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  1. Well I'm back after a long absence , I have had quite a time after surgery , I lost so much weight so fast everyone told me I looked sick,  sure wasn't helpful , I lost my grown daughter a few years ago and I just have had such a hard time getting over it , I am raising her children and it is a struggle as I and divorced as of 2 years ago and provide all of their college and high school needs for them. I lost all the way down to 164 and in the last year I have gained back to 215 . I have been placed on depression mess because of my daughters death I guess and I suppose it is what has raised my weight . I a man starting to get a hold on myself and get off the mess and start excercising again. I ask for your Prayers to help me through these trials . 

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    2. msmarymac


      So very sorry for your loss, Mike.  Glad you are have come back here where you can find the support you need to help get back on track.  You've been through so much with the death of your daughter and your divorce; it's not surprising that you are experiencing depression.  Nor is it surprising that you would turn to our old friend food for comfort.  I pray that as you return to the eating plan that got you to goal, you will also return to health and vitality.  Remember that exercise is also a wonderful anti-depressant. 

      Find something everyday that you feel good about and are grateful for.  Write it down.  Really, do it.  Sounds corny but it really helps to refocus your thoughts from what's going wrong to what's good in your world, which is difficult to do when you're depressed.  You can do this!

    3. Readytobeme


      I too am so very sorry for your loss, Mike. I can only imagine your struggle trying to raise your grandchildren. That is something that you can be very proud of though.

      I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that you will continue to post here as you will find some very caring and supportive people here. Many of us have gone through things very similar to you.

      Hang in there and please, take care of yourself or you will be no good at all for your grandchildren.

    4. Readytobeme


      Sorry for my late reply. I have a hard time keeping up with status updates here.

  2. Welcome and listen to the folks on here, they know what to do to help you
  3. Bless your Heart, I am 3 years out from a Gastric Bypass , I lost down to 164 and also became malnourished , I still am and have gained back to 189 I am 6ft 2 in tall but I have had about 3 Surgery's for other things during my journey , I am 62 years old, Tired a lot I think Protein is a big help but I did great the first year and my weight loss just didn't stop , it went on for over and past 18 months and my journey to good health is still on, I need to rebuild muscle and get exercise , that has been a problem because of the back and neck problems and surgery I have had . I am just doing all I can and hope for the best, you are young and can get past this, Praying for you.
  4. Ready to start working out, almost 2 years out and I have had so many Surgeries I am just now getting to the point I can work out.

    1. KarensThin


      Hey mike, we started this about the same time. I am just about done too

  5. Does dairy have a lot to do with really smelly gas ?
  6. I am feeling better everyday ! No matter what happens we have to live through it and move on , I lost my daughter in July and it has been a struggle but i know God has a plan for me , taking care of my 2 Grandchildren along with my wife is always a challenge but it is one we now especially know was a reason we are here .

    1. duffman27


      Sorry to hear Mike. Your Grandkids are lucky to have you. I cant imagine what you have been going through. Thoughts and prayers to you and yours and you soldier on!

    2. Relovlee


      Im so so sorry to hear that!! I pray for healing and strength for you and your wife both Stay strong

    3. Cheesehead


      I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter.

  7. I want to Thank you all for the Condolences during the loss of my daughter in July , It is and will continue to be the most difficult thing I have ever went through, During the process of losing her we had to deal with her sweet children and their Grief process, 1 is 15 and the other is 11, we have been raising them both for many years, but they still loved their Mother, My daughter was 38 years old and a beautiful soul , she loved everyone but developed a hurt after divorcing her Alcoholic Husband that never went away, she started drinking and in 6 years it killed her. She at one time was a heavy girl weighing over 250 lbs and she decided to lose all that weight and she did, she lost to 121 lbs, she worked out everyday and was in great shape. Pain and Heartache are two things that she couldn't deal with and all of her ability to be control her weight , what she ate and how she functioned went out the window when she divorced. Even though her husband was abusive, an Alcoholic and had injured her son more than once when he was drunk she still believed in Marriage and that she could straighten his life out , she never saw what was coming and that was that she would join him in his misery, If you have ever seen the old Jack Lemmon movie days of wine and roses , it is more heartbreaking than that. We will always miss her and at 60 years old I know that one day I will see her again, As for my surgery and health I have lost down to 165 and my weight has been up and down by a few lbs but I still have remained in that place. I was 1 year out June the 10th of this year and at almost 6 ft tall I am told I look sick by my family, I probably do , but my BMI is 24 and my Dr. says he is very pleased with what I have done. I don't have the care that I did before I lost my daughter so I eat lightly still but I just don't eat very much anymore , few meats, and mostly things like oatmeal , fish and not much more, there are times I have a bite of something sweet but not too often, it makes me sick if I eat much of that. But I hope to put on some muscle soon , I just had a Hernia operation after my daughters death and exercising or walking is out for aw hile, God Bless you all and Thank you .
  8. My Daughter is the beautiful Blonde on the right with the Smile that lights up a room
  9. It is still a Journey and everytime i go to my Dr. he tells me to stop losing weight, I have been through the loss of my Beautiful daughter to Liver disease last month and i spent the last 25 days with her and i just havent been able to get back to functioning, The Grief has been overwhelming and I am trying to start over and get control of my self, She has 2 beautiful Children that lost their Mother and my wife and i have been raising them for many years and they are so heartbroken, Pain , Heartache and the fact i had to sign the papers to put her into Hospice when all was lost have taken a toll on me , I watched my sweet girl come into this life and give so much joy to her grandmother and my family, and i was holding her when she died, It breaks my heart and i just dont seem to be able to recover from it, I know i will because i have to raise these beautiful children, I am a Disabled Law Enforcement Officer on Social Security Disability and it is gets so hard to support them, now i have to let them know how amazing my sweet daughter was, she died from Alcoholic cihrosis and there was no way to save her , she went from a beautiful strong young woman and met a man that was a lifelong Alcoholic, she couldnt get him to quit so she joined him and it cost her life in 6 short years. Please Pray for my Precious Child .
  10. I am going to the Dr, tomorrow because i have a Hernia, lower right side, I thought it was just from picking up too much, now i hear it is Common in Weight loss patients , Cinwa , Is this true and does it usually hit on both sides? I just have the right sid eright now, I am down to 169, 170 on a bad day
  11. I am still at 170 lbs, i am still up and down from 169 to 173, I lost my 38 year old Daughter Last month to Liver failure, Heart is Broken and i dont worry much anymore about food and what i weigh, I have 2 Grandchildren to raise and it keps me busy , I sure do miss my Daughter everyday .

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    2. Njjenny62


      Very sorry for the loss of your daughter. Heartbreaking. Hugs.

    3. purplemist


      Im so sorry for your loss. I cant even begin to imagine how you must feel. Thinking of you

    4. ShrinkingAndrea


      I'm so sorry to hear this. Sending hugs.

  12. I am at 170 and some days 169 , I guess i could lose more weight but i look pretty skinny as it is, I jsut recently had to go to Biloxi to Take my daughter to the Hospital , We havent seen her in 4 years and she has stage 4 cirhosis of the Liver, We didnt even know she was sick, Her and her husband are Alcoholics, she is 38 and and her prognosis is poor, I have gotten her hel and she is stable at the moment, w ehave transfered her to Tuscaloosa and she is in the Hospital here, So i am serving...

    1. tmcgee


      Best wishes to you! I feel your pain!

    2. OceanshoresBarb


      Oh my goodness so sorry hang in there!

  13. Great Job, It's a Process and looks like you have mastered it, keep up the good work !
  14. 169 lbs, I am down 123 lbs in 11 months , BMI is 24 and i feel awfully Skinny !

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    2. TildyinTexas


      That is amazing! Keep up the GREAT work!

    3. purplemist


      You look amazing and your doing just what you are supposed to under doctor supervision. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You do whats right for YOU!

    4. Eluna


      way to go!!

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