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  1. Yes I have had this. There are gland on your labia that keep you lubed up. These glands get infected sometimes. I had mine swell to the size of a golf ball and it hurt almost as bad as the gas pain I had after RNY surgery. One night I rolled over and it burst. The relief was instant. I had to sit on the toilet to let it drain puss and blood. I had an appt the next day to have it lanced and drained. Thank goodness it burst on its own. Ps it's called a bartholins gland.
  2. I told everyone via FB pretty much. I was proud of myself for moving towards a healthier me and I had a lot of support!
  3. I am 3 months out and have been given the go ahead to swallow my pills but I am scared that will get stuck so I still crush them. I mixed my pills in 1/2 baby spoon of honey. It goes down in one glob and you can't taste the nasty bitterness. Just be careful because of the sugar in the honey.
  4. I am going to get the Depo tomorrow. The pill I am on now is causing me to bleed pretty much all the time. Annoying!!
  5. How was your smoothie?
  6. I get grilled chicken whenever I go out. I don't eat the bun if I get a grilled chicken sandwich. I also let a small salad with a lite salad dressing on the side. I only eat a few bites of the salad and probably 2 oz of chicken.
  7. I mix mine with 1/2 baby spoon of honey. It's the only way I have been able to take them.
  8. It's ok, we make mistakes. Just try to do better tomorrow!
  9. I am glad you feel more rested. I too have insomnia and I am on 2 sleeps at night. I also take a 2 hour nap most days. But this isn't any change from before I had surgery.
  10. I am in love with cupcake brand Moscato but it is sweet and I am scared to dump. That being said I gave away all of the wine I had in my fridge. Maybe one day! I like the suggestion on vodka mixed with sugar free snapple!
  11. I was a coke addict. 2 weeks before surgery I quit cold turkey. If it wasn't in my house I couldn't drink it. It was hard but I did it. You can do it too!!!
  12. I put on my favorite pair of flip flops yesterday and they were too big. :-(
  13. Thanks ladies!! I eyeball my food, but I know I need to start measuring. I didn't have any sweating yesterday.
  14. After meals, about 10 mins after I am finished, I get sweaty and hot. No other symptoms and it happens no matter what I eat.