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    Hi I've just read an article about a woman's lapband being placed at the bottom of the oesophagus instead of the top of the stomach. She hadn't lost much weight and couldn't understand it, didn't feel much restriction, just a feeling of food getting stuck in her throat, which went after a while. This has worried me a bit because this is what I feel. What does the feeling of restriction feel like to you? .I don't seem to feel full when eating, just some mouthfuls if not chewed enough will hurt in what feels like the bottom of my throat. Also, and this will sound really weird, does anyone notice a squelchy noise coming from their port site? Lol, it doesn't hurt at all, but even when breathing in and out I hear this noise and I don't understand it! I asked my nurse about once at a fill, and she said she'd never heard of anything like it before. Now I feel to silly to mention it again so I'm asking you guys instead! Thanks for listening. Pam
  2. Pam J

    No hope.

    Had my band a year ago. Lost 4 stone by August. Now put 2 stone back on. I have failed all my adult life. And now I have defeated the band. Last time I had a fill I had put on weight. The nurse suggested going back to liquids, and said she would, in such a way that she was disgusted with me and shook her head when she said it. Now I don't feel able to talk to her and certainly not see her. I paid for the op myself because the NHS said I wasn't "ill". I have let myself down big time. I have nowhere to turn now. These forums are great but I know that nothing will change for me now. I don't even have the inclination to carry on with it. I bet my GP is sitting back all smug thinking "I knew she'd fail". I can't even go to her for anything now because she'll see what I've done. I don't even know why I'm writing this on here, although maybe I just needed to admit publicly what I am. Nothing.
  3. Hi I've been away for a few days to celebrate me and hubby's wedding anniversary. Ended up spending our evening in A & E because I was coughing up blood (fresh, red) for 20 minutes! I had loads of tests but all were clear, I'm seeing my GP on Monday for a follow up and I'm going to ring my support people for advice, but I just wondered if anyone knew if it could have been anything to do with having had the gastric band? Could I have scratched my trachea maybe, by some kind of food? I know I'm clutching at straws and I want to be wrong, but just thought I'd mention it in case it's happened to any of you guys. Thanks for listening, Pam x
  4. Thank you all for your very helpful replies, i didn't know if I'd get any, but I'm so grateful to you all. I feel stronger already. Good day so far and hopefully off to the gym for the first time in years this afternoon. Starting with cardio and will build up as I go. I like this site! Lol. Love Pam
  5. HI This is my first proper post and I hate that it's a negative one but I'd love some advice please. Part of the reason I had a gastric band 2 weeks ago was because every time I've been on a diet in the past and lost weight, one day I would have something I shouldn't and then I felt a total failure and went totally off the rails. That fear of failing has stopped me so many times. I could never get it into my head that I could move past the 'bad day' and continue on as I had been. I've just finished the 2 weeks liquid stage and started on pureed today. Thing is, last night I went downstairs because I couldn't sleep and there was a few bits of cake and some Pringles left after relatives had come for tea. I don't know what came over me, I picked up a piece of cake and a bit off, chewed it well and swallowed it. No discomfort. So I tried a bit more... and finished the piece up. Then... I had Pringles! Oh my God WHY?? I know I was testing my band and after finishing my mad moment I couldn't believe what I'd done. I really thought I'd feel something, I know the band hasn't yet had a fill but after being so careful with my liquid phase I felt I'd totally messed up AGAIN. I tried today to forget it, bought in some foods that I can puree, and today I've had a cauliflour cheese ready meal pureed, and a tin of chunky vegetable soup. Have I eaten too much today? I've read and re-read about the diet but my head is really messed up and I feel like I used to when I blew my diets. I have about 3 weeks till my first fill, what if I keep testing my band and eat too much, stop losing weight, I feel really upset and if there's anything positive anyone can say to a weak pathetic fool please say it? But be nice! My husband made a comment when I had my soup - "are you sure you should have that as well as what you had earlier?" And it made me feel worse than ever and I'm quite cross with him and feel like he expects me to fail as well. So sorry to be such a moaner. Pam
  6. Hello everyone I'm Pam, 1 week post op (gastric band). This looks great, so much help and support from like minds! Just what I'm needing at the moment. Look forward to ''meeting'' you,