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  1. DianaS

    To the rude girl at GNC

    That was very rude! Next time, go for it. I think making rude people think about their behavior is crucial to their achieving enlightenment so I help them along as much as possible.
  2. DianaS

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome, Cassie! There are typically several required tests to make sure that you are healthy enough for the surgery, but they can vary a bit from surgeon to surgeon. I had to have a sleep study, a cardiac ultrasound, a stress test (cardiac and respiratory), an upper GI scope (EGD - under anesthesia), and a psych eval (mine was very cursory).
  3. DianaS

    A New me in 24hrs

    Don't put yourself in pain. Do everything very, very slowly. Sip, sip, sip. My doc was fine with the Premiere Protein immediately after surgery because it is so thin and watery. I relied very heavily on it for a long time to get my protein in and I still have one almost every day. I like both the vanilla and the chocolate. Just an FYI, whey protein is a milk protein and it is probably the highest quality protein for you so long as you do not have any tolerance problems. Welcome to the Loser's Bench!
  4. DianaS

    Preparing for the big day

    Buy yourself a little digital scale for your kitchen (this can really wait a little while but you will need it to portion out your food). Try putting your drink in the fridge or another room while you are eating. This was the hardest thing for me to do, also. Best of luck!
  5. DianaS

    thirsty all the time

    Have you tried getting your water in by drinking some hot tea or just warming up you water? This seems to help some people tolerate it better.
  6. DianaS

    surgery date 9/9/14!

    Welcome, Heather!
  7. DianaS

    ONDERLAND! Finally!

    Congratulations! You've done such an amazing job!
  8. DianaS

    Hello all!

    Welcome! I am sure you will find some support on this site, if not all of the answers you are looking for. Best of luck!
  9. DianaS

    Good evening all!

    Welcome, megan!
  10. Great job working through this stress in a healthier way!
  11. DianaS

    Hi I'm New

    Welcome, Mandy! Glad you're here!
  12. DianaS

    Yes... that's me... regular lurker!

    Welcome! Glad you're here.
  13. DianaS

    Soft Foods Diet and Unflavored Protein Powder

    I add a scoop of Syntrax Nectar unflavored protein to Walmart's brand of sugar free oatmeal and cannot taste it. The same is not true for the Unjury unflavored protein - I can taste it and, therefore, cannot tolerate it. BDM, I'm going to have to try it in my diet hot chocolate - that sounds good.
  14. DianaS


    I walked in my house -- round and round and round. It was boring but I got my walking in right after surgery.