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    Competition cheer leading for my three girls, vacationing with my husband and before the bypass Food but that now has changed.
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  1. 23 days until my lower body lift and breast lift!!!! Scared!

    1. Lori88


      Wow awesome! Stay positive that all will be well!

  2. 7 months post-op and I'm down 76lbs i don't recognize my self anymore.

  3. Well I'm a 5 months post RYN and I'm 60 lbs lighter I had the lap band for 8 years and I only lost about 50 lbs the lap band for me was awful the acid reflex at night was horrible I would have to sleep with 5 pillows so my body was never flat or else I'd throw up in my sleep it was very depressing, if I was you I would get the sleeve verse the lap band it is a wast of money and a wast of recovery time this is just my opinion everyone is different. Good luck!
  4. It's been 44 days since my surgery and today I hit 30 lbs gone forever!.

  5. Mira-lax powder was a life saver for me you put it in your water and it honestly tastes like nothing I can't even tell! I put it in my water bottle every morning I go regularly now!!!!
  6. The scale is finally moving!!!! Feeling good tomorrow is my 1st month post op:)

    1. smbenton


      You give me hope that my scale will start moving again. LOL I am on my 4th week and my weight has been stalled for a week now.

  7. Went for my three week check up and I only lost 1lb I was not happy i feel like I'm doing something wrong and on top of that I have a UTI not fun....

    1. KarensThin


      My doc said that we all have a Stall between week 3 and 4. Cheer up you are among friends. The weight loss will start up again.

  8. I hate watching my family eat!

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    2. KarensThin
    3. Debbie52


      I used to hate it too...but it doesn't bother me so much now...

    4. BamaChick


      I eat in my room a lot anyway so hopefully that won't bother me too much.

  9. You are super cute! Keep up the good work.
  10. I had to self pay but I went to Mexico to Dr.Aceves he was awesome and the hospital was great better then great! Everyone thinks its scary to go to Mexico but I had my lap band there and now my revision to GB I'm 13 days out doing very well they treat you like your their only patient it was a wonderful experience and very happy I went back. It cost me 12,500.00 to take out my band and do the GB also included 5 nights at the hospital one night hotel stay and transportation to and from San Diego air port. My PCP is doing my labs and after care here in the states... Good luck on your journey!
  11. I just had my revision 13 days ago and so far I'm doing great 18lbs down... I'm still on a liquid diet until tomorrow but I'm so ready for food!!!! The first week will be rough but you know that you will do great good luck to you!
  12. You will do great I just had mine, I'm 10 days post op and felling better and better everyday!
  13. Premier protein shakes "chocolate"- Costco
  14. Hope everyone had a good day! :) "Heat Nation"

  15. Today was a better day:)

    1. BugdocMom


      Good to hear it!

    2. KarensThin


      Every day is better and better

    3. Debbie52


      That"s great!!! :)