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  1. Thoughts on 2 years out!

    I think you are doing great. I am almost 6 years out and have been struggling since year 4. I never had a goal weight. I figured my body would stop where it was comfortable. It did at 15 months out. I had lost 130 pounds.. half my body weight. I had a slight regain as I had never done maintenance before and really didn't realize all I needed to do was keep doing what I was doing. I maintained my weight within a few pounds until year 4. I had a few slip ups and would do all protein for a week and get back down. It was into my fourth year that I started to gain. I gained 60 pounds. I have recently lost 30 pounds of the regain and have been thinking about how realistic it is to go back down to 132 pounds. I am only eating 900-1,000 calories most days and sometimes less and have seem to hit a wall with losing. Maybe a more realistic weight would be in the 140-145 range. I don't think I am taking the easy way out. I know many who have maintained at there goal weight. Maybe I am just stalled after the 30 pond loss. Honestly it is more important for me to be at peace with food than at war. I think you need to see how you feel. Only you know what you can live with and what is most important to you. I wish you all the best and congratulations on your career change. You are a courageous women!!
  2. I feel like this is an ongoing saga. Met with the cardiologist and he did a cardiogram. He said that my right bundle is a bit slower, less than a second, then my left. He wanted to do an echo cardiogram before he cleared me. He said my infraction rate is on the lowest side of normal. He cleared me for the endoscopy which was done on Monday. I have a hernia which I did not have when I had my surgery. He said since the sleeve is positioned higher than a normal stomach he feels the hernia is pressing on the sleeve, hence the GERD. He was reassuring that there had not been any long term damage. I have been dealing with this for only a few months so I didn't expect there to be. He said there was nothing more he could do and told me to call my surgeon. I called a few days ago and finally got a call back. I am scheduled to see my surgeon on April 5th. In the meantime I am to continue on the 4 meds I am taking and a very bland diet. My cardiologist wants me to have a nuclear stress test so ensure there is no underlying heart problem. I assume my surgeon will want this done before he operates. My question. Has anyone had a hernia repair and how long did it take to recover? What should I expect? Is it done same day? I know my surgeon will give me the answer to these questions. I am just freaking out a bit as I just returned to work 1 month ago after being on medical leave form my bilateral knee replacement. I have not accused much time maybe 2 1/2 days. Any input would be great appreciated.
  3. What are you eating today?

    B-Oatmeal with chia and flax seed L-homemade chicken soup chicken leeks and carrots D-same as lunch I usually have eggs for dinner but I am coming down with something I thought the soup would be better. I have been eating this for about a month waiting to to cleared for my endoscopy . Not exciting but the only thing that is keeping the GERD down a bit. This along with 2 Protonix in the am. and Zantac in the afternoon and before bed.
  4. I did it a few times. Shakes have never been part of my daily food plan except in the beginning when you can't get enough protein any other way. I never felt weak or fatigued. I wouldn't worry about hunger. For me the less I eat the less hunger I feel. I agree about warm liquids I still prefer them to cold. My sleeve rebels with cold. I drink water at room temperature. Good luck. It can be a good jump start. I won't do them anymore. I do a very clean diet and prefer to eat my calories. I also could only have unflavored which is not palatable. Keep us updated.
  5. Wishing you all the best in your upcoming surgery. Thanks for your support. It really does help.
  6. I went for my endoscopy on Friday. Waiting for the doctor to come all ready to go. The anesthesiologist wouldn't clear me based on a cardiogram I had last week when I came into the E.R with a raging infection...sepsis and was kept for 3 days. My heart rate was all of the place. I was so angry. I had a cardiogram in September when I went for my pre op for my bilateral knee replacement. I don't think they would have done a 3 1/2 hr surgery if there was a problem. I asked the doctor to do it without anesthesia but he wouldn't. I told him I had it done without when I was younger and did fine. I don't think he has every done it without anesthesia. I now have to see a cardiologist on Tuesday for clearance and reschedule. The gastro was pretty angry as well but couldn't override the anesthesiologist . He said he would fit me in as soon as I got cleared. He told me to double my meds in the morning and continue to take 2 Pepcid in the afternoon and evening. I am still waking up with acid in my throat. Sorry for venting but I am just so frustrated.
  7. My thanks to those who share

    This was my lifeline after my surgery. I realized I wasn't alone in this journey. Ask any question you want. There will be someone who has an answer. Best of luck on your upcoming surgery
  8. COLD !!!!!

    After almost 6 years I am still very cold. Today in NYC it was in the 50's. I had my down coat, scarf and gloves on. For some it goes away and some of us never get it. Luck of the draw
  9. Sorry for what you went through. Glad you are now getting relief. Did you get a full bypass? I really don't know how to phrase the question. I know someone who had revision but they did a short bypass. She lost only 15 pounds which was good as she only had a 10 pound regain in 6 years. Keep me updated on how you are doing.
  10. Thanks so much for your kind words. One of the things they mentioned is that will be checking for Barrett's Esophagus. Do you have revision surgery from the sleeve? So glad you are doing well.
  11. Not sure if I will need a repair. I am having a endoscope next Friday and will know more. Hard to say about the meds as I am on high does of antibiotics that I believe would bother anyones stomach.
  12. I hear you about saying in touch with the surgeon. I would see his NP who would weigh me and then he would come in ask how I was doing check my weight. Thats it. My endocrinologist is doing all my vitamin testing so I didn't see the need to return. I do remember him saying that if there are any problems to return to him as he is the one that knows what my insides look like. I went ahead and made an appointment with a gastro that I had used for a colonoscopy. I was able to get an appointment for next Friday. This would not happen with my surgeon. He is in the city 4 days per week and only at the location I had my surgery on Thurs. If there is a surgery to be done, I will return to him. First day back at work and I am beat. Thank goodness I have the weekend to rest up. The meds do not seem to be doing much. Although it is hard to tell as I am on 1700 mg of antibiotics a day. The GERD is so bad it sounded as if I had laryngitis yesterday. Not as bad today as I didn't take the antibiotic last night. Thank you for sharing your experience. I so appreciate the support. I was having such a good experience up to this point.
  13. Another update. I was hospitalized for 3 days for sepsis, another story, but in doing the CT scan an accidental finding of a moderately large hiatal hernia. Could be why the GERD has suddenly gotten worse. It is a bit strange that this should happen after losing 30 pounds and cutting back on portion size, I might have had it for quite some time without symptoms. After I take care of my current medical situation, I will schedule an appointment for the endoscopy. Not sure if I should return to my surgeon as I have not seen him in 3 years. It is tough getting old!!!
  14. Oh how awful. So glad you are no longer suffering. I picked up 2 new meds today. I will start them tomorrow. Hoping for the best
  15. An update. I went to the gastroenterologist today. He wants to do an endoscopy as something has changed. I explained I could not take a day off of work as I had just returned after a 4 month medical leave. In the meantime he prescribed dexilant but my insurance company would not cover the medication and the cost was $346 for a 30 day supply. Instead I was given Protonix and Pepcid. Hoping for some improvement. Another awful night with the pain waking me up and then trying to fall back to sleep in the chair. I have been up since 3 am and am exhausted. Stomach still on fire. I guess I am baffled by the sudden change. It was nothing I did differently. In fact I lost 30 pounds which usually helps. Hoping for the best.