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    I am DONE DONE DONE, Wasted too much time already, I have found my smile and Now just living LIFE!
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  1. I found the best surgeon and paid cash. It's a HUGE procedure and the pain and discomfort was something i was not prepared for. BUT - - - - so very glad I did it.
  2. KarensThin

    Help me think this through

    so many people come down to line with end of the year. I think that the dietitian appointments can be "adjusted", one visit during each month,; but the approval process and lining up the surgeon, OR, ect ect will be more challenging. Not impossible, but challenging.
  3. KarensThin

    I have to do what??????

    I had Lovenox with all of my procedures. Beats having a STROKE
  4. KarensThin

    On a scale of 1-10

    ZERO pain ZERO hunger Anxiety - only while butt naked in pre-op and decided that maybe i would stay FAT. My friend was holding my clothes and told me to buck up and do it!!
  5. KarensThin

    Sleep trouble

    i sleep twice a day, literally. about 4 hours at night and one 2 hour nap after work. I got the FIT BIT thing and I am averaging 6.4 hours a day, with numerous time of awakens and restlessness. WHERE did SLEEP GO?
  6. KarensThin

    Any advice on my rejection?

    I would continue to work with Cleveland Clinic, closely. Because they will go to bat for you with the insurance to APPROVE you in the end. In the mean time, follow the diet, increase exercise and turn things around. I think you will get the SAME response from any program, because they are all centers of excellence with the same criteria. Waiting a little is not a bad thing.
  7. KarensThin

    911 Where were YOU

    i honor all of those affected by 911
  8. KarensThin

    I HAVE A DATE! no not that date

    welcome back to dating world. have fun!!!
  9. KarensThin

    911 Where were YOU

    I was driving to get a pedicure and I remember the somberness of the people, no laughter, TV's brought in to watch the news. People crying, schools and stores closing and Life as we knew it suddenly CHANGED. Bless the first responders, comfort to those who lost friends, co-workers and family.
  10. KarensThin


    Medical clearance is needed prior to major surgery for your safety.
  11. You will get a letter with authorization procedure codes.
  12. KarensThin

    Getting banded on 10//15

    Going from BAND to sleeve will be different, you will feel the restriction right away. Enjoy!!
  13. KarensThin

    Getting banded on 10//15

    i had mine done all in the same procedure. not easy, but glad she did it that way
  14. KarensThin

    So what is ten pounds to you?

    in total, i have LOST altogether over the past 5 years 84 pounds = 1 average well fed 6th grader I hope that kid never comes back to sell me girl scout cookies
  15. KarensThin

    So what is ten pounds to you?

    10 pounds is the difference between a size 8 and size 12