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  1. 9 days Sober and feeling better each day. Very proud of myself! 

    1. duffman27


      One day at a time Julie - you can do this. Duff

    2. Cheesehead


      Way to go.  Sometimes it's one minute at a time but they all add up.  You are on the road to better health..

    3. bellamoma
  2. Good morning everyone today i borrow a simple beach dress size small from my daughter. We both love to shop and can wear some of each others clothing. I'm actually smaller than her. But that's ok because she is a lil thing herself! The jewelry and shoes are mine and we both have pretty much the same taste. Mine though i'd say is a little more reserved at times HAHA! Have a blessed day all....You all look amazing. <3
  3. I don't do Facebook because all my family, and others i don't wanna see, are on there. Plus for me it's just too intrusive. I know TT is somewhat of a social site too. However, it's a safe place to come gather education on health, and get together with like minded friends on WLS. I feel safe here even though i do know it's an open site and photos do show up in google. Though i did test my real name and no images show in google....Ty Jesus. Only way my pics from TT will show in google is if someone puts in my TT screen name. So now i feel more comfortable posting photos, plus long ago Cinwa to
  4. You worked your butt off lil gal! I remember all those walks in the snow and all the snow shoveling. You have always worked hard and been honest when messing up. You're a constant inspiration to me and many others. As those before me mention. You do not look like the same person at all. I personally think you have a beautiful personality and kind spirit. You've helped me and many others, so i just wanted to say thank you and congrats.
  5. I'm glad that you're doing well Tom. I am doing much better myself and honestly have several professionals helping me stay on the right path. I'm also very lucky that my daughter was understanding and forgave me and hugged me so tight when i told her i was going to detox. I have a long road of recovery....but i am strong and can do this. I just hope anyone out there struggling with any addiction transfer can get help and not beat them self up so much. All ya have to do is reach out and i promise there is always going to be someone there to care and help you along the way. Have a good evening m
  6. I live near Macdill AFB! Bayshore is a beautiful place and wonderful area to go walk or biking etc.
  7. My body has a long way to go in the healing department. My throat burns,tummy onfire and my red blood cells are huge! I was told the count was over 100 whatever that means. Not to mention the damage my liver and pancreas has taken. Hope in time me eating clean and staying sober, it all heals. If not than it's all my fault and i should have known better. Also wanna note that i am in the process of seeing a new therapist. I just need someone to talk to and to help me stay on the right path. I want so badly to do the right thing and be a good example to my daughter. I am just so heart broken over
  8. Ya know this habit totally snuck up on me. I only tried alcohol after i lost all my weight. Had one glass of wine and it hit me like a bomb within min. It felt nice to get that buzz so cheaply! I thought wow! I can have one or two glasses and there be no consequence and stay within my calorie limit for the day. But then i started having major problems with my marriage. I became depressed, angry and i turned more and more to the comfort of that bottle. For the last 2 years me and my husband have slept in different rooms. That made me withdraw into myself even more and use it as an excuse to get
  9. You're correct. It was very difficult to come here and talk about my pain. What hurts me the most is my 18 year old daughter found me on the bathroom floor vomiting/shaking and crying. I was withdrawling from alcohol, as i wanted to stop on my own. It just was too difficult and my body wasn't allowing me to do it without professional help. I realized i could die, because if one drinks as much as i was it's very possible to die from withdrawls. It hurt me so bad that my daughter had to see her mom a total failure and train wreck. I have made amends with her and my husband. I'm working hard to g
  10. TY Tom. I know you've had struggles too. Mine got really bad and i've never in my life got so bad as i did recently. All i can say is i am NEVER touching it ever again. It makes me sad to think what i've done to myself and to my family. Thankful i have a wonderful support system in place and that my family has forgiven me.
  11. Been through a lot as of late. But i have got my act together and feeling fantastic and proud of myself.

  12. I have chosen to come here today and come clean. I just completed a 6 day stay in a detox program for Alcohol addiction. I am 7 days sober and have TONS of support and seeing doctors for depression and anxiety. I have ulcers in my pouch and in my throat from all the alcohol i consumed. I have to be scoped soon to confirm it. But i am certain i have them as i vomit all the time and have burning pain in my throat and belly. I am on several medications and doing EXACTLY what my doctors have ordered. I feel so ashamed ,embarrassed and SUPER ANGRY at myself. I am better than this and have always be
  13. I did exercise from day 1 of my surgery. For me that was my thing and not knocking anyone who hates exercise. I fully know you don't have to exercise to lose weight, as it's what you put into your body that matters. However i do know that if one can find time to add in a little bit it is proven that it can add some years to your life. Plus give you more energy and it's a great mood lifter LOL. I don't exercise anymore because i have two jobs and just too busy with that and home duties. Once in a while i do take a slow walk around Tampa bay, but i don't go to extremes anymore. Congrats on your
  14. Morning to all and wishing you a healthy and blessed day! This is another Charming Charlies outfit. Got the dress on sale Reg 35 bux but i snag it for $15.00 and the shoes too on sale got for 6 bux and the jewelry necklace,earrings and 4 rings totalled 58 bux. The rings do not turn your fingers green and they stay looking nice for least a year if you take care of them properly. I plan to go today for another new outfit HAHA...Addicted! BTW dress is size small and still a bit big on me!
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