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  1. i was loopy and weepy for the 1st few weeks as well, agonizing over every pound not lost and worrying endlessly about intake. IT TOO SHALL PASS, sister. the bloating will go down, your body will adjust and you will get used to eating tiny amounts of food taking longer than most people around you. rmmeber your goals as to WHY you needed this surgery int he 1st place. go find a bariatric support group meeting in your area. or, continue on thsi site as we have all gone through your ordeal. you are not alone! it will get better! Progress, not perfection.
  2. i have tops and bottoms from 26 down to 20, as well as 4x down to 2x blouses. all good condition, name brands. we had a community garage sale and some were sold but i still have loads. will sell for $1-10 each!! and id rather they go to a WLS sister pls pm me here and i shall reply. will do meet ups in Farirfax/Vienna area if possible
  3. it never ceases to amaze me how much younger we all look since we lost wt, congrats!!
  4. i think we all have body image distortion and cannot see the wonderful positive changes we have made until we hear affirmation frm others. so let me chime in as a stranger seeing you for the 1st time : i see you face, neck and chest are slimmer than before. the lower body is hard to tell bec of the cut of your dress ( i used to wear nothing but kaftans and shifts too) perhaps some jeans or leggings to show off the progress in your lower body in the next pics? Congratulations on your hard work and continue the progress!!
  5. i was diagnosed w PCOS in hi school and suffered pretty much the same way. not out and out heavy bleeds, but weeks of yukky spotting. i did the 3 mos on 3 mos off OC to regulate my hormones for years. my cycle would normalize but then go hinky after a month or two. once i lost 90 lbs after my 1st WLS (Lap band) in 2003, i got so normal i got pregnant and miscarried without even realizing it but as difficult as that time was, it did prove one thing : that losing the weight will certainly improve fertility and allow for pregagncy. so be warned! even as little as 10% wt loss can kick your ovaries into gear! i am now a bit over 4mos post op my 2nd (and LAST) WLS, a RnY BYpass in Feb '13. i am over 50lbs down and my periods are regular and monthly, thought longer than usual (7-8 days vs 3-4 days pre op). immediately post op i got my period bec of the stress of the surgery, so expect it to go awry 1st thing as well. but by the 2nd month my cycle was already 28 days apart. Good Luck, it only gets better from here!
  6. there is a Groupon deal going on now for Protein to Go Smoothies (strawberry/banana) 10 grams of hydrolyzed protein per smoothie 64 calories Made with real fruit, like Carmen Miranda's accessories Free of lactose, gluten, artificial colors, and sweeteners 2.5 oz. per serving 24 pack all for $24.99. seems like a good deal, has anyone tried this brand\flavor?
  7. Has anyone tried the Proti SLim Protein pasta from MyBariatric Pantry? i havent had any starches post op and am wondering if this might be an option? How about the Protein Krinkle Chips? (god, im salivating just typing it in LOL) the only crunchy ive had post are Kale Chips from Trader Joe's, yummy and nutritious, but quite pricey at $4/bag
  8. i agree, you were pretty before, but now you're pretty fabulous!
  9. i think our hormones have gotten so jumbled up that our ovaries dont know whether they are coming or going my period was a week early right after my surgery (oh joy) monthly ever since, but heavier and longer (>1wk eccch ) since you took the pill for only 3 wks, im sure your cycle hasnt had a chance to re set itslef, not to mention the fact that losing all the extra ovarian source of estrogen (fat cells) will certainly muck up the system just by itslef. just take extra precautions against getting pregnant and keep active, i know exercise helps normalize hormonal fluctuations as well.
  10. i think hiring a personal trainer, esp if you havent had much experience in the gym and are unfamiliar w the equipment (so many new ones now!) ive been working out all my adult life but because of knee/shoulder injuries i needed help wiht what i could and couldnt do on my own. try hiring someone who you can talk to easily and feel at ease asking silly questions (i had lots lol ). if you meet the trainer once a week, you can build a program that he/she can tweak weekly everytime you meet. that way you cna have some kind of plan as to what to do on other days when youre at the gym and not seeing the trainer. I see my trainer every monday, i do cardio on my own for about 45 mins then an hour w/ him. i will go the gym 3-4x/wk doing cardio each time, but alternating upper and lower body exercises. once a week, i will swim, sauna and sit in the jacuzzi too there are also group fitness classes (strength, core, zumba and the like) but im not fit enough to keep up yet. and they have special wt loss programs that cater to a smaller grp of people. again, that depends on how muhc you want to spend and how physically fit you are at present. either way, just getting out there is a victory in itself and alwyas a step in the right direction. good Luck!!
  11. ive noticed that my pre and post op preferences have not always coincided. stuff i HATED before have become lifesavers now (ie. applesauce, cottage cheese, SF jello) so prepare the sample packs for sure, but better to try them AFTER the surgery. i think the added incentive of knowing you must get down a certain amount of protein/day made me more accepting towards the protein shakes. FYI here are the ones ive tried : Pure Protein Shakes (from Trader Joes or GNC)- pre made, 11 fl oz/can, comes in a variety of flavors (i like frosty chocolate best) and is a whopping 35g protein, only downside is, its a protein BLEND, not the whey isolate they recommend. but hey, its my go to shake and im 3 mos post and doing pretty well Protein 2 Go - powder comes in sachets and has great fruit juice flavors. only 50cal/serving but only 10g protein too. i like the Very Berry and Tropical Orange Calorie Smart Protein drink by Boost-190cal/16g protein, but the carbs are kinda high 16g/serving and this one made me feel sick afterwards Syntrax Unflavored Protein powder - 40cal/10g protein in approx 2.5 Tbsp, this is great bec i add it to soups, and other dishes to ramp up the protein content. ive found that adding it to my Protein 2 go adds protein content w/out making it milky or chalky. Good luck!~
  12. what amazing inspiring fotos. thank you for sharing :-)
  13. juventas

    In-Fight Seatbelt

    flying wihtout the extender is also one fo my goals!! COngrats!!
  14. though my trainer will always insist : "you cannot spot train your body" i tend to disagree somewhat its true that if you want to lose weight you have to tip the balance between calories IN and calories OUT. well the WLS has taken care of the IN part. so what are you doing for exercise? i was already a regular at the gym for years pre op, so i had some semblance of stamina before going in. so after the surgery i started walking a few mins longer n further every day till i was able to get back to the gym to the treadmill, elliptical and bike. walking in the pool also helped a lot in the early days. by 2mos post i was allowed to do free wts again (no mor than 10lbs). since i also notice i am shrinking almost everywhere, i try to concentrate on the parts im HOPING i wont need plastic surgery to correct later on, namely my upper arms and love handles on my back. everythign else, i leave to the surgeon's scalpel! for back/lats i do lat pull downs, rowing machine and free weight dumbells. core exercises where you pull a cable across your body and twist at the torso. ive never liked abdominals or crunch type exercises bec i alwyas felt my jelly belly was hopeless and they alwyas gave me a neck ache here is an all purpose warm up ive been doing lately and it hits some of the upper back and lat areas you want to slim down. http://experiencelife.com/article/the-perfect-warm-up/ oh, and have you tried the sauna? i know its only water weight, but sweating out the toxins is a great detoxer as well!
  15. id' steer clear of most fast food places, but many, if not all decent restaurants have low fat low carb options. and many wont mind customizing whatever you order to your specifications. ie. sauce on the side, steamed instead of fried, substitute steamed veg instead of fries, etcc even before my WLS i had already started making attempts at eating healthier and was doing just that when we went out to eat. you cna also find many healthy options in the supermarket that you cna stock in your hotel fridge or in a cooler when you travel. ex. FF jello, hi protein yogurt, sugar free diet snapple, lite cheese sticks...things you cna snack on when everyone else around you is eating and you'd rather not dig into that monster pile of fries with a side order of bacon
  16. it does sound like gas bloating, do you log foods? i try to note the foods i dont react to very well and steer clear of them afterwards. i felt tender and moved slowly for the 1st w wks but i was diligent wearing my binder even just at home so i built up my abdominals slowly. at 4 wks post i was doing cardio at the gym. nothing heavy or too hectic and i wear my binder when i work out. if you were previously well, and are now feeling new and painful symptoms, maybe you should call your doc's ofc and tell him whats up? i hope you feel better soon.
  17. i've been enjoying Yosicles and they come in a variety of Swirled flavors, yummy! Nutrition Facts Serving Size 1 piece Amount Per Serving Calories 45 Calories from Fat 10 % Daily Value* Total Fat 1g 2% Saturated Fat 0.5g 3% Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 0mg 0% Sodium 25mg 1% Potassium 0mg 0% Total Carbohydrate 7g 2% Dietary Fiber 0g 0% Sugars 6g Protein 1g 2% Vitamin A 0% • Vitamin C 0% Calcium 0% • Iron 0% * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
  18. i'm gonna call mine Bubbles...becasue it constantly makes me blow bubbles from either end
  19. One day at a time, One HOUR at a time. the 1st 2 weeks were the worst for me too. not so muhc pain, but more of buyer's remorse and the feeling that i couldnt undo what i had done. but soon you will be able to move to mushies (yum! im not being sarcastic here, but after the clear liquids, plain ol unsweetened applesauce will be like manna form heaven). i agree with trying to mix up your liquids as well. you can add miso soup and vietnamese Pho for variety. the weather is getting nicer, are you walking outside? sunshine can do so muhc for the blues! and when you start seeing the lbs fly off, you will feel muhc muhc better. This too shall pass, hon, i feel for ya *hugs*
  20. congrats on your amazing progress! ive also just slipped into XLs after many years of 3x-4xs! i found out about a clothign exchange that occurs monthly in my area. perhaps you could check out if there are support groups (we have reg mtgs here at the hospital) and they might have some other options for you.
  21. i take 2 Fiber CHoice (no added calcium) chewables daily and i go every other day. yes i also have occ stomach cramps and pressure but only when i feel i need to go. my NUT also told me no gummies bec it might be too bulky in the pouch and not digest as well. i also notice that its after i work out at the gym (cardio/light weights) that my bowels get into gear so increased water intake, fiber as well as exercise might be beneficial. Good Luck!
  22. are you seeing your NUT re your protein/water intake? early on, i was also worried i was losing much slower than the others i had read about here. but my NUT/bariatric nurse reminded me that we are all different, and since protein is the most difficult to metabolize and takes up the most water in digestion, the 2 go hand in hand. and in the beginning our bodies have to adapt to the minute amount sof food and extremely low caloric intake. after a few weeks, your system will have adjusted enough and is more used to burning energy from your fat stores. but why are you "forcing (yourslef) to throw up after pork or red meat"? that sounds dangerous, as you might injure your esophagus or even tear your pouch!