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  1. Online Dating

    With anything, there is going to be the bad with the good. I have online dated and it isn't that bad. I have run into, liars, women completely misrepresenting themselves, crazies, etc. I have also met some really nice women, but it just didn't work out for whatever reason. Do not read too much into what the guy says. It doesn't matter what he would do then, you are living in the now. What he is doing right now is what is important.
  2. Any St.Louis MO Buddy/Mentors out there?

    I grew up in Fairview Heights. Live in MN now, but get back there a few times a year.
  3. Lovemaking after op

    Much improved!
  4. It Works Wraps and Gel?

    I have tried the wraps and the green powder. They both work. The drawback is you have to do them continually, and that will get expensive. I was unaware of the IcyHot thing, but looking to try it. I think why they seem gimmicky to some people because they are marketed to be this "answer" instead of a tool part of a program. I have seen people get wrapped, then eat a cheeseburger. You just threw away money. Anyhow it works in conjunction with what we are doing with our bodies, firming skin and loosing inches. It is just expensive.
  5. Meggings? A brief report.

    I have some I wear when it is cold, and wear em with shorts at the gym. I have no shame lol!
  6. Cold as hell. Going through some changes

  7. Do you drink regular coffee postop?

    I drink a cup a day without issue.
  8. Why I want to be fat: a confession

    That was really deep. Man that took me into some memories.
  9. Personal Trainer worth the $

    I had an amazing personal trainer before surgery. He was worth every penny, but I just couldn't afford him anymore after awhile. I actually intend to get my certifications later this year to work with WLS patients. I figured it is a great way to stay in shape and motivate and inspire others. I mean a personal trainer that DOES not work at a gym like LA Fitness either.
  10. My Fitness Pal

    I am on MFP. My username is DEEP3R.
  11. Its so cold...

    I am a web designer and software/IT support
  12. Its so cold...

    I am so happy I get to work from home. At -20 right now, I can't even imagine going outside.
  13. Really going through it

    Well that breakthrough took a million steps back. I finally had to come to the realization that this is not meant to be. Has been a complete emotional rollercoaster. A week after surgery she threw me out in the cold a year ago and we broke up. We are now a year later breaking up again. The hard part has been just coming to the realization that it needs to be over,, and I need to get out and start my life over. and feeling like I deserve better. I should not have allowed her to send me on this emotional roller coaster.
  14. No drinking with meals you say?

    I always wait to drink 30 minutes after, but I have the habit of drinking all the way up til I do eat. Still working on that.