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  1. walkat103, thank you for letting me know. I had Dr. Machado with that same COE, but she doesn't do sleeves, so we have to choose one of the others. Hello, neighbor! I'm in Shingle Springs. I also don't do their once a month support for the same reason - I come here instead. Congrats on your weight loss, you are doing great! duffman27, thanks for the reply! I too had Type 2 diabetes and was always exhausted prior to surgery. He sees all the active things I can do now, and so he wants that too. Congrats on your weight loss! How terrific!
  2. I'm very happy. His dear mother passed away last year, and she was very, very concerned about his health, as he carries ALL of his 100 pounds overweight in his belly. I promised I would help him. I try to buy healthy foods, get us out to exercise, but would never tell him what he has to do. He has to decide that for himself. Someone he knows got sleeved, and he has now decided he wants surgery. I'm relieved. He has tried dieting and exercising and it wasn't working. And....I got sabotaged quite a bit with him bringing in chocolate, ice cream, etc into the house, or overly encouraged to eat more than a cup of food. His surgery will stop all that and we can support each other. Phew. He sees how much more active I am, and he wants that too. Happy day. I'm home today looking for a surgeon for him - anyone in Sacramento know doctors Eslami, Shadle, or Gatschet? That's whom we can choose from.
  3. Hello All! My dear hubby has decided that he wants the sleeve (I am RNY). Does anyone have experience with any of these three docs in Sacramento? Opinions? He has to go to a Center of Excellence. Thanks!
  4. Yes! I never had problems until I did a doctor-supervised liquid protein diet, about two years prior to my RNY. I developed a wheat allergy which manifests as an itchy raised bumpy rash. When I had my RNY, I asked my surgeon to take a biopsy to test for celiac. Thankfully, it came back negative for celiac, but I still have the positive blood test for the wheat allergy. My primary care doc didn't figure out what it was. It was my young 25ish colleague who said that she a dorm roommate who had a rash like mine who ended up celiac. Go figure. Anyways - I tend to think that it manifested after the three months of not glutenizing myself during the liquid reared its ugly head. Now of course, I shouldn't eat bread/crackers anyways, so it's not such a bad thing and I deal with it.
  5. Oh, yes. Every time I pick up a size 14 and say - that is too small for me.... and it's not. Or say....a Large is too small for me. Every time I come across one of my favorite 2x tops and say, oh, that will still fit me....not. I'm loving the athletic fit of Columbia, Prana, etc.
  6. I'm not a big sweet eater anymore. I like the unflavored powder in oatmeal. Or mixed into greek yogurt with some stevia and berries. I like the unflavored or vanilla and I put in some regular spice chai mix - I'm drinking something from the coffee house, but full of protein! I blend the unflavored into a fruit and green(kale or spinach) smoothie. I bring the unflavored or vanilla with me to the coffeehouse and they blend it into one of their drinks for me. I blend it into a chocolate smoothie (no sugar) and put it into the ice cream freezer (I actually have a vita-mix which freezes it anyways). I blend it into banana "ice cream." I drink the Garden of Life RAW vegan protein in chocolate - it's not very sweet at all. Just put it in my shaker with cold water at work, shake, and enjoy. Not at all super sweet like a lot of the others, and natural, no chemical sweeteners!!!! I also depend on beans (eaten many different ways!), tofu, and cottage cheese to get my protein (cuz I'm veg).
  7. YAY, neighbor!!!!! I never, ever thought I'd ever see the 160s is sweet! Congrats on your success!!!!
  8. Don't let her bully you! And when she starts it, call her out on it! Mom, did you hear yourself? Did you hear what you just said to me? I'm an adult and I will choose what I eat. You will not choose for me, and you will not bully me. We are not having a meal; we are having coffee (or: If you want to eat a meal, that's fine; I'm having iced tea, and I don't wish to discuss food. If you bring it up, I'm leaving). And then leave if she disrespects you.
  9. You need to set boundaries. I think that the first one to set is to not go out with her to do anything food related. Unless it's to a coffee house to get coffee or tea, and you'll order for yourself, thank you. She is being extremely disrespectful of you and uncaring about your health and your needs. You need to tell her that, in your own words. And that if she can't respect you, then you can't be around her when food is involved. I have finally gotten it through my mother's head...we will NOT discuss politics or religion as she is extremely conservative, and I don't agree with those viewpoints at all, and I'd rather have a pleasant time with her than to debate those things. It's okay that we both have our own opinions, but why end up with either of us with hurt feelings or thinking the other is not very smart. LOL now, she checks herself (right, we don't discuss politics or religion!) if she starts down that road. I smile at her and give her a hug. Best wishes. I no longer talk to my father in law, since my mother in law passed away this year(I was civil to him for her sake), as he is EXTREMEY disrespectful of my food choices (I'm vegetarian; but even before I was, I was not a fish and shellfish eather, and he, being narcissistic, could not understand it since HE loved seafood, why anyone could not love seafood. He tried to trick me to eat it many times. We're talking 26 years of food hell with him. Even worse the past ten years as a veg, although a very polite veg). Sometimes, you have to take a break from people who disrespect you and bring you down. I don't want to ever see the man again. What the heck is it with people who feel that they must be in control of other peoples' food intake????!!!!
  10. Sometimes I disguise some unflavored protein in some flax oatmeal. Cottage cheese. I usually do a protein smoothie or greek yogurt with fruit.
  11. I'm so sorry sweetie!!! It would be worth a drive to go consult with a bariatric surgeon. My surgeon in Sacramento off of I-80 is wonderful: Dr. Laura Machado. It seems like a surgeon with knowledge of WLS would be whom you need to consult with, not with the local doctors who are not educated in WLS. Even my primary care doctor made me go see bariatric doctors to work with me on my weight, because he was not trained in it. Thinking of you. Get to a bariatric doctor or surgeon pronto!!!!
  12. I mix the unflavored unjury (because it doesn't have artificial sweeteners like the rest of the unjury line) in greek yogurt, oatmeal, and make my own berry or mango and greens smoothies, with a packet of stevia. If you are tired of sweet, try Garden of Life RAW FIT chocolate. It's vegan, but even better, it's not very sweet!!! You can try a packet out first to see if you like it. I buy mine at the natural foods co-op, and of course Whole Paycheck has it too.
  13. My surgeon didn't say it, that she was aiming for the 60%, but she told me she would be happy if I was at 165. I am thrilled at 165, but still have a belly, and I'm size 14. I would like to get to a "healthy" bmi, which for me is 149. I'm only 16 pounds away, and that would make me happy.
  14. GOAL!!! GOAL!!!! GOAL!!!!!! (read this in a soccer announcer's voice lol!) SCORE!!!!! Hit my surgeon's goal weight today of 165. I was 243 on date of surgery - I'm a slow loser. Slow losers, not to fret. I don't have a lot of sagging skin . And the trifecta is gone - no diabetes. No high blood pressure. No high cholesterol. That's the best thing. I will continue on to a healty bmi of 149 - because I can - and it's only 16 more pounds . I still have a belly. I am thrilled with my size 14 clothes/size large!!! I can shop at Columbia now, and other stores. I still have perception problems when I pick up a pair of size 14 pants and think, I can't squeeze into those! I am taking a whitewater kayaking lesson on Monday to celebrate. My goal is to strengthen my core this winter so I can kayak in a small play boat instead of a sit on top inflatable kayak. Yay all of us! What do you find your favorite thing about losing weight, and what will you do to celebrate?
  15. Having the energy and strength to whitewater raft 3 times in the past 2 weeks. Thinking of learning kayaking too.