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  1. you look fabulous and healthy and 10 yrs younger :-)
  2. i am now 1 yr and 4 mos post op, i had the iron dextran transfusion 8 mos post and have not had to repeat it since. my Fe levels are checked every 3 mos and all my numbers are thankfully in the black. i am maintained on 2 vitron C tabs daily (along w a handful of other supplements) and have been able to keep my levels up. i just needed the transfusion to get me back in the normal range since i had dipped so far below normal values with my intitial rapid wt loss. the decision to dot he trasnfusion was the hematologists call, though he was the one who initially told me id never be able to mnaintain my Fe in normal levels. so far so good. i still do protein shakes daily my wt has stabilized for the past few months and am working hard at the gym to help tone my new found muscles.
  3. i think with all the risk factors of obesity, a heart attack or stroke is more likely to kill you quicker than any cancer. btu i agree w cinwa, there was a case of a woman in the philippines who was one fo the 1st to receive a lap band. a few months post op she was losing wt too quickly as she had no appetite at all. she was later found to have stage 2 breast cancer. no relation to the band, but the wt loss and anorexia went unchecked bec they were expecting it from the band. all the more importance of pre op testing, screening as well as the regular follow ups afterward.
  4. i am from Fairfax Va and i go to a bariatric support group (held monthly) a great place for pre op, post op and those in many stages of the journey. ive met friends from online TT and eventually in the flesh in these meetings. totally free and open to all surgeries (VSG, GB, Band etcc) great place to hear other stories and meet other people. http://www.inova.org/healthcare-services/bariatric-surgery/patient-support/groups-and-education
  5. i still peel apples and pears. i can now have tomatoes, strawberries and celery. i am still careful with figs and asparagus tho. and no matter how much you chew, fruit and vegetable cellulose wc provides the fiber is INSOLUBLE, thats why its called roughage! its not a question of nutritional content of the skins (hello multivites) but the concern that you might eat soemthing too bulky and it might stop up your teeny pouch!
  6. dont buy anything in bulk pre op, many of us experienced taste changes post operatively. ex. i HATED applesauce pre op, now i love it. so same will go for vitamins, drinks, protein etcc. i started my chewable, SL and liquid forms of multivit regimen 1 wk pre op simply to get used to the routine every morning. i did the usual rounds testing out protein drinks and powders. i ahve since settled on the COstco Premier protein in chocolate. early post op i started to get nauseated just thinking of another chocolate drink, so i started w unflavored preotien powder. i mixed it in soups and put it in my mushy food. i alos liked the Designer Proetin 2 Go drinks, no milky taste, just like reg juice. at almost 1 yr post, i still do 1-2 protein shakes a day.
  7. having lost almost half my body wt and almost all my pre op co morbidities, i have been feeling pretty wonderful and loving how i look in clothes (went from 26/28 to a mind blowing 10 :-) i still stare at tags in disbeleif) but as sexy as everyone calls me and as good and healthy as i feel i am horrified as to all the loose baggy skin that the GB has left in its swift glorious wake. i look like a freakin sharpei naked LOL i laugh i cry, me and hubby make jokes...but when we have sex i prefer to keep a bra or a tank top on..mostly to keep my fun bags from spreadng out on either side of me :-O we dont do lights off, so what are my options? spanx in bed??? ps. wt has been stable for about 2 mos now, but am a looong way from saving up for any plastic surgery!
  8. pics are blurry but the results of your hard work are crystal clear! congratulations and keep up the good fight!
  9. i agree w spunkycat, the walking is both exercise for mind as well as body. sad? walk it off mad? walk away frustrated? walk around the block little walks dont have to be long or arduous bouts of exercise. my docs told me even 5-10 mins multiple times a day are better than long ones (esp so soon post op) besides the weather may not alwyas be conjusive! bundle up and buckle down, hon. this really IS the best thing youve ever done for yourself!
  10. i do the Centrum SIlver chewable, decent enough and readily available in drugstores
  11. i started biotin 5000mcg daily 1 month post op hair loss kicked in by 3rd month or so, lost even eyelashes and eyebrows!!! i stated shampooing only 2x/wk upped my protein intake as much as i could didnt do any coloring or anything to relieve stress on strands till 10 mo out at 11 mos post, i still only shmapoo 2-3x/wk, have since colored hi lighted hair again bitoin seems to not do muhc for hair on my head, but makes hair EVERYWHERE ELSE grow like nuts LOL (wax much?!) been using Latisse on lashes/brows and theyve grown back lush and long. i still ntoice larger amts of hair in the drain, but the hairloss has certainyl slowed down as well.
  12. i was alwyas dizzy and lightheaded immediately post op. i was also having longer, heavier periods and had lots of bruising. i bent over to feed kitties and nearly keeled over! there were issues that needed to be addressed, at least in my case: 1. i was hypertensive pre op and was still on meds (these were eventually tapered off and discontinued ) 2. already had a history or vertigo pre op 3. already had a history or nutritional anemia 4. already had a history of menstrual irregularioties once BP stabilized i ended up having an iron dextran transfusion bec my iron ferritin levels were so low. my docs also put me on higher iron supplements. bec of the malapsorption of a GB, ill never be able to absorb all the iron ill need. the transfusion was necc ot bump me back into the normal range. vertigo pretty much resolved as well as bruising and periods more cyclical now. its all a matter of the medical team finding out whats causing your dizzyness. hope this helped, good luck!
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    you gorgeous girl! keep up the fantastic work :-)
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    ive been on pantoprazole (Protonix 40mg) daily since surgery Feb 2013. my surgeon told me that he usually maintains the ulcer meds for pts who had GI issues (GERD, ulcers, hyperacidity etc) PRE OP. though i had no such issues pre op, i find that being on the pantoprazole which is a stomach acid reducer, calms my finicky pouch esp when i eat something that doesnt quite agree w/ said pouch. like TTMaster says, all medical advice should be routed through your own physician, but using this forum as a sounding board and sharing of experience is an inavualble tool.
  15. i was walking from day 1` post op, back at gym after 2 mos (cardio only) and light wts (10 lbs only) by 3 mos. i was back to reg strength training by 6 mos or so. i wore my abdominal binder for 6 mos. i will eat a light meal (usu brekfst of cottage cheese, fruit cup and yogurt) pre gym. never work out on an empty or very full stomach. youll need fuel for the energy expenditure, but not so full that the exertion might make you throw up! after 45 mins i will have a green tea shake w a scoop of protein in it. more water after depending on how long and strenuous my work out is for that day. when i get home i will have a hi prtein shake (25-35gms) then make lunch. hope this helps some!
  16. every pound and inch lost is a victory! congratulations, you look younger and prettier now than you did in your wedding pic! :-)
  17. thats such a big difference already in your face, but you were already pretty to begin with :-)
  18. take off the shades! youre gorgeous!
  19. wow, you almost look like mother (before) and daughter(after)! COngratulations on such a great achievement!~
  20. just like the recovery from addiciton to drugs or alcohol, life after surgery is pretty much the same : you cannot change the world around you, but you can certainly change the way you view the world. junk food and bad habits got us all to a point of ill health where we couldnt manage our lives and our weight was out of control. depending on others to police our eating habits never worked before, why expect it to do so now? this is YOUR life, YOUR surgery and YOUR journey. sad to say you occupy the same space with people who may inadvertently (or worse, purposefully) ignore your new found sensitivities. therefore, YOUR wellbeing is YOUR responsibility, not THEIRS. if you eat sweets and DUMP, ittl be YOUR butt lying shaking and cold sweating like a junkie jonesing (been there done that, thak you Popeye's honey and 1/2 biscuit) if you over eat and throw up in agony bec it feels like something is caught in your angry lil pouch nobody else is gonna hold your newly growing hair out of the way so it dont get splattered int he toilet bowl. and if you eat rice 3x/day simply bec your family is visiting from the philippines itll be your 4lbs weight GAIN (*gasp) in 2 wks rather than the puny 5lb wt loss a month you were so deperately trying to maintain late post op. my husabnd eat a lot of crap too. i cannot change his ways. he is over weight but healthy as a horse (just weighs as much as one ;-) he does most of his snacking in the basement den, where unfortanutaley the laundry area is located. before i do my laundry i put away all his junk. and he has even started a "lock box" where he squirrels away some of his evil stash (damn you Walkers shortbread!!!) ive filled the basement fridge w lots of MY healthy stash (trader joes kale chips, diet snapple, SF popsicles, edamamae chips etcc) try going back to basics, talk to a friend, vent here. we are all here for each other, hon. good luck and i hope ive helped a bit. *hugs*
  21. thank you all for the kind words and encouragement. this has been a long hard journey and my 1st tentative steps started on the TTF website, lurking ;-) we are all brothers and sisters in this quest for a new and better life!
  22. pre op pic taken 2011, post taken dec 2013
  23. my hgb/hct and ferritin levels have been terribly low and getting lower i am 7 mos post and otheriwse doing very well, w wt loss, energy levels, activity and resolution of pre op co morbidities (hypertension, diabetes, hi cholesterol, asthma). and though ive been taking 2 tabs of Vitron C daily (65mg elemental Fe) my levels are still very low and i bruise very very easily. my NUT says nutritional anemia is very common in post op RnYers and lifelong oral iron supplements is the key. The hematologist i saw today told me i would NEVER be able to absorb iron fully in the gut anymore bec of the surgery so oral iron is useless. he wants me to start w an iron dextran transfusion to get my ferritin levels up to normal and then figure out from there what is best to do. i know we all have to take extra supplements for life, but iron transfusions? has anyone else had this advised? gone through with it? esp to the long timers out there, how do you manage your iron supplementation?
  24. i was at the gym and taking a much needed dip in the jacuzzi. an old asian man motioned to sit beside me, wc i already found odd because the jacuzzi is pretty spacious and tho there were a few more people in there w us, there was certainly enough space for everyone to enjoy their space. the man sit and nods, and kinda asks "korean?" No, i replied, im Filipina. suddenly he leans forward and im thinking he's lost his balance and is about to tip over so i extend my hand in case i need to catch him. Instead he reaches out and grabs my arm, starts kneading it "massage?" i yanked my hand away and said NO and moved away. i found it very bizaare and terribly uncomfortable, and i hoped he would go away. now tho there were other people around the exchange was very low key nobody else hear it or saw what happened, esp since he grabbed my arm under water. since he didnt move away, i did and i turned my back on him. he just stayed and continued to stare at me. Finally, i got up and left the wet area. i went to the general manager of the gym to report the incident, but since it had to change into dry clothes, the guy was gone by the time they looked out onto the wet area. the manager also told me it wouldve been better if i had called the attention of one of the life guards or said directly to the man that what he was doing was unacceptable. i told him that i didnt lose 80lbs to get hit on by gnarly old men. but they generally made me feel helpless and kind of his word against mine and they coulodnt even find him anymore after he left the jacuzzi area. i guess getting attention is usually a pleasant by product of WLS, but this kind of attitude of blaming the victim makes me understand how so many women are reluctant to report such incidents.
  25. ive lost a lot of weight around my face and esp my waist. pants size have gone from 22-24 down to 14-16!! but now my quandary is tho my waistline keeps getting smaller, my hip size stays the same bec of the belly pooch/excess skin. im only just past 6 mos out and i know any tummy tuck will be at least another year down the road... any suggestions? anybody else having these problems? (tho thyey are wonderful problems to have vs hi cholesterol, Htn and diabetes, for sure!) or am i going to wear lycra and yoga pants for the next year??