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  1. Thank you I figure what else am I gonna do with that hour anyway? Sleep extra if its the morning or sit on my butt watching TV if its the evening? This is a better use of my time and so well worth it!
  2. Yep. Have all my photos of my rashes saved my primary care doctor wants that she's gonna submit when I go in for my appointment in November. Weighed in this morning and already down another 3 pounds from 2 weeks ago 22 left!
  3. Yep. My bariatric doctor moved, my surgery was 3 years ago so I just meet with my regular doctor and Kaiser's bariatric unit to check in every now and again, my doc is the one who put in my referral for my panniculectomy and called me on Monday saying my insurances stipulation to give me the best results for this procedure because that's all they cover is to loose 25 more pounds and in 3 months I have an appointment to take pictures of the pannus, submit all my rash pictures and how far down it hangs and they will cover it. I only have to pay a $200 deductible so yes, check with your regular doctor to put in a referral
  4. I 2nd the papaya enzyme! Its been a few years but I remember them helping a lot! Also I learned the hard way that even though its says you can move onto soft solids it doesn't mean you will tolerate it I had a incident with an itty bitty piece of scrambled eggs I will never forget! One bite chewed a thousand times didn't go down an I fought it for about 4 hours! After it felt like it went down I stuck with yogurt and soup another week
  5. Thank you Gretta! I'm determined, I was at the gym by 5:30 this morning so I could get a good work out in before work, I did the treadmill for 25 and the bike for 20 and this evening I'll do 20 minutes of kettle bell it will do so much for my mental state having this gone, It started almost 15 years ago after I had my 1st daughter, she was almost 9 pounds and my stomach was so deflated after I had her. Add a 2nd baby 2 years later then the weight gain from the tumor medication I was on and now loosing the weight my skin has no elasticity anymore and a lot of times its all I can focus on! I can't wait to finally be free from this skin!
  6. So I had my phone appointment with my doctor today and she said for Kaiser to approve my surgery they want me to loose another 25 pounds which I know I can do I have an appointment in 3 months to see how close I am to that goal and take pictures of the apron and submit my progress and pictures to try and get approved. Looks like this girl is adding an hour of cardio in the morning before work in conjunction with my after work kettlebell and kickboxing I do at home. I'm so close I can taste it!!
  7. Until I have my skin removal surgery (doc put in my referral and she's calling me about it tomorrow) they are the most comfortable thing to wear. I love jeans but if I actually buy my size they split my pannus in half making it look like I have a mini butt on the front of my body which doesn't make anyone feel attractive. Give me a gorgeous pair of Lula's and a tunic and I feel beautiful
  8. I agree 100 percent! My sister became a Lula Roe Consultant in March...I now own about 20 pairs of leggings...
  9. I used to wear 90 percent dark colors too, my sister is a Lula Roe consultant and I now buy so many brightly colored pieces from her, my wardrobe is so much brighter then it used to be!
  10. So 3 months ago I bought a pair of jeans 2 sizes down from what I'd been wearing. They were tight and accentuated my pannus but were a great deal and I loved the design on the butt so I bought them anyway and put them in the back if my closet. We had a random cold day on Wednesday and knowing I'm down an additional 15 pounds since may I figured let's try. THEY FIT!!! No struggling or wiggling, even with my pannus the buttoned and zipped with ease. Hubby gave me the biggest hug and told me how proud he was of me
  11. Yeah they are the most comfortable for me too, even as a teenager before I was overweight I had big boobs thanks to my Grandmother, then 2 breast fed babies 2 years apart then the rapid weight gain from medication then loosing the weight after my WLS hasn't been kind to them! Some days they look decently full other days it looks like all the tissue is all the way at the bottom of my breasts I'm starting with a Panni here pretty soon but pretty sure a breast lift is in my future too