For those that know me well, you know I LOVE a good deal. I must've stood around that isle for 5 minutes looking at all the candy, thinking I wanted to buy some, picked up a bag even and then put it back down...I said out loud "If I don't buy it, I won't eat it!" so I actually did not BUY anything!! Can ya believe that?? I know this needs to start with little baby steps. I can do this! (I need to keep saying that to myself!) I miss you all too. It has been way too long. Dale, Rain, Bridget...I appreciate your long time friendships. I apprecaite those that posted that do not know me as well. I look forward to new friendships with you. By the way, Bridge...I have tried to call you and no answering machine picked up. I will send you a picture of the baby too. Shoot, I'll just post one in this post. Thanks all.
  9. Okay...for those of you who know me...I will first say, sorry I have been gone so long. For those that do not know me...get ready for a truthful post. It has been 3 years since I went under the knife with Dr. Callery. What a wild ride I have been on since. The first year was pure JOY!! Losing weight was easy and effortless. I found a love for eating healthfully and exercising. Lost 140 pounds in that year. What an awesome thing!! Got pregnant last April, 2 years post-op. I had gained close to 20 pounds before I got pregnant so was up to about 194...still feeling good though, wearing a size 12, and exercising regularly. Would have been a happy camper to stay that way but I gained 50 pounds while pregnant. Had the best pregnancy I have ever had, no diabetes, no toximia, no problems. Dropped 28 pounds right off the bat after my daughter was born on Dec. 28th, 2006. Was doing good, then...went back for my 6 week post partum and had gained almost 10 pounds back!!! Dang!!! Now, I am struggling to get back into good habits. Sweets are KILLIN' me...snacking is constant...exercise is slowly coming back into my routine...been midnight eating as well...CRAZY!!! I am up to about 230 pounds again. My weight is distributed differently now so my middle is much bigger. I think I have a hernia and I have a doctors appt for that in a few weeks. I am trying to get back on track. I need support. This has been very hard and I feel like a complete failure AGAIN!! Man...it has been tough. I hope all my old friends are well. Look forward to hearing from you.
  10. Well, I had a great time at the wedding!! Surrounded by friends and people that I love...couldn't ask for anything better!! Dara, those pictures turned out too cute. I especially like the one of Tracie and I ....man, are we hot mama's or what?? <LOL> I saved them to my computer and can't wait til the next gathering of friends. Kina and Stu....congrats again to you both. Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your special day!! I love you!
  11. Just like the other ladies...I get this way badly before I start my period. I think it is more normal than anything. Scary but normal!
  12. Chicken.....jeezzz....you are freakin' me out!! I hope that nasty infection clears up fast. We love you girlie!
  13. Annelle...girl....you are SO HOT!!!! You make me sweat just thinking about ya!!