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  1. Yes, you are correct - I reread the label and it says 2 Hrs - I just misread the small print. I took my first dose about an hour after dinner tonight with a large glass of water and didn't have any problems. Thanks for your help -
  2. I'm just over a year out and went to my Dr today with a lingering head and chest "cold". I ended up getting a prescription of the antibiotic Doxycycline. When I picked up the medicine the drive thru clerk warned me to take on a full stomach due to it being a strong dose, however when I get home the bottle is clearly marked "take on an empty stomach" This is my first prescription since my GBP, so I am concerned about which way to go - my Dr is aware of my surgery, so I feel like if it is too bad, he wouldn't have prescribed it to me. Also it warns not to take vitamins or minerals within 24 hours, so should I just not take my vitamins for the next 10 days? Any suggestions or experiences with taking antibiotics and eating or not? Thanks
  3. If you have a World Market (also called Cost Plus in some places) they have the largest selection I've seen so far.
  4. Not all McDonlads offer the hot specialty coffees - here in my part of NC they do, but I can drive an hour away and they don't. I haven't found one that doesn't offer the iced coffees though. I guess it depends on the markets. I'm also curious to see if they continue to offer them through out the summer.
  5. Not sure about the Irish - Scottish difference but I had some steel cut oatmeal last week and it reminded me of eating Grape Nuts cereal - more like eating little balls of oatmeal instead of flakes of oatmeal. Of course, the oatmeal I had required 30 minutes of cooking, where I've always been an instant oats consumer, so maybe I didn't cook it exactly right or long enough.
  6. I made my first visit to TJ over the past weekend, and I also bought the rice crackers you mentioned. I've always liked rice crackers but ended up spitting a mouthful of these out. However, I went through and took out the ones that looked like they had seaweed wrapped around them and was able to eat the rest. We weren't prepared to purchase cold items so other than the rice crackers the only other thing I bought was a can of anchovies and the wife bought me a can of steel cut oatmeal, which I forgot to go see what steel cut oatmeal is. I carried out everything in one of their $0.99 reusable bags - which was one of the best decorated ones I've seen. I saw lots of things that I would have bought a year ago though...... Free food - I've always thought Sam's Club could sell possum nuggets, provided they give out free samples first. Sometime if you are there on a busy Saturday, just sit back and watch people trying to manuever to get the free samples they hand out.
  7. Thanks for all the great ideas - however after talking to her parents it looks like it will be a game for her Nintendo DS. Not the most creative gift, but it's something she wants and easy enough for me to get.
  8. Hopefully somebody out there has already been down this road and can offer some suggestions. Our friends have a 13 year old daughter that we always seem to struggle buying a gift for each year. Mrs Atom wants to stay away from clothing and jewelry and in the past it seems like we are always giving her either books or craft kits and would like to try a different direction. As the wife says - "something fun" any ideas in the $25- $30 range? Thanks for any tips or suggestions
  9. Also try looking for it near the sore throat medicines. That's how we originally found it. We bought a couple different varieties last week - didn't know they had stopped making it.
  10. Why not is right - A couple of years ago a piano manufacturing plant near me shut down and had a yard sale of their surplus. It was in the same business park my wife worked at so she stopped and bought several brand new - still in the box piano benches. They've been in the garage ever since. The piano company was Kawai (?) and I don't know if the benches were branded with that name or not. She paid $15 for them and you can have one for that price and cover the shipping (from NC). When I get home tonight, I'll see what we have and send you a picture (we have one put together, the rest are in boxes).
  11. The regular one and the one Al Gore invented.
  12. I would recommend starting out with something like quail or a rabbit. Not much sport in hunting dogs. I'm not even sure they're still in season.
  13. Our local Walmart had 12 packs of kiwi strawberry Snapple for $10. However, as I am at home now, I can't be 100% sure it was diet or not. But I know they have my favorite Snapple - diet peach tea.
  14. Hi, No I'm not from Roanoke. We have some good friends there and visit every year or so. I just had that picture and used it for my avatar until I picked something else - which I haven't done yet. I live about 10 miles from Charlotte, NC. Todd

  15. I have no idea what they were testing for but at around 4 months out I had my bloodwork done - 14 vials. At least it went better than pre surgery when they came and got me at the check out station and said "we forgot one"