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  1. Nature Made 65 mg (equivalent to 325 mg Ferrous Sulfate). I take it with a mouthful of 50 cal light OJ in the morning. 2-4 points above the minimum is where I usually am, even prior to surgery so I think I'll finish this bottle and just go back to relying on my multi vitamin - except actually taking it so it does its job.
  2. Been taking an iron supplement for almost 4 weeks now (and while not perfect, rather consistently) and I'm happy to say I was able to donate blood today! I was denied the last 4 prior attempts as my hemo iron was too low to donate. Today it was 2 points above the cut off! This also marked my gallon donation so I'm pretty stoked!
  3. One would think you would know better by being 4 years post op, but apparently sometimes we just never learn! I ate most a 1lb bag of baby carrots yesterday; its all I ate for dinner in fact. Just baby carrot after carrot after carrot I kept filling my maw with. They went down fine and they tasted super yummy and yes I basically overate.....but I did so on veggies so big deal, right? Oh my gawd the gas I got after that though. I was absolutely miserable for several hours and even after a really good nights sleep I still do not feel the greatest today. Even over indulging in "good" th
  4. After he pulled my 2nd drain....so 3 weeks post op; he said I can start to message the scars and apply lotion. I gingerly did this as it felt....wierd... not hurt, but didn't really have sensation so just felt plain odd touching it even. Even now 10 weeks post (!!) there is still slightly a bit of numbness directly on the incisions; enough to be noticeable but barely at this point. I used regular unscented lotion and the last couple weeks I use (with his approval) some prescription scar cream from my dermatologist whom prescribed it for some other scars I had (I don't heal well fro
  5. I can't add anything better than what she said.
  6. I also work from home. Surgeon recommend I take 2 weeks off, so I did. I could have very easily went back after just 1 week. But since I already had it off, I just kept it. To expect to be back to work in two days albeit from home or not is rather unrealistic and absurd, in my opinion. I may have felt pretty darn great at day 4.....but not before that. Edit: I don't want that to come off as if I was pain free; cause I wasn't. There was a certain degree of pain or at the very least most certainly discomfort for many many weeks, just not something I found intolerable or prevent
  7. Nothing internal, there really isn't feeling. Unless she means it in more terms of not getting used to eating smaller quantities to which I will say: there is certainly a transitioning time for that, but before you know it the "new" becomes very very very "normal".
  8. 60g of protein a day is the minimum. Whether you can reach that 1 month post up.... only the sleeve shall tell! That is the goal for you to work towards at least. A lot of people rely on protein shakes still until they are able to get it all from food. Quantity kind of follows the week you are on: 0-2 weeks = 0-2 ounces 2-4 weeks = 2-4 ounces 4-6 weeks = 4-6 ounces 6-8 weeks and forever = 6-8 ounces You do not NEED to eat these amount - they are just guidelines to stay within to prevent accidental over eating until the nerve connections are all working again and y
  9. Goal are just that..... goals. No one should expect you to reach those in the first few weeks; they are what you are working towards. While some people do not have issues getting liquids in from the get go; the rest of us do. Just how it goes. It was 1 day shy of my 2 week check up I finally managed to get in the 3 protein drinks a day they wanted me at. You cannot do anything to avoid your hair. While protein is the best defense yes; being low on it for a time is not going to make or break the bank, so to speak. It is either in your cards to lose your hair or it isn't. It reall
  10. It is not really feasible to stretch a sleeved stomach. Impossible; no - implausible - yes. You would really really really have to work at over eating to do it; I mean like constantly all the time. Or I suppose out-of-your-control rare anatomical issues would do it as well. The only way to confirm it is to get an upper GI or some sort of physical look internally. I had one done at 2.5 years post op (for other reasons) and my sleeve was exactly like it was supposed to be. As MsMary said; it is quite natural and very normal for it to give and relax with time. What I could eat at 2 mon
  11. Aside from getting rid of the temptation I still think the 5 DPT will be fine to do. Sure you might drop a few pounds but really they should be mostly water weight anyway as you detox from carbs. You could likely just do the gist of it anyway - basically just only eat protein for the 5 days; no veggies nuthin else. The 5DPT is not about decreasing calories - its about ridding carbs so you can still eat and try to maintain a higher caloric intake in the attempts of not losing while still eating the correct path. Again water weight is likely to come off regardless.
  12. Getting rid of stress incontinence which was solely due to weight. And I did get rid of it after about 75lbs of loss. Its so nice to feel like a normal 30+ year old in this regard!
  13. I could only walk just a few blocks before having to rest because my lower back killed me so bad (too much weight hanging off the front). Now I walk miles and miles and miles with little effort or thought. Its a world of difference in any form of movement.
  14. Insurance would not cover mine; or rather....at this current point in time they would not cover. Had I more official documentation on the rashes I got it very very likely would have been. But with my high deducible it wasn't really worth fighting, imo. Abdominoplasty (no muscle repair) was 6800 up here on the Range (northern MN) which I paid out of pocket. I was still considered obese when I had this done; despite losing 200lbs but the doctor was perfectly willing and fine doing this even though I wasn't at goal weight considered where I started and where I was. Likewise I was not
  15. It takes 6-8 weeks to even be considered "healed" from surgery. Just have to give yourself time.
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