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  1. I leave for a weekend and this is what I come home to? DOG how could you??? Not even married yet and I want a divorce!
  2. Just dropping by to say hi.

  3. No One has mentioned: The LakeHouse Alltime best romantic movie! Anything with Tom Hanks! Mrs. Winterborne Savanna Smiles Roller Boogie The Doberman Gang I can go on and on...
  4. WOOOOHHHWWW there Julie....I was here first. If DOG is hitching anyone..it's going to be me... LOL:D
  5. Thanks Buc. Don't be so down. I had to go through the six month thing too. Though my insurance was being a total butt and found other reasons to lag on getting me approved. It ended up taking 4 years!!! Your on the right track. Keep going, it will be here before you know it!
  6. I'm keeping your seat warm DOG right here next to me...LOL:D
  7. My surgery lasted 4.5 hours for a regular lap GP. I was in the hospital for two nights and had the comfort of staying home the whole six weeks. (I could have gone back in about three...but why?)
  8. So glad to hear you are doing well. I hope things just keep getting better for you! You sound good only being out a couple of days.
  9. I am floating on a cloud. I was coming around a corner and a co-worker (male) whispered "Skinny" when I passed by.... It made me tingle all over.... I guess that is a WOW moment for me....LOL:rolleyes: By the way, I'm down to 239. I can't figure out how to go and edit my ticker...
  10. Believe me, this forum is the only thing you will need! The people in here are the most supportive and positive people you will ever meet. Don't be affraid! You should be more affraid if you were not getting this done!
  11. Hello, I still had pain two maybe three weeks out. It wasn't unbearable, but noticable. I think it was the pulling of the skin on the insicion site. Remember, your inners are going through some major bruising right now along with inflamation and swelling. You'll be ok. Give your body some time to heal. Just remember, We are not all the same.
  12. I got to say, I have read several problems that happened to many members througout the months of being on TT. But not once, have I read of someone who would not do it over again in a heartbeat. I have never read of someone telling anyone on here, not to go through with it. I myself have had no complications and am two months out on the 26th. Good luck on your decision...
  13. Welcome freind. Hope you do well tomorrow and best of luch in the future. Can't wait to hear an update from you. Don't forget to give us an update when you feel up to it. We all will be thinking of you tomorrow.
  14. Welcome aboard. I know this forum got me through some really tough times and a lot of great laughs when I was down. There will be a lot of ups and downs here, but we are all right there with you.... Hubba, Huba. Another hottie joining us on the bench soon.... (Uh, can he sit next to me....???)
  15. Kristy, Whenever I had pain like that, I walked around hugging my Moose tightly. It felt a lot better. You'll feel better real soon. Your inner body is going through some serious bruising right now...remember....hug your Moose...!!!
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