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  1. susansilver


    Sorry to hear that. Don't give up hope!
  2. Needing to reconnect

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    2. Julie-R


      Yep, it's a pleasure to see you back hun!

    3. ✯AprilWine✯


      Missed you! :) great to see you here and on MFP !!

    4. Lori88
  3. Thankfully, I am a fast healer and did very well after my surgery. Very little pain, was walking all over the hospital floor and tolerating liquids very well. Just take it easy but do keep walking because that will help the gas dissipate which is a big part of the pain, Good luck and congrats for joining the bench.
  4. Glad everything went so well. Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. Sounds like a bonus that you had your surgery there! Welcome to the loser's bench!
  5. I can eat about the same but caught myself grazing yesterday! Not going to let that continue-that's for sure.
  6. MJ- Thanks for putting this into perspective!
  7. It's so sad, isn't it? This type of discrimination is no longer tolerated based on race, religion or sexual orientation, but somehow it is still ok to treat people of size like lepers??!!!
  8. I just wanted to add that I have had type 2 diabetes for over 30 years. My blood glucose readings have improved dramatically but I am still on a small dose of long acting insulin once a day. That is reducing as I do. Yes it would be nice to say that I am fully in remission from diabetes, but the most important thing is my health and avoiding long-term I happily take my insulin each night. Give it tie Calyaz, yours might improve as well as you lose more weight. Here is a hug for your disappointment and a high five for your awesome weight loss!
  9. Not true! From the American Diabetes association website: Being sick can make your blood glucose (sugar) level go up very high. It can also cause serious conditions that can put you in a coma. The best way to prevent a minor illness from becoming a major problem is to work out a plan of action for sick days ahead of time. Then when you become sick, you will feel safe and secure. You will already know what to do and you will have the supplies onhand to do it. What Happens When You're Sick When you're sick, you're under stress. To deal with this stress, your body releases hormones that help it fight disease. But these hormones have side effects. They raise blood glucose levels and interfere with the blood glucose-lowering effects of insulin. As a result, when you are sick, it is harder to keep your blood glucose in your target range. Ketoacidosis leading to a diabetic coma can develop, particularly in people with type 1 diabetes. People with type 2 diabetes, especially older people, can develop a similar condition called hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic coma. Both conditions are dangerous and can be life-threatening.
  10. Today I am officially "overweight" according to the BMI categories. I can hardly believe it. Since I only recently moved to SF and do not know anybody, there is no one to give me that affirming "you look great,, you have lost so much weight". But I have noticed that people treat me different at this weight than when I was larger, especially when I was at my largest of almost 300 lbs. The best part about it,,,I also treat myself differently. I care more about my appearance and am so much more confident. What a great gift this surgery is!
  11. I agree with Chief'slady. I use to think I was stalling a lot, then realized I am just a slow loser. Could be because of my age (menopause), my metabolism, or who knows what, but I have finally come to accept it and know that if I stay on plan, the weight will eventually come off. Just call me Sharpei Turtle!
  12. Glad you got diagnosed and treated! Feel better soon. Hugs
  13. Welcome and congrats on a successful surgery. You may be amazed at how much things change over time. Food preferences, emotions, keeps me on my toes!
  14. Please let us know how you are doing. Thinking of you. Susan
  15. What a GREAT NSV. So glad you shared that. It made me smile and gave me continued motivation!!