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  1. Sandy, could you tell me Doctor's name who can make reversal bypass if possible?  E-mail: if you can/Elin.


  2. Thank you very much sweetie. Have a great wednesday.. Sandy
  3. It is exactly as you all stated. It is a VERY serious surgery. But it was do that, or lose my life. I had signs of Beri-Beri (look that up on a search), neuropathy in my arms and legs, and stated to show signs of malnutrition. I also had something called Werneke's Symdrome (I know I spelled that wrong). I took every vitamin know to man such as Vista Vitamins, Real Meals, Vita Mist, and some others I can't think of right now, and NOTHING worked. Good luck to all of you. Sandy
  4. When I had my original surgery on January 4, 2001, they told me it COULDN'T be reversed. Well, I was wrong. I took every vitamin in history, and ate about 100 grams of protein per day. It still didn't save my life. Just be careful gang. You should be taking a multi vitamin, thiamine (B1), B12, Calcium, and Iron everyday. Feel free to call me if you have any questions. My number is on my website.
  5. Hello everyone. It's been ages since I have been here. But a lot has happened. On May 4th, I had a total reversal of my open RNY. It was a 6 hour surgery, and 27 days in the hospital. I was on a feeding tube for 3 months. I am finally able to eat, but medicines aren't being absorbed now. So, it looks like I am getting an NJ tube (in the nose) put in this week. Keep me in your prayers. Sandy Pierce
  6. Shauna, I had an open RNY four years ago. I really regret that. Why? Because of being opened up, I had to have 5 surgeries as a result of that. I started growing adhesions because of it, and ended up having 3 small bowel obstruction surgeries, and 2 hernia repairs. I highly recommend going lap if at all possible. I went into OR with a surgeon here in Ohio back in September, and watched him perform 3 lap surgeries. It was amazing. Good luck in your journey. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Love, Sandy Pierce
  7. Doctors here in Ohio, where I am from, have done surgery on folks with a BMI of 70, so there is definitely hope for you. Sandy
  8. Pink, My surgery was covered through insurance. It was 4 years ago in Columbus, Ohio. We are practically neighbors. I know of a Dr. Bolar in Kentucky that is supposed to be really good. Here in Ohio, Cincinnati to be exact, I really love Dr. Trace Curry. He does the surgery both open, lap, and lapband. Let me know if you want his contact information. If you would like, you can call me. I would be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions. I don't mind posting my number here, because it is all over my WLS Website. It is 513-528-9466. Love, Sandy
  9. Good morning everyone, Something I do on my website every Tuesday is this. We list two things we are most thankful for since having our weight loss surgery. How about you? 1) Portion Control 2) I am able to climb stairs without gasping for air. Next- Sandy Cincinnati, Ohio
  10. Something nice to add to decaf coffee is DaVinci syrups. They are sugar free. A company at , have them. They rock! Sandy
  11. Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I thought I would post a few of my favorite places below: Do you have a favorite place? Have a super day! Sandy
  12. Kelly, I went to Keyword on AOL under search for help with my B1 deficiency, and found you guys/gals. I am glad that I did. Sandy
  13. Kelly, I met my husband at that weight. In fact, this Thursday we celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary. WLS changed my life that's for sure. It's nice to meet you too. Your surgery was just around the corner. Let me know if you need any tips down the road. Sandy
  14. Your so welcome, and thanks. I just love helping others in their journeys. You just yell if you need anything at all. Here is my phone number 513-528-9466. It's all over my website, so I don't mind posting it here.
  15. This is one of those things where each doctor tells us something different. Here in Ohio where I am from, they are all telling the patients that the caffeine DOES dehydrate you. Sandy