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    I am an avid collector of sermons. Odd sounding, I know. But since July 3, 2011 I have been consistently listening to podcasts from my church (past messages) and numerous other churches. I calculated recently that I have listened to the equivalent of 21 years of messages since July 2011.

    Needless to say, I am a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ and most of my passion centers around that and being a good husband to my wife and a good father to my 16 year old daughter.


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  1. After my year surgiversary, I started donating plasma. I consulted my surgeon, the doctor on this site, and various other forums just to make sure it would be ok. I am religious about taking my supplements and get no less than 130g of protein daily. I work out (weights and cardio) regularly and my surgeon rants and raves about the condition I am in. He said that as long as my labs are good I should be OK to donate plasma to make a few extra bucks for my family. Anyways, when you donate they always do a small physical before your session. It includes pricking your finger to test your blood for protein and iron levels, taking blood pressure and pulse, and weighing you. There are minimums and maximums for each test. During my work up I was told that my pulse was too low and I had to wait 5 minutes and be retested. They told me my pulse was 47 and the minimum is 50. They also told me my pulse the two previous times was right at 50. When I came back after the waiting period I was told the nurse wanted to see me. This worried me a bit. The nurse took me into a room and listened to my heart for a long time. Again, this worried me a little bit. I started imagining that they had discovered something wrong with my heart. She then started asking me questions about my diet and exercise routine. I was glad to advise her of that because I am really disciplined in that area. She then told me that I was being cleared as having an athletic pulse. Meaning that when I come in I can pass with a pulse rate lower than 50, as long as it is above 40. She then said that usually those who get this pass are athletes right out of high school or college athletes. It is unusual for adults my age to have such great vital signs. This is the first NSV I have had in a long time, but when I left that nurses office I was on cloud nine!
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    I have to speak out against all of the negative things being said. Yes, what was said may have been heartbreaking and he quite possibly could have approached it differently. But, why are we so quick to tell her to dump him? Would you say that with any mistake he made? We are imperfect people who make mistakes. The sign of a true matured relationship is one which can withstand trials and mistakes. Please read my previous post and do not have any knee jerk reactions to this situation. Communicate and work through it. You and your relationship are worth it. Your vows do not say you can bail anytime the other person says something stupid. We are men, we do stupid things.
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    I know there are so many similar stories when it comes to the changes which accompany weight loss surgery. Some of them can simply not be prepared for. Unfortunately, it is possible your husband simply was not aware that loose skin was such a turn off. That by itself is not his fault. Has he threatened to end the relationship or just said that he currently cannot find you attractive? If he has not mentioned ending anything, that means he may want to figure it out with you. Depending on your relationship and communication style, it may be a good thing that he is being open and honest instead of just going to search for it elsewhere and not saying anything. Just try to be open and honest with him, but outside of any argument or hostile situation. Tell him that you made the decision to be healthy and it is important for him to understand that if he loves you. Tell him you understand that your body is transforming and that there may be things about it which are different for him. Tell him that you want to do anything you can to help the situation, such as wearing a shirt or turn out the lights. I am speaking from experience. I have lost weight, but I have been blessed with elastic skin. My wife, on the other hand, has lost over 150 pounds on her own......twice. She was not blessed with elastic skin. It took me years to realize that our sexual problems were not me but because of her own self-consciousness due to her loose skin. Once we were able to communicate it we just worked out which positions were more flattering and agreed that there would not a be a lot of light. Since we were able to be open and honest about it, life and sex has become a lot better. The key is communicating and not stepping back into a mind set of "He just has to accept me, or hit the road." There is always give and take in every aspect of a relationship. Good luck!
  4. As for protein, since the day I had my bypass I have used Isopure flavorless protein. Here is my daily recipe: 8oz skim milk 1 scoop Isopure flavorless protein powder 2 tbs no sugar added Nestle Quik chocolate (sometimes strawberry) 1 tbs PB2 (sometimes) 30 grams of protein The only thing I have truly been able to handle on a daily basis.
  5. The pain from my surgery was a cake walk compared to the pain I had from gas.....or the lack of passing it. I could not pass gas or have a bowel movement for 4 days after surgery. I felt like a huge balloon and just kept getting bigger. I would get up and walk around and it would just never move. I also took gas relief chewables but it never helped. When it finally released, that had to be close to Nirvana. And it just kept coming. I guess I was luck in the fact that I did not have the normal gas in my chest and back cavities like some. Good luck!
  6. Good day! Dr, My wife and I donated plasma for quite some time. We use it to suppliment our income and to get out of debt. I had the RNY on May 2, 2013. I have Googled whether or not I should donate and have received mixed responses. A little about me: I exercise 3-4 times per week, mixture of aroebic and resistance training. I get 130g of protein per day. I take all of my suppliments daily. I just had my 12 month blood work up and it came back pristine. So, all of that being said.... Should I donate plasma again?
  7. No hair loss here. I have been at 100+ grams of protein per day for 10 months of my 12 months post op. My surgeon upped my protein due to the amount I work out and lift weights. I am sure you have read that protein deficiency does not present quickly. It usually takes about 3 months to show. So if you lack protein today, the side effect does not show until 3 months from now.
  8. As with pretty much every other aspect of having weight loss surgery, every person is different. It depends on so many factors, and even with everything else being equal there are still various outcomes. For instance, I had a friend who had the surgery before me. We were almost identical in every aspect. We weighed the same, ate the same diet, worked out the same amount of time. He said he felt he could go back to work 5 days after his gastric bypass. On the other hand, It was 2 weeks before I could move around the house more that just taking laps to avoid blood clots. I took 4 full weeks off, and even after that I was worn out after work. One thing I can tell you after a year post op is that you can get as many stories as you can and none of them will be yours. Just prepare the best you can and go with the flow. Do not have expectations based upon any one else. There will always be someone who did better and lost faster than you. Do not be discouraged.
  9. I can only speak from my experience, but I understand men and women are very different when it comes to muscle mass. I did not exercise for about 5 months after I decided to get the surgery. Before that I was in the gym quite often. During those months I did gain fat and lose some muscle. After the surgery, within a month, I had lost just about all the muscle mass I had. My calves have always been naturally big and toned. My wife always said they were very attractive. I remember the day that I stood up and received an audible gasp from my wife because my calves had dissapeared. I lost 4 inches in my calves (each calf), in less than 30 days. That is very significant. Of course, in the past year since my surgery I have built it all back up, plus some. It is very important to start exercising as soon as your doc releases you.
  10. Thank you! I feel my biggest worry is protein. Even though I get my share I know that plasma contains a lot of protein which would be removed from my body. I have my year follow up scheduled for today with my surgeon and I plan on speaking with him about it. So I shall see.
  11. Good day all! Been a while since I have been on here. Life just got busy. Anyways, I am now a year out and want to know if anyone has attempted to donate plasma? I did it for a long time before my surgery, but they have a restriction for 12 months after surgery before you can donate again. I just wonder how it will impact me. My blood work has always been spot on. I still get my protein in (Excess usually because I also lift weights. Usually get about 130 grams per day), I never miss my daily suppliments, and I am very healthy. Has anyone donated plasma since their surgery?
  12. Self esteem has a lot to do with it, on both sides. Men with low self esteem feel that there is no way that an attractive woman would go out with them, so they never ask. A hot woman with a low self esteem will sometimes put off a bitchy attitude, causing men to avoid them. As someone who was always bigger, I learned that as I got older (out of high school) there was less of a focus on looks and more of a focus on personality. I have dated, and now married to, beautiful and thin woman. But I have also dated all kinds. My dating history looks like that picture you see of the evolution of man....but with woman. I have dated big, small, ugly, semi-ugly, cute, hot, and beautiful. In my opinion, the personality outweighed looks by miles. I would rather be intimate with someone who makes me laugh than someone who could model. Of course, both is a bonus! That's what I got with my wife! I am a lucky and blessed man!
  13. I still have moments like that now, and I am going on 8 months out. I have been blessed to not have any serious issues that so many speak of on the forums. I never had the gas pain, I was up walking within an hour of coming to my recovery room, the only pain I experienced was not having a BM for almost 5 days due to the meds (when that finally went it was Nirvana). Since then, I can eat anything I want and do not, and have never, dumped. Of course I am careful with that because it can be a blessing and a curse. I have only had food get stuck a couple of times and that was totally my fault. Then I see myself in the mirror, or see a picture, or visit my surgeon for follow up and hear him tell me to up my protein to 120g per day because my muscle mass is so big I need it. That is when I realize it must be real and I am just very blessed.
  14. My daily protein shake is Isopure Flavorless Protein, 2 TBS No Sugar Added Nestle Quik, 1 TBS PB2, 8oz. skim milk. I love it! I put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes to make it nice and cold. I can hardly taste the protein at all.
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    Winter NSV

    I used to think of things like that. Like will a fireman be able to get me out of a building if I was unconscience, or would my casket be too heavy to carry at my funeral. Crazy thoughts!