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  1. Thanks! It will be 5 weeks tomorrow and I'm almost back to normal. I'm walking upright, although I'm a bit hunched over after sitting for long periods. I try to get up more often, but I have a desk job so it's tough. I have an area on my incision that isn't 100% closed yet. I had a bit of separation starting the middle of week three. It's about 5 inches long, but it's shallow. Internal stitches have held tight, so it's just the surface that separated a bit. I think it was because of excess swelling that week. My dad died earlier that week and I had to take a 3 hour road trip to his house twice that week, so I think it was the resulting swelling that did it. And I have lots of dead white blood cells surfacing. I've started using Aquafor on my whole mid section (other than the separated area) to help with the dryness, which is probably from wearing the compression garment all the time. She wants me to massage my belly button to start smoothing the edges, but that makes me a little...squeamish...since I now have feeling there. I'm doing it though! My hips still feel a little bruised, as do my sides near my ribs. Pants are tough so that's a pain in the a$$ right now.
  2. If you want to check out my "after" pictures, here they are! http://itjustdawned.blogspot.com/2017/03/tummy-tuck-after-pictures.html#.WM54-fkrKUk
  3. I was 208 on the day of my TT and I'm happy to report that I'm 200.6 pounds today...less than ONE POUND from being in the 100s!! I haven't been there since...I don't even remember. I was something like 216 when I first went to the OB-GYN at age 16 (i'm now 42), so I'm guessing I was maybe 14 when I was under 200 pounds.
  4. CTGirl74

    Well I did it......

    I think you look great and I don't think anyone but you sees your perceived imperfections. True with all of us, yes? I just had the tummy tuck (2/27) and all of a sudden I feel like my thighs are huge. But it's because my big ol' flabby belly was covering it before and now it's not. I'm sure I'll adjust in time, though. And no one else sees the "huge" thighs; they comment on my skinny chicken legs, saying how jealous they are. LOL I think it's only natural to want to erase all signs of a lifetime of obesity and look like everyone else we considered "normal" when we were bigger, but at some point you (the collective "you") need to accept yourself as you are. For me personally, I don't want to go down the road of feeling like I need other work. It's just going to cost a ton of money I could be using for other things, and I'll never have perfection. I just keep in mind that a lifetime of obesity is always going to be something I carry with me: my insecurities, saggy skin in certain places, stretch marks that the tummy tuck didn't eliminate, etc. I just do the best I can with what I have. As long as I don't regain and I'm happy with me, that's what matters to me.
  5. CTGirl74

    Well I did it......

    You look awesome!!
  6. Just wanted to report that I had my full abdominoplasty with lipo on Monday, 02/27. It was done on an outpatient basis and I was home 2 1/2 hours after I woke up. It absolutely amazes me that they can do something this big as outpatient. But I guess since they're not doing a deep dive into the body and organs, it makes sense. Hubby stayed home from work last week, and my cousin came in from PA to stay with me a few days after surgery and goes home Sunday. It's been great having someone to pick up all the stuff I drop (Murphy's Law has kicked in big time. LOL), do the things I can't quite do yet, and just have company in general. The following day was the worst of the pain, specifically in the morning since all the tightness had set in and the hospital drugs wore off. I had dilaudid, but found that it didn't do very well that particular morning. I couldn't fathom having to get myself out of the house to my doctor for my first followup. My saving grace was when the surgical center called to check up on me. The nurse reminded me to take Tylenol with the dilaudid, as it enhances the effect of the narcotics. Ahhhhhh...sweet relief! These first two to three days were rough for getting up and down, but hubby was there to help. We got the logistics figured out and it was smooth from then on. Oddly, I found it easy and almost painless to get up and down from the toilet. Maybe because it's more solid leverage? Plus we installed an ADA-height toilet in prep for this. (We planned to install one anyway, as we live in a really old house and we're both very tall, so it felt like we were sitting on the floor to pee!) I just sat a little to the side rather than totally face-front, and braced myself on the tank to push myself up. I'm guessing all the body squats and lunges helped, too--strong quads. I don't have any pain now, although I've noticed some twinges, kind of like pin pricks, on either side maybe halfway between the belly button and my hips. I see a tiny bit of yellowing, so maybe it's just some late blooming residual bruising. Got my first drain out on that Friday, so I had one for less than a week. The second came out this past Tuesday, so a little more than a week with that one. I'd worked myself up about having them out, because I've read so many varying accounts on here and another couple sites: some people said they didn't feel it, others said it hurt like hell, and still others said it just felt weird. I finally stopped myself and let logic take over: I was getting all worked up about literally two seconds of possible pain when I just went through a major surgery that cut me from hip to hip. That's just stupid! (My experience was that it didn't hurt. All I felt was the tiniest of twinges and I wouldn't even call it mild discomfort.) Doc was thrilled at how fast I was healing and I had pretty minimal bruising, so she was happy about that. The only thing I didn't like during my visit Tuesday was when she peeled off the industrial strength band aid (you know the kind!) she had placed over the first drain hole after the drain removal. Several pubic hairs came along for the ride. Ouch! I had my first outing after the doc on Tuesday, which was really just a stop at the grocery store for a couple things and some bacitracin for the belly button. I had to sit twice while my cousin grabbed a few things and checked out, and I used the carriage to lean on throughout the store. Thought it was funny that all the elderly people were passing me. And I was in my pajamas, so that was an interesting look. I went shopping with my cousin twice this week, as I have absolutely nothing that is comfortable enough right now and I'm really tired of pajama pants. I'm hoping I'm able to wear my stretchier pants by March 20, which is when I go back to the office. If you want to check out my blog, I have some posts there about my surgery experience. Plus I have "before" pics and one "after" pic. I'll take more "after" pics (the graphic ones) probably this weekend.
  7. Well, surgery is slightly more than a week away and I'm getting quite anxious. I know it's going to be a lot of pain afterwards, and the whole idea of 3+ hours in surgery is weird to me. I mean, I've had surgery before, but this is my longest one. I guess it's just weird to me to know that they're doing all these things to me and I won't know it. I'll just go to sleep and wake up like 5 minutes later. I got my compression garment. I ended up getting two sizes just in case one didn't fit. That way I wouldn't have to wait for another to be shipped. They're so close in terms of what the compression feels like, I'm not sure which one to bring with me to the surgical center. Maybe both. Anyone know if dilaudid comes in liquid? I'm nervous about overdosing myself, or not taking enough and being in too much pain. I can never tell how something will affect me. With the roxicet after GB it was such a fine line between too much and just right. Anyone know if stairs are allowed the first night? Wondering if I should sleep in the recliner downstairs, or try to get up to my bed.
  8. Just gotta say, it's so weird to me that they approved the arms and legs and denied the abdomen. In my mind, it would seem like there would be more infections and such in the ab area. But I'm not a doc or insurance company. Good luck and I'm so glad you got approved. My surgery is 02/27--full abdominoplasty with lipo, tightening the ab muscles, etc. I have to pay on my own since my employer has specifically excluded coverage from our insurance policy, even if it's medically necessary. (One could argue mine isn't "medically" necessary, since I really haven't had any issues other than it being in the way, PITA to shop for pants, etc.) My cost will be about 7,000.00 and it's done on an outpatient basis.
  9. I just did. I can't decide what to get. They have one that's like the one my surgeon recommended with the hook-and-eye crotch, but I saw one that has a high back open crotch and wonder if that might be easier. Considering how tight these garments are, I wonder if it might be difficult to close the crotch by myself after bathroom visits.
  10. I went for my pre-op appointment today. Only 7 weeks to go until surgery! Can anyone recommend a place to get the post-surgical binder garment? My surgeon gave me a book from Marena Group, but I'm wondering where else I can look. She said I can get the garment anywhere I want, but that I need to get a certain type. She recommended a bikini-length girdle, 1st stage. It has suspenders and a hook-and-eye crotch. Hubby was so nice and got me several things for Christmas to assist with recovery: a heated throw blanket, fleece pajama pants, a wedge pillow for the bed, and some puzzles.
  11. Surgery is coming up in just two short months. I'm having a full abdominoplasty and panniculectomy. Hard to believe it's almost here! I have about 16 pounds I want to lose before then. It's not necessary, but I really want to be under 200 just because. Did anyone else push for a final weight loss before surgery? If so, how did you do it? I'm considering going back to the bariatric protein shakes. Maybe two a day and then a good dinner. Or maybe I'll have food at lunch instead. I figure that will take the focus off food for awhile and keep me away from crackers and stuff, and make life easier in general. (I eat plenty of protein now so I don't use shakes anymore.)
  12. CTGirl74

    Navel or no navel

    Sounds like I don't have the option with my surgeon, either. She said "this is what I'm going to do", and it included relocation of the belly button. It never even occurred to me until reading this thread that some surgeons make that optional. Personally, I think I'd feel weird without one. My pre-op appointment is coming up in two weeks and maybe I'll ask just for the hell of it.