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  1. So it's been almost a year since my surgery. Up until recently I've done incredibly well. I started out at 413 and I'm now down between 230-235 (I constantly fluctuate between those 2 numbers). It means a lot to me to get down below 200 for the first time in decades, yet I've been stalled for a month. The problem is allowing bad eating habits to creep back in. I still don't touch bread (it makes me sick) and I'm very selective with my meat because my stomach is touchy with it. I'm able to eat small amounts of pasta and I try to include fruits and veggies in my diet every day. Unfortunately my weakness has always been sweets and carbs like crackers or chips. Even though I can handle very little sugar before I get terrible diarrhea my mind justifies the agony I go through afterwards just to receive those few moments of pleasure. Unfortunately this particular bad habit has caused a stall, even though I joined a gym and have been working out. It scared me to think of going backwards in my progress so I decided to nip this in the bud and do the 5 day pouch test. I figure the best thing to do is detox my body, shrink that pouch back up a little and get back on track. I'm on day 1 of the liquid diet part and now I remember how much I HATED the liquid diet I was on pre-surgery. I had to do Optifast for 7 weeks before my surgery and it was one of the most miserable times of my life. Thankfully I only have to do 2 days of the liquid diet but I'm amazed how tough it is! My body seems to remember this diet and I've found myself quite depressed today. I know I just need to hang in there, stick with it and get through the next day and a half. It just seems to help when I can confide in those who have gone through the same things I have. It helps to say out loud what my mistakes have been, be accountable for those mistakes and work hard towards remedying the situation. So I'll continue with my nasty, disgusting protein shakes and try to keep a smile on my face while doing so. In the end it's a small price to pay! Hope you're all having a wonderful day. Wish me luck!
  2. Karebear71

    Online Dating

    I dated a guy once who was really into BBW's. Nothing wrong with that. We all have certain qualities/characteristics we're attracted to. I have certain things that "flip my switch", but I don't limit myself to only dating people who fit that certain criteria. I think it's best to keep your heart open to all possibilities. The one you overlook for not being a certain height/weight, having the wrong color hair or eyes or for living too far away just may be the one who would someday be the best match for us.
  3. Karebear71

    Online Dating

    I'm currently doing the online dating thing. I find it's easiest just to be 100% honest about myself. Yes, I used to be very big so I did something about it. If they accept me as I am then great. If they have a problem with it then I have no room for them in my life. You'd be amazed how many men are pretty accepting of it. I've had more than one tell me how inspired they are or proud of me for making such a big decision, sticking with it and working hard to get what I want. The right man will accept you just as you are - scars, loose skin, general flaws and all. The rest aren't worth our time, right ladies? I'm loving this sassy new attitude of mine... I'm such a bada$$ now. LOL
  4. Karebear71

    Seriously? Pot-luck lunch at work on Wednesday?

    As others have mentioned, taco dip is always good. Refried beans on bottom, layer of cheddar cheese, layer of salsa - heat those up and melt together. Top with fat free plain Greek yogurt and guacamole. Good for you and oh so tasty. When you move into later stages you can add veggies on top like shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, black olives. You'll also be able to add extra protein (meat) to the refried beans if you like. I love to add shredded chicken or crab. Mmmmmmmmm. Other than the crockpot of chili (excellent idea) you could bring some type of hearty soup/stew. Good for the soft food stage and everyone enjoys chili or stew in the winter!
  5. Karebear71


    Yep, 7 months out and I can only eat meats that are incredibly soft and easy to digest. I've tried chewing steak and chicken breast really well but it's a no-go. I keep wondering if my pouch expects me to become a vegetarian. Not happening pouch... Not happening. I can eat meats that are swimming in a sauce of some sort and cut up into small pieces. Basically if I can barely see the meat then I do ok with it. I love to make skyline chili in the crockpot and do really well with it. I tend to stick to a lot of soups. My current faves are egg drop soup with tofu (have to use eggbeaters since my stomach hates egg yolks) and green curry chicken coconut soup. I like to get creative with soup so I don't get tired of them.
  6. Karebear71

    What is up with eggs?

    I had surgery in April. After surgery when I was in the soft/mushy food stage I could have small amounts of scrambled eggs. Not anymore! I can have egg beaters/egg whites, but NO yolks whatsoever. Every time I eat anything with egg yolk in it I get violently ill. Very odd... Sad because I really miss deviled eggs at holiday parties, but oh well. i figure it's a small price to pay for the killer body I'm working on. LOL I spoke with the doctor since 90% of the foods I try make me incredibly ill. He said that some people take longer to bounce back & heal. Don't push my body, listen to what it's telling me and stick to foods I know my new stomach likes. He said in time my body will adjust and allow me to consume more kinds of foods. In the meantime I'll stick with the tried and true.
  7. Karebear71

    Cauliflower tortillas

    I love this idea! They look fantsatic.
  8. Karebear71


    Mine didn't hurt going in but it definitely hasn't been a walk in the park. I bled pretty much non-stop for the first 3 months. I'm on the 4th month now and I still have periods but they seem to be more regular now. They aren't quite as heavy but they last longer. They used to last 5 days and were quite heavy, now they're a bit lighter but can last up to 10 days. I'm still waiting for the benefits to be honest. True, it's nice not having to remember to take a pill, but the constant bleeding puts a damper on any dating or activities I try to do. We'll see how it is in a few more months. If I don't see any improvement I may rethink my choice and have it reversed. I don't plan to have any more kids so sterilization is also a good option for me. I chose the Mirena since it was supposed to extremely lighten or make my periods stop. I have yet to see that.
  9. Karebear71

    Alone and bf and I fighting about surgery

    Good luck to you hun. I really can't add anything to what these insightful people have already said. Some great advice has been given. I just want you to know that you're not alone and that you have a great support system here whenever you need to talk. I hope everything works out for you because it really is a wonderful, life changing experience. Other than becoming a mother it's the best decision I've ever made in my life and I don't regret it for a moment. I hope you're able to experience it as well!
  10. Karebear71

    Hello from Northwest Indiana

  11. Karebear71

    Samples for Bariatric Patients

    There aren't many free ones out there - most are "sample packs" you can pay for that will allow you to try a variety of items/flavors for a reasonable price without having to waste money on a full bottle of something you aren't sure you'll like. For instance, you can find Syntrax Sample Packs at many different stores online that give you 12 different flavor packs to try. I started out with this, found the flavors I liked and then spent the money on the full bottles of those flavors. You can find different sample packs of vitamins online and many times all you have to pay is the shipping and handling. Celebrate, Bariatric Advantage - those both offer sample packs. Propel - unless they offer a free sample on their website you probably won't find any. I started out buying a small box at my local grocery store. Once I discovered how much I liked it I moved on to buying it in bulk at Sams club. Much cheaper that way! You can find the occasional sample of protein powder online which only charges you for shipping. i just did a Google search for protein free sample or protein shake free sample.
  12. Karebear71

    Amusement Park

    Cedar Point is on my list of things to do once I lose enough weight. I can't wait to meet that goal. Congrats to you!
  13. Karebear71

    No, I'm Not Crying, I Have Something In My Eye...

    Awwwwwwww *hugs* They grow up way too fast.
  14. I get so incredibly sick of protein shakes yet they're a necessary evil. Being 5'10 I'm expected to get close to 80 grams of protein a day and I just can't do it with food alone yet. So far my go-to protein shakes have been Syntrax Fuzzy Navel (love it, tastes like Crystal Light), Double Stuffed Cookie (tastes likes Oreos!) and Jay Robb Egg White Protein mixed with different flavors of Torani & DaVinci sugar free syrups. I wanted to try something new and came across Big Train Fit Frappe. I'm a huge fan of chai and I always loved their Sugar Free vanilla chai mix blended with some unsweetened almond milk. I recently discovered they make protein drinks as well called Fit Frappe so I bought a jug of spiced chai. Oh my!!! It says to mix with water but I mixed half and half with water and unsweetened almond milk. It was like drinking a chai shake - so thick, creamy and yummy. It's nice to have a new flavor to mix into the protein drink rotation!
  15. Karebear71


    Awesome job hun! I also started out bigger than many on here. I'm 5'10 and started out over 400 pounds. I'm down to 290 and it's exciting isn't it? I don't know about you but it's been over a decade since I've seen the 200's! Hitting that milestone just brings us that much closer to our ultimate goals. You're doing such an amazing job so congrats!