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  1. Anyone else from Australia here?

    No good hamrod :-( Hope you heal soon... Thinking about ya
  2. Anyone else from Australia here?

    Hi Jane I pretty much eat nearly anything that is no sugar , low fat and not too many carbs.. I eat some carbs like I will have tuna on cruskets with tomato and cheese... Or small piece of steak with spoon of mash potato and other veges. I get a little dumping if I have sugar... Nearly any sugar triggers me to get sweats and just feel yuk but that's about it??? I'm not exercising enough so I've got to figure that out but my diet is good.... I'm losing slow but steady so I'm happy that its just going down and not up like I've been used to for so long... Around 17kg so far, can't wait to hit the 20kg mark which is my first goal Def org a catch up, perhaps there are some other brissy people out there????? What are you currently eating and how are you going
  3. Anyone else from Australia here?

    Hi Jane... The first couple of weeks are def hard.. I'm 7 weeks out and feeling better as time goes on. It isn't easy and I have bad days but finding as time goes on I'm adjusting easier. I had a bad start with a 2nd surgery due to bowel obstruction but really pushed myself to walk and really focus on following my docs plan.. Who is ur doc and what side of Brisbane are you on?? I live in greenbank... I'd be happy to meet up , there is very little in ways of support groups accept online... What are you struggling with??? Trust me it dies get better... :-)
  4. 2 days post-op & can't keep fluids down

    Hi hamrod Hope you heal quickly and everything goes well :-) Take it easy
  5. Finding it hard!

    Hey brandy, thanks, I will keep my head up, I also worry about sagging skin .... Tina, yes I've read so many times people lose at different paces but it evens out at the end... And yes I'm well and truly over chicken soup, it makes me gag now!!! Certain foods just seem blah!!!!! Thanks "worthit" for the hair compliment... I'm stressing about losing my hair but ah well, what will be will be!! I too feel exactly the way you do about all you say!!! I'm feeling a lot better today, I'm pretty sure my hormones are playing games with me on top of my normal anxious self :-)
  6. Finding it hard!

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate you all !!
  7. Finding it hard!

    Well it's been a month since surgery... I have used all the info from TT and my nut and doc and well I just feel a little bit down. I'm struggling to work out what to eat cause like today if I et eggs I can not stand to look at them tomorrow, it's nearly like that with all choices, very weird.. I've lost 25 pounds from surgery day but feel like it should be more!!, I'm still taking antibiotics for the 2nd surgery I had 2 days after bypass because of obstructed bowel so not feeling 100% where my big ugly open cut is down my stomach... I know I'm going to be ok but really finding everything harder than I wish it was.. I go back to work on Monday and have anxiety about that too because only my boss knows I had the surgery... Anyways, onwards and upwards I guess!!! I'm glad I've got TT to come to and vent :-)
  8. Good luck Karen ... It's your turn!!, you go girl!!!!!
  9. Anyone else from Australia here?

    It is a weird feeling not being hungry.. Pre gb when I was at home and feeling bored I used to eat!!! It was a vicious cycle cause I'd binge then at end of the day I would feel guilty and so on and so on... Well I was bored today and the last thing on my mind was food... I couldn't even eat dinner so had a shake instead...I'm eating pretty well and 3/4 cup of food keeps me full a long time... Good luck you too gals for your surgeries.... Look forward to hearing from you both post-op :-)
  10. I'm not going to beat myself up for this,

    Thinking of you :-)
  11. Anyone else from Australia here?

    Hi Libby Good luck... I know the pre-op is hard to get used to cause i struggled.... but after surgery I have found I have to make myself eat.. go figure!!!! The hunger just isn't there any more, some head hunger but not physical hunger... Welcome aboard I'm so glad to see some more Aussies on here... Keep on keeping on and I'll be thinking about you surgery day... :-)
  12. 116 pounds down

    Wow!!!! You look great.... And soooo much younger :-)
  13. Hugs and good thoughts for Bugdocmom

    Big hugs, hope you feeling better real soon :-)
  14. Pain post bypass revision....

    I had lapband removed in January so now I've revised to bypass had rny on 26th April, im day 14. I then had emergency open surgery 2 days later 28th April , twisted bowel. They had to do open surgery.. I'm finding the pain starting to ease a little day by day but its still very tender, especially getting up and down and laying down. I'm walking and resting alternatively but finding it hard to focus on my original surgery and so have found it pretty hard. My diet of purée and soft foods is helping now and I'm drinking enough liquid but struggling with protein.. Gagging with the protein shakes and have tried numerous. Doc says just keep up what I'm doing as bloods and everything looking good so far.. This has def been a rough few weeks, I am so looking forward to relief with no belly / incision pain so I can really focus on being Active and getting on with it. I understand where you are at thischick , keep going and know in time things will settle ....