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  1. I am 2.5 years out of surgery and I am doing pretty well. I am at 165 from 246. My husband and I are finally ready to start a family in about a year. Is there anything I need to consider? Taking extra vitamins early or seeing a high risk Doctor?
  2. I am nine months out from my sleeve surgery and have moved so I have not had a chance to go see my nutritionist again. I was wondering how many grams of protein and how many grams of carbs everyone tries to eat a day? Thank you!
  3. Hey, how is your journey going so far?

  4. I feel exactly like you do RosieDee!
  5. I want more in too!!! lol I am five weeks out and still pushing it at 2 ounces. My doctor says my stomach is super tiny, like the size of a thick milkshake straw
  6. Sleeve and Acid Reflux

    I had the bad chest pain that you have and I had the sleeve five weeks ago. I also had my haital hernia fixed, do you have this problem? If so discuss it with your doctor! Otherwise, my acid reflux has improved tremendously.
  7. thanks for the answers guys!
  8. I am almost five weeks out of surgery and I am having a difficult time getting down 2 oz in one sitting. I was just wondering how others are doing. I am talking about soft foods, not just liquid!
  9. How long did it take?

    bcbs was next day aproval, only bbecause the guy handeling my case was out of the office
  10. Help! No desire to eat!

    no. not prone to nausea at all. Im getting a little better today, just ate 1 oz of refried beans with some cheddar cheese. I actually felt okay eating this.
  11. Help! No desire to eat!

    Yup, I am on the soft foods., I have been eating ricotta cheese, scrrambled egg, tuna fish, and mashed carrots. I do need to power through, but everytime I eat I get nausea.
  12. Help! No desire to eat!

    I am trying, but my desire for them has decreased greatly since the surgery.
  13. I am three weeks out and find it very hard to force myself to eat. I am fine with drinking water and propel zero, but when I eat I get sick feeling. I am not getting in the proper amount of protein or carbs and I am fairly light headed when standing. Did anyone else experience this? I am just not hungry???
  14. Brand new and thinking about surgery as an option

    My doctor suggested wls for two years and I kept telling him no. My doctor doesnt mind speaking his opinion if it will lead to a healthier you!
  15. Feeling conflicted...

    I have been dieting since I hit puberty at 11! I would lose 25 pounds and then plateau. I know I am only 24, but feel that I made the best decision for my health and am feeling fantastic