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  1. Mia

    How are you?

    We are not in touch because no one (except you!) replied to my message!!! ;-) We are you in QC? I am on the south shore of Montreal. I had Bypass surgery septembre 2008 so it has been 3 years. What about you? I am happy to find someone in QC!!!
  2. Haven't been here in a while... Love the new TT look!!! Wow!

  3. Way to go! You look good girl!!!
  4. Mia

    So grateful!

    I hear you too! I am glad you can see the positive even thought it was still a hard day! I can only imagine the post you would have left if this was pre-op!!! Enjoy your fun day tomorrow!
  5. Mia

    200+ Crockpot recipes

    WOW! This couldn't come at a better time! I just bought myself a Crockpot and can't wait to use it! Thank you for sharing!
  6. Great job!!! I am very happy for you!
  7. That's exactly the answer I am using! My mother-in-law loves to tell me that she thinks I have become anorexic... I don't think she has any idea what an anorexic disorder really is!!! Like I don't want food anymore or would make myself vomit the little that I eat!!! Ya right!!! I take it as concern for me and her way of "showing" she cares about me, even tough it is very awkward!!! I just brush it off!
  8. Mia


    Yoooohouou!!!! Looking great girl!!! Keep up the great work!
  9. Mia

    New hair-dooooo!

    You look sassy!!! Very nice!
  10. OMG!!!!! How cool is that!!!!! Too bad we don't live closer because I would definitely go see you live! I love stand up!!!! Congratulations on going for your dream!!! More power to you!!! I will be your fan on Facebook right now!
  11. I didn't have mashed potatoes until I was many months out... To much carbs! Even after months, I found it hard to digest... I don't think I would have been able to stand it in the soft food stage! In the soft food phase, I ate a lot of Ricotta cheese. Warmed up a little with homemade tomato sauce on top or even pizza sauce (check the nutritional though...). I also had homemade Chili pass through the blender (Okay, it looks gross but the taste was yummy!)
  12. Ooooh! I missed it! I forgot to program it... I will go check if there are re-runs...
  13. Still trying to figure out this site and I realized you didn't receive this message lol: Well, thank you. It's nice to meet you. I am impressed with your weight loss it must be an amazing feeling. I am looking forward to my transformation.