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  1. Friend request sent...look forward to chatting with you on MFP to keep in alignment. I have quite a number of friends that have went through different procedures including revision. We try to keep each other in check on a day to day basis. It sure helps....
  2. It seems we all learn as time goes on of what we once tolerated we can no longer have anymore. I have always been very sensitive to certain foods such as sugars, dairy, and anything that contains gluten. This has never changed and I have just adjusted as time goes on of how sick foods can make you an any given day. What worked one day doesn't always work the next month. All a learning process...
  3. It is very true in any revision gastric bypass to lose more slowly the second time around. I have experienced the very same issues and while it is frustrating I try to be patient and believe I made the right choice to get the extra weight off this body.
  4. I do not know anything about this additional procedure but know plenty about RNY and revision to ERNY/Distal Gastric Bypass.
  5. Are they removing your band and revising you to the RNY Gastric Bypass?
  6. Tink: What type of revision are they doing to your original gastric bypass surgery? Are they giving you an official RNY surgery? ERNY? Sleeve? DS? I am guessing maybe you have the old style type of gastric bypass surgery.
  7. Congratulations! You are doing wonderful! Any challenges, or things that are working well at this point in time?
  8. I have never heard of this procedure. Why wouldn't you have a true revision to the RNY/DS or a more permanent procedure?
  9. The DS will give you the results that you seek and a better long-term result.
  10. Sheba: I private messaged you a lengthy answer to what I have found.
  11. Have you been revised to this procedure or where are you at in the procedure?
  12. Hang in there...slow losing is better than not losing! Keep it going.