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  1. It is, and yes, I am 100% self-contained. All that I have is in the trailer. And its all I need. 5 different cast iron pans and pots, a cast iron dutch oven, propane tank, stove, etc. When you live the gypsy life, you have to actually live it. No house to go back to, no place to get in out of the rain except the tent that comes out of the wagon when I set it up. So its like 90% fun and 10% a pain in the arse.
  2. Seat bag Installed cooler RotoPax 3 gallon gas "can"
  3. JRH

    New Right Knee

    Well, just a few days until I go to Charleston SC to the VA Medical Center for the surgery. They are putting me up in the hotel directly across the street the night before. Be there a couple days, then to a friend's house for 2 months of rehabilitation. Hooray for the physical terrorist... errrr... therapist.
  4. JRH

    New Right Knee

    Oh regarding the road trip. Well, I live in the forest. A true gypsy. During rally season I tend to camp at a lot of rally sites. Its more expensive than, say, winter camp, when I do ride to meet people for lunch or dinner or whatever, but don't move the wagon for about 5 months or so. I'm going to the Ranger station at Ocala NF in Florida on April 14th or 15th to ask them about a campsite for next winter. They allow you to stay 180 days, I only need about 166.
  5. JRH

    New Right Knee

    Yes sir, the left knee was done a while ago. Turned out pretty darn good. Looking forward to getting the right knee fixed. I've had a total of about 12 surgeries counting bariatric and the two mundane carpal tunnel fixes. Some shrapnel taken out in the late 70s. A wound tract had to be cleaned out with something like a pipe cleaner, packed, and finally it healed properly. So.... this will be the end of cutting on John. The orthopedic surgeons have talked to me about my left shoulder, but I'm not letting them mess with it. After the right knee heals, its my body and I'll live with it as is. I do wish they could fix my mind, but thats a lost cause.
  6. JRH

    New Right Knee

    Had all my pre-op consults yesterday except anesthesia. Have to ride all the way back to Charleston SC today for that. Then 5 days before the 14th I start meds, 24 hours before surgery a full body wash with stuff that smells like racing fuel, the night before astringent wipe from neck down, the morning off, same. VA is putting me up in a hotel across the street the night before, because surgery is at 0600. Two months later I will be sick of four walls and a solid roof, but at least by then I will be able to get back on the road. Hopefully VA is done cutting on me. For the first time since I came crashing to earth after opening the reserve 'chute at 800 feet, wearing full combat kit, my legs will be the same length, and straight, and pain free. Though they will ache mildly the rest of my life when the humidity is high or its cold.
  7. In April, I will move to Florida as my legal residence, then its off to the west coast, Idaho, MO, AR, GA, etc. for the rally season.
  8. Welcome to make your own choices. Of course its my opinion. LOL. However, some here have spent 10 times what it costs for what ASMBS recommends and that is what I refer to as expensive vitamins. Recommend you print the ASMBS recommendation by nutrient, and compare to the various brands of vitamins. And relax, its not a declaration of war. /snicker
  9. I lost over 170 pounds. Landed at 172 pounds. Now I'm about 10 pounds heavier. When I start next season riding and come out of winter camp, I'll lose back down to the 170 range again. I'm not sweating it.
  10. JRH

    New Right Knee

    Was at VA Medical Center, Charleston SC yesterday, to see the Orthopedic Surgery folks. Only took them 5 minutes of talking amongst themselves while looking at the x-ray pictures for the chief to ask me how soon I wanted it replaced. I said ASAP. So on February 2, 2017 I have a full day of consults with various specialists, and on February 14th I get a new right knee. Then both legs will be straight, and the same length, and won't grind/wobble when I walk. Awesome.
  11. I was told not to worry about losing weight pre-op. On the other hand, I began implementing the things I learned from 6 months with a dietician, to build good eating habits, and did in fact loose some weight. As said above, a side effect of losing a little weight was to shrink the liver and there are a few other benefits, I guess. Of course, in the days leading up to surgery, I lost some weight, because I was on an increasingly clear food routine, which ended with just water, if I remember correctly. Gosh, its been a while since those exciting days.
  12. JRH

    Veterans' Day

    HooWah! Respect to all branches, occupational specialties, and eras of service! Not going to Dennys for free food today, but thanks to all the food service places dishing it out for free to Vets and active duty soldiers today. U.S. Army 1970-1976, Airborne Ranger Infantry, Platoon Leader, Battalion Adjutant, Medical Discharge.
  13. Good for you! You are about to begin a wonderful transformation. It will seem hard at first, but as time goes by it will become wonderful.
  14. I am getting an RTIC 45 cooler, which is a Yeti for half the price. It is slight larger inside than the equivalent Yeti too. To make it fit, I had to cut most of the "hump" out of the aerodynamic fiberglass nose on the trailer tongue, and mount an 1/8th inch aluminum plate. After I mock up the cooler and corner mounts on the plate, I'll know how much I can cut off the plate to contour it. I cut a piece of fiberglass out of the removed "hump" and closed the open side of the remaining "hump" off. After the epoxy dries, I'll apply fiberglass cloth and resin on the inside along the seams to make it permanent. I'm also reinforcing the platform's skirting where it is open now, using the long legs of the old cooler mount (angle aluminum). They are epoxied and when cured, I'll drill and rivet them to the fiberglass. To keep the weight distribution right, and get enough tongue weight (without getting too much) I moved the propane bottle and jack and the wheel chock etc to the back of the trailer box. It will be just about perfect when the cooler is finally mounted and the excess aluminum plate is cut off.
  15. Here is the rig before I left for the left coast in May...
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