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  1. Nope I will be getting one~~my Surgeon clearly stated "it is his insurance backup". I guess he does it because it is another way of testing for leaks besides the GI drink. I know it is uncomfortable to be removed, many have said it feels like a twisting of your stomach, or a snake moving around. He assured me it comes out before I leave hospital and "he will give plenty of pain meds before"! I guess just another hiccup on the Rocky Road!
  2. Ok, I am NOT Post-Op but I need to know how many drains are put into you during this surgery and when are they removed..OMG! I'm thinking the ng tube (ok, I can handle that one and now I hear a JP drain?????)no way!
  3. Wow Susan; Did you catch a certain topic for me! I was approved for wls which I chose to be a sleeve in 5/12. I chose the sleeve thinking it was the best choice for me but my Doctor never once said "hey this isn't the best option or maybe look at rny". I was all set for surgery and then backed out the day before after asking for the umpteenth time," If I suffer from severe GERD(which was noted on all my records after a barium swallow)will the sleeve cause it to get worse?? Her response was "it could or maybe not"...OMG, talk about fear of the unknown. I looked at my husband completely
  4. ellyfont; OMG, this is a conversation I had with myself over and over and over..I was scheduled for a Sleeve on 5/17/13. On the DAY of meeting with my surgeon, I'm not sure if it was nerves, fear or not a great answer to a question I kept asking but I cancelled my surgery! People look at me today and ask me why? I couldn't and still cannot figure out the exact reason. The fun of it all is that I am BACK again at my MGH Weight Center in Boston and thinking of a Bypass. The question I asked the surgeon was "Does a sleeve make GERD worse"? I was diagnosed with severe reflux and GERD a
  5. Thanks Scoots; I believe my choice is the Gastric Bypass; Don't want to think or take any more unnecessary chances or risks with making GERD worse..it's gross enough! My honest to God only worry is "Please don't let me get a stricture"????????this is all I hear! Freaking me out...I guess I am a nervous nellie!
  6. Jolls; I would attribute my GERD to my weight gain, I have been checked for hernias and the only one I have is an umbilical hernia. My GERD is severe to moderate and though it may have been cured by the sleeve, I was just shocked that nobody ever mentioned it. I kind of felt like I was just a play thing for the surgeon when she said "I can do whatever you want"... I thought to myself "it's not what I WANT, it's what is going to be best for me before during and after the surgery...Maybe it was just my nerves that got the better of me...we shall see what the new surgeon will recommend and
  7. Ok so I was all set for a Gastric Sleeve on 5/17/13...1 day before surgery I meet with my surgeon and we go over somethings. Mind you I am in a total panic anyways and I ask her how I've heard that if you have Moderate to Severe GERD, the GSV may not be the best option for you. She looks at my husband and I and it becomes a bartering game????OMG, her response "well I can do Gastric Bypass or we can try the Lap Band". to which I am too stunned to speak but able to say "I was not informed about anything having to do with either of those surgeries and I did nutrition and psychology classes for
  8. Dees: I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I needed a talking to and you came through again. Stay with me for the rest of the journey. I just have to shake off all the nerves<3
  9. Hello to all TT friends who have helped me through the tears of getting approved and listening to pre-op diet woes. My latest problem "SEVERE" cold feet to the point that I want to rethink this surgery and just stop. I got my Post-op Clear and Full Liquid diet, although not the worst thing, I am having so much trouble with unimaginable fear. I am scared it's me that will suffer with a complication, it's me that will be vomiting or get a stricture. I am schedule for 4/30 and being 5 days away is just sad to feel like this. I want to believe I can do this and get through this for all the
  10. Congratulations~~I am happy that everything went so well!! My sleeve is scheduled for Tuesday 4/30/13(next week) and I am praying now that I have such an easy time as you did Hope you do fabulous with the rest of the journey!
  11. Thanks butterscotch: I will be on as soon as I can after 4/30/13 to give you my story~~stay strong..I know it's hard but we will get through..look at all these people
  12. Dees: Where would I be without people like yourself to help me through these hurdles. I know I need this surgery and I know how much I have suffered from being obese. I guess nerves and worry of the unknown get the better of us and I should just start to think of the positives. If I lose no more than 20lbs, I know in my heart I will be one step closer to healthier than I was before. Sometimes you have all kinds of family and they mean well but they just don't understand "why are you doing this" are you going to be able to live like that" all the doubts they place in my mind makes me fee
  13. Here goes! I know some of you will think I'm crazy for saying this but I am so nervous and afraid that I now feel myself second guessing myself and I have to keep looking at my sleep apnea machine and Prilosec that I have to take everyday or feel the aches in my knees to make me want to push ahead. I feel like I am never going to be the same again but in a bad way. That I will always be sick to stomach and I will not be able to ever just "take a taste" of something you love so much. I asked myself if there is a way for me to do this alone and I know it would take forever and I could nev
  14. Prayers and hugs coming your way~~you'll be doing the same for me the week after..I am 4/30/13
  15. Geez, what liquid diet are you guys referring to? Is this the pre-op diet? My surgery is scheduled for 4/30/12 and yesterday(2weeks before to the day) I had to start a pre-op diet that consisted of 1 Protein Shake and a Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice with more vegetables for lunch and dinner. This is supposed to help shrink the liver I guess but maybe I am not supposed to be eating all of this. My dietician even said if I'm still hungry to add in a piece of fruit????????? How strange, but I will say I am on freakout mode right now. I am second guessing everything about this and letting m
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