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  1. Hi, I had it done in outside of Boston, MA at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. I kept the RNY bypass, it was just "revised", meaning fixed and tightened. Never wanted a sleeve and still don't, but that is just personal preference.
  2. Hi BB, I'm doing well. Back to myself, and busy at work with quarterly earnings. I'm down almost down pounds - yesterday was 3 weeks, so hopefully that progress sticks. Just got cleared to start eating solids,so that is a nice change. Going back to basics, protein, no carbs, no sugar, and some veggies. Clean and easy. Meal prepped last night so I'm all set for a few days. My goal this time around is to bring my family along for the ride, and to start cooking healthier low carb options for everyone.
  3. GAviv


    Awesome, congrats!
  4. Thanks all. I’m home, was discharged early afternoon. Glad to be in my own bed tonight. Super sore and I forgot how bad gas hurts. Sipping on my fluids and taking it slow. Going to take some pain meds and try to sleep.
  5. Thanks. 75/40 is probably too low...they are checking me hourly.
  6. Corrine, likely staying one more night. My blood pressure is lower than they like. Otherwise I’m already up and walking.
  7. Had my revision of gastric bypass last night. I forgot how bad the initial pain is, but it’s much better this morning. This hospital is great and everyone is so caring. I feel very grateful to have this second chance and I will make the absolute most of it. The surgeon said he was going to do everything possible surgically to set me up for success. Can’t wait to feel like “me” again. Onwards and downwards
  8. @Nana Trish keep us posted. Unless you’ve been there, it’s hard to comprehend. I honestly wouldn’t wish severe constipation on my worst enemy ☹️ I would drink 3 bottles of mag citrate at a time with no result. Many an enema in the ER and my poor husband helping me with enemas at home. I hated every second of it. I hope you get relief and answers soon. Happy to talk further if you have any questions about the colectomy. Thinking of you.
  9. I really just stuck to my post-op routine, which was pretty much habit at that point. My OB asked me to add back carbs, but I didn’t want to as that is my slippery slope. The main change I made was probably adding back fruit. I still say listen to your body. It’s an exciting time, enjoy every minute!
  10. @Nana Trish I am sorry you are dealing with this. I know all too well about constipation and the havoc it can wreak, both mentally and physically. I suffered with constipation issues even before RNY, for as long as I can remember actually. It got so sever after RNY that I was beside myself. I ended up in the ER at least 10 times, and it's so embarrassing. BTW, I also had five hernias (4 surgeries) after RNY, which all were repaired finally after a lot of agony. However, the constipation got so bad, that I was up to about 10 exlax per day, without much success. I had a colonoscopy, but the results were inconclusive because even after three (3!) days on the pre-test diet, my system wasn't cleared out. I had motility tests done and other invasive procedures I'd like to forget. Nothing. I finally went to my surgeon in tears, as after my last hernia repair (when I was 20 weeks pregnant!), he mentioned that he was shocked that my colon was more than 2x the length it should be, and was getting twisted, creating blockages. He told me to wait until after the baby was born and give myself some time to heal and we would discuss. When I went back, he said it's like a last resort, but he recommended a colectomy, which is the surgical removal of all or part of the colon. When he did the surgery, he said my colon was even longer than he thought. He removed A LOT of it and it was the best decision (besides RNY) that I made. I have been regular ever since, for the first time in my life. Haven't touched a laxative in a few years. Amazing. Just sharing my experience.
  11. Thanks, @Cheesehead @Gradstudentmom, I got pregnant about 3.5 years after my gastric bypass. I was at my lowest/goal weight and the drs, while supportive, were worried about the baby getting the proper nutrition. That, coupled with my "advanced maternal age" , led to careful monitoring. However, I stuck to my plan and focused on protein and veggies, for the most part, and gained about 17 pounds total. Baby will take what he/she needs. The human body is amazing. Turns out he was the biggest of my three babies (7 pounds 2 ounces) and healthy as a horse. The pregnancy weight was gone within two weeks. Just listen to your body, and of course, your doctor. Good luck!
  12. We lost our telly (my first baby) about a year and a half ago. One of the worst days of my life. I still miss her daily. We still have rocky, and he's wonderful. I was very against another puppy and Avi has been asking me for months. I just didn't want the responsibility, and I have my hands full with a new house and very big job. So he decided to "surprise" me. It's hard to be mad at that face (which is what he was counting on, I'm sure).
  13. Thanks! So good to "see" you. Can't wait to get back in the groove. The pre-op diet is going really well, and I already feel so much more in control. Wednesday can't get here soon enough. For now, meet our newest family member...Isabella. She's 15 weeks old and we just got her last Thursday.
  14. @the_gilded_lily thanks so much. I’m relieved to hear about your revision and success so far. Way to go! I hope to replicate what I did the first time around, but my new surgeon is telling me that isn’t realistic. I told him I need to prove it to myself and him. I do like him very much, and I think he is just trying to manage my expectations. But in the end, I know it’s up to me. You get out what you put in. He is going to be tightening my stoma (?), shrinking my pouch and lengthening the bypass to increase malabsorption and help my chances for success. With all of that, he said my pouch will be like new! Here’s to second chances. I’m still so disappointed in myself, and everyday I go into my closet, I feel it more. So many beautiful things I can’t wear. Soon enough though. It’s great to be able to come back here and feel so welcome. I love this place and never should have strayed, as it played a big part in my initial success. Thank you all. @Nana Trish thank you for your kind words.
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