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  1. I can really relate to your story. Congratulations on year 4. That was the year of some regain for me. I too met a wonderful man in 2015 and did well for the first year. For me it was not so much the food but the feelings of being in a relationship that started to trigger feelings and I went back to using food. I am happy to report I have recently lost 30 pounds in about 3 1/2 months and will continue to get down to a weight where my body feels most comfortable. I had a surprise commitment ceremony on the holiday. With all are kids and grandkids around he asked if I would be forever. He purchased rings and we exchanged them. We are planning another ceremony for the spring were I get to also talk....I mostly was in shock and cried. Never would have happened without WLS. Wishing you continued success and much love.
  2. Hi all. I thought I would drop in with a reminder about vitamins I am 5 1/2 years out. I would say my surgery was a success. I got to a weight my body seemed comfortable at and maintained until about 1 1/2 years ago. I started slowly to eat carbs and the pounds began to come back. I slowly let go of things my body didn't need and slowly began to let go of some weight. This is just a little hx for those of you you don't know me. I had bilateral knee replacement about 2 months ago and have been slowly recovering. I don't know why but my appetite disappeared. I was barely able to get down very small amounts of food and have lost over 20 pounds in the past 2 months. Okay, still not the story. I had stopped taking my vitamins about 1 year ago. I don't have any good reason why. Maybe I thought I was far enough out and had gained some weight so why did I need them. Whatever the reason it was a mistake. I went to to my endocrinologist last week as he is the doctor that checks my blood levels. The news was not good. I was very low in vitamin A and I had no vitamin C in my body. Zero. I was floored. My potassium was low. I had been feeling fatigued but attributed this to the surgery. I have to say I was scared. I left the office with prescription for potassium and instructions on the levels of vitamins I needed to take. Some of my other vitamin levels were borderline. My kidney function also took a dive and I am hoping it is only temporary. I am drinking more water. I also was instructed I had to increase my food intake and start eating fruit. I have complied with what I was told. It is hard to increase my food intake when I have no appetite. I am eating small meals several times a day. Adding the carbs in fruit has been hard but I want to be healthy. My message to newbies and vets. Take your vitamins as directed. I had VSG and absorb what I eat so I don't know how things got so bad but they did. I got off course but am now listening to my doctor and doing all I can to correct what I did. Hoping all are doing well. Sending love to all. Kim
  3. Bilateral knee replacement

    Hi all hoping everyone is well. Well It has been 4 weeks since my surgery. I did have both knees done together and came home after 4 days in the hospital. A freak accident is slowing my rehab but I am working hard. the morning of my discharge a cup of boiling water spilled and landed on my left ankle and bottom of my foot. It hurt but nothing appeared burned. As time went by, it was apparent this was more than a superficial burn. I was referred to a wound center and am on the mend. I am progressing and am looking forward to some pain relief. The sliver lining. I have lost about 12 pounds. More than that I realize my sleeve has tremendous restriction. I was convinced with the regain that I had stretched my sleeve. I can eat 1 egg after being able to eat 2 easily. I can get down about 2-3 ounces of protein and a mouthful of veggies. I am eating only 1-2 meals a day. Anyone have any explanations for the sudden change in my food intake? I have to say I am a bit baffled. When I was maintaining my weight, I was eating more than this. I am hoping to continue on this path and hopefully lose all my regain.
  4. Bilateral knee replacement

    I was thinking that could be the case and makes perfect sense. If they don't clear me for both at once, then he wants me to come back in 6 weeks to do the other. Hoping for both at once. Thanks for the encouraging words.
  5. Bilateral knee replacement

    Thanks for the responses. I am doing my pre-op on 9-13 and the internist will need to clear me to do both. My partner is available as he has his own business. I am considering going to a rehab center if I do both, and if my insurance will cover it. I am so looking forward to some pain relief. I haven't been able to exercise at all. I miss walking and yoga. I realize the yoga will have to wait a bit, but not being able to walk more than a little bit by the river has bummed me out this summer. I am hopeful..
  6. Bilateral knee replacement

    Hi All, I thought this might be a good place to get some information. I met with my surgeon this week and need knee replacements in both knees. Over the last few months My knees have gotten worse and I have broken the golden rule and have been taking Advil. It really hurts my sleeve. I have had to take it to continue to work. I thought I could wait until before I retire, which is in 3 years, but I cannot. My question is has anyone done both knees together. This is my preference due to time off of work etc. I know it will be a more difficult rehab but I am committed. If anyone can enlighten me on what to expect, I would greatly appreciate it. I am not asking for medical advice but just your experience. Hope everyone is doing well. Kim
  7. I came on to post a question and saw your response. Although I don't visit often enough, I still feel the support of the people on the site. Getting out of the cycle of BED can be grueling. It can happen after WLS especially the further out you get. It doesn't have to, but it can. I am doing better. That is not to say the regain is coming off is not. The honeymoon period is a wonderful thing. It was year 4 that I really started to have difficulty with binge eating. Therapy is helping as I have a lot to learn about self care. I am more of an out of the box thinker. I truley believe that when I do not want to continue to hurt myself, and dare I say love myself, I will no longer have a need to over feed. I have a responsibility to eat the foods that nourish me physically and emotionally. I deserve to enjoy eating as others do. I should not be punished for the pleasure of eating. I keep my food clean, mostly protein, veggies with some fruit. Everyone struggles with something at some time in their life. Some more than others. We all have life experiences which may have contributed to the beginning of our disordered eating. Being able to acknowledge those experiences and honor them but remain in the present I believe is the challenge. I was fortunate to have found a wonderful therapist that is helping me along this path. I briefly went to an eating disorder therapist who was not a good fit. I encourage you to seek help if you are ready. It is a commitment and will have its ups and downs. Wishing you all the best, Kim
  8. Well today is 5 years since my surgery. It seems so long ago. While I am not at a weight that is comfortable for me, I am working on it. My best advice is be kind and compassionate to yourself while working toward what you feel is a natural weight for you. Also don't let others define what your journey will look like. While we all have WLS in common, are life experiences can look very different and can certainly make a difference on what path we take. Sending love to all. Never give up on yourself whatever your dreams may be.
  9. Don't give up, folks!

    Always an inspiration Tom. Never give up. I have tripped along the way this past year but I keep getting back up. Thanks.
  10. So....hi

    Happy 5 years. You are such an inspiration to me. Maintaining day in and day out is the hard work. I eat the same things all the time so I am of no help there. I look at recipes and there is usually something I can't eat. Can't wait to see your update. Life sounds busy but great!
  11. There is a tremendous amount of support on the site. Hoping you can make some adjustments and begin to feel good about the path you are on. I thank you for your support and will offer the same. Feel free to PM me anytime. hugs to you.
  12. Thank you for your kind words. These are all measurable goals and not all have to do with my weight. What I have come to understand is that there really is no comfort in food. I think there is a perceived comfort. However, the beating that I inflict on myself is not worth it and yet it gets repeated. This is the insanity of an eating disorder. I want to show up everyday in my life and be fully present. The is the best gift I can give myself. Hope you are well and living life to the fullest.
  13. I am so fortunate. It actually loves me. I have never had a man love me like this. I do not take this for granted. It still blows my mind that I found the love of my life at 60! It is never too late.