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  1. I'm a loser

    Congrats to you Kim!!! Me on the other hand not doing so good lately... ...I've been struggling to keep on it but have had terrible cravings for munchies or cheese, or ice cream!!! And to eat what I really should is really a struggle!!! I originally lost 91 lbs. but now I've gained 21 lbs. back!!! ...Wishing I could get back on track!!!
  2. Welcome to TT Matt!!! Best of luck on you're journey to a healthier you!!!
  3. Would like a sleeve mentor

    I'm here for you too...
  4. Halloween dress up!

    Have fun!!!
  5. First NSV

    YAY!!! Congrats Alison!!!
  6. Hello from Indiana

    Welcome to TT Laura!!! Sorry to hear about you're hubby leaving you when you ...I'm here if you need someone to talk to...
  7. What was your breakfast today? Go!

    Greek yogurt with Kashi go lean berry crumble cereal sprinkled on top...YUMMY!!!
  8. I FINALLY made it to "Onederland"!!! I weighed in this morning at 199 lbs.!!! :D

    1. vidisarah


      Way to go!!! Congratulations! That is so exciting :)

  9. 100 POUNDS!

    Congrats to you!!!
  10. 2 weeks out from surgery and frustrated...

    Hang in there Keith...It does get easier and soon the weight will start falling off!!!
  11. Myfitnesspal

    Anyone can add me as a freind too...debramgarwood
  12. ive come down with the flu/cold

    Yes Tylenol products...
  13. Determined... and scared to death!

    Welcome to TT!!! If you hate puking you may want to go with the "sleeve"instead of the "gastric bypass"...I was going to have the by-pass too and my surgeon talked me out of it the day of surgery!!! LOL...Because of less complications and so far I have absolutley no regrets!!!
  14. Gastric Bypass today at 7am

    Wishing you the best of luck and sending prayers you're way for a speedy recovery!!!
  15. Pasta

    I was told by my NUT that I should avoid potatoes,pasta,and only protien,veggies and fruit.