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  1. Kim M

    Post Op

    Are you not tolerating soft food? I think grapes are a stretch. I was told I could add some berries to my protein shake but I had to blend them really well. they are pushing fiber and fat for me due to BM issues. I understand that getting the protein and water in are hard. I try warm tea is seems to go down easier. In reading your posts you seem to have vomited a number of times. That has to be tough. Maybe you can get into see your nutritionist and she can give extra support. Good for you with the vitamins. That is quite a lot of weight to lose in 10 days. I think I have lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks. If you are feeling weak, you could be dehydrated. Just sip even when you are not thirsty. Protein and fluids first. Stay well and keep us updated on how you are doing.
  2. I met with my surgeon on Friday. So I am not sore and a slow healer. He told me that when doing the surgery the instrument they use kept falling and that I have a very thin stomach wall. He explained that the pain I am experiencing is nerve pain. He said the nerves have to grow into the incision. He tried to do a shot of steroids into the area and said it would help right away or not. It didn't. He prescribed medication to help with the nerve pain. I had taken it when I had my knee replacements. He said it would take awhile. I was suppose to return to work on Thursday but he said give it another week and see how I am feeling. Weird thing is he said I could take Advi as there is a lot of inflammation. I know this is a medication that I could not take with the sleeve and from what I have read can cause ulcers with bypass. He doesn't want me on the narcotics as they constipate. So I wear a large tight band around my belly to hold everything in place. Otherwise just trying to manage the pain. I haven't been able to sleep in bed more than a few hours and then I have to sit in a recliner. Hoping i get relief soon. Otherwise all is well. He pushed my food up a week and I am tolerating everything well. I do admit I am not eating as much as I should. No appetite. I also need to start my vitamins which I received the other day. I have no sense of hunger or fullness. I just measure how much I am suppose to eat and usually can finish. Does this change? I know my stomach is healing but when will I feel a sense of fullness? this is a very different experience than the sleeve as I knew immediately when I felt full. Thanks for all the support. Hope all are doing well.
  3. I am getting all my fluids in. This constipation has been an ongoing problem for many years. I suppose made worse by only protein. I did see a covering doctor today and she had to burn the one incision I guess so it will form a scab. I didn't have any drains. The doctors won't let me use anything that will cause volume in my belly. TMI...suppository today with no luck. They believe this is the source of my pain. I disagree as I deal with this all the time and have no pain. I am seeing my surgeon on Friday but not hoping for much. He is a good surgeon but no leaks his job is done. I don't know why a surgeon would think Tylenol would help this type of pain. I have tried. I guess my real concern is that the pain is constant and has not improved since I left the hospital. I have a high tolerance for pain. I did a bilateral knee replacement last year and weaned myself off pain meds. Thanks for the support. I am hoping that time will improve things.
  4. Thanks. Labs are still not back yet so no further testing until they are. The PA wants me to add some more food. She did say berries to my shakes as well as some mashed avocado. She also suggested thinned oatmeal with chia seeds. My oatmeal has both chia and flax seeds in it. I have no idea how I am going to incorporate all this food into my day. The pain is concerning to me as I thought I would be so much better. I am scheduled to go back to work on Thursday. I don't see this happening at this point. The pain is also relief. I almost passed out in the shower the other day. I got out and sat on the toilet unit I got some strength back. Thanks for your ongoing support.
  5. I am about 10 days post op and thought I was doing well. I do have a lot of pain but thought it was normal as this is a different surgery than the sleeve. Also, one of my incisions has been leaking since day one. I had called the surgeon last week and his PA told me to cover it with gauze and use some warm soaks for the pain. I did all of what I was told but no relief. I called the doctor this morning and saw his PA as he is at a conference until Thursday. She spoke with him and they did labs. Depending on how they come back she discussed going to the ER and having a CT scan. Not looking for medical advice but since I am unfamiliar with the recovery of the bypass does any of this sound normal? They do not want me taking any pain meds as I have not had a BM since surgery( not unusual for me). She wants to me move up my food plan and add applesauce and pears to get some fiber. I just had 2 teasponns of applesauce and feel like an elephant is seating on my chest. I have been adding ground flaxseed to my protein shakes. Felling alone and confused. Any information about your experience would help. I know everyone is different but feeling lost. I have a high tolerance for pain and took no meds after my sleeve while in the hospital or at home. This is a very different experience. TIA
  6. Kim M

    Post Op

    Hi Tracy, They put me on Omeprozole 2x a day. It seems to be working. I was on Protonix 80 mg in the am and the Rantidine in the afternoon and at bedtime and still had breakthrough symptoms. I have just has 2 brief times where there was some burning. Nothing like before. The coughing has stopped completely. My surgeon said I would probably be on this medication for about 2 months and then he would discontinue it. I sure hope so. How are you doing? As I remember, you also had GERD.
  7. Kim M

    Post Op

    Just reading my information about progression of food. I am on shakes and yogurt until the end of the week 3. After that, soft food like a scrambled egg, thinned oatmeal, cottage cheese and things like hummus Keeping in mind that if it is not protein to add some protein powder to it. I can only have unflavored so not a problem for me. Then pureed food which I can't even imagine eating. I know I just waited with the sleeve. It isn't until week 7 that I can introduce soft fish and certain veggies...2 oz of each for my 4 oz meal. They also recommend not trying beef or chicken breast until a few months out. I am a fish eater so this is not a problem for me. I rarely eat beef. Since you have vomited twice with your attempts at solid food, you might want to hold back until your new stomach has time to heal. You can meet the protein requirements with the protein powder. How are you doing with the vitamins? I still haven't started them yet. I did right away with the sleeve. I thing the memory of foaming immediately is stopping me but I know I need to get on board. How is your pain and energy level? I have 20 years on you so my energy is low. I had my first outing the other day and can home and slept for 3 hours. I still have quite a bit of pain more than I remember then with the sleeve. Well as they say slow and steady wins the race I am due back at work next Thursday. I am hoping I don't have to postpone it. Keep us updated on how you are doing. Wishing all well.
  8. Kim M

    Post Op

    Sounds like things are progressing well for you. No staples or drains so I don't see my surgeon until next week which will be 2 weeks post op. I am on the protein shakes and some plain yogurt diet which is fine. I was told to try and get 4-6 meals in a day...I think I have only hit 4 one day so far. I am keeping hydrated. I think I can add soft mush food at the end of my second week. Sorry the eggs did not sit well with you. I guess it will be trail and error in the beginning. I was told to eat until I was full even if it was not 4 oz. I have no sense of hunger or fullness at this point. I am just eating so as not to pass out. Wow losing 18 pounds in one week that is great. I jumped on the scale and down 5 pounds. Low calorie does not seen to matter for me. I maintain my weight at about 900 calories. How is the GERD? I was doing well and then felt some burning the other day which did subside. I just had a protein shake and am feeling some burning. . I am hoping that I just have an angry stomach and that the GERD will subside completely. Thanks for checking in. It is helpful to know how someone in the same place is doing and hopefully we can share our successes. PM me anytime.
  9. Kim M

    Post Op

    Had a tough day today. I called my surgeon and spoke with the nurse practitioner. She assured me I was doing everything I could and that hopefully the pain will begin to subside. She did tell me I am not eating enough which I knew. It's hard to eat with the pain. I did get down some yogurt today and also 1 scoop of protein powder. I will try to get one more meal in before bedtime. Didn't do as we'll with my fluids today. Honestly I have not started my vitamins yet. My sleep was not great I slept some in bed and then tried to get up and my partner had to help me get up. I spent the rest of the night in the chair. I am walking and hoping this helps. I don't have any drains in so I won't see my surgeon for 2 weeks from my surgery. Hope things will improve for you. This feels like a relearning of WLS. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  10. Kim M

    Post Op

    I just had a revision from the sleeve to bypass due to severe GERD. The amount of pain I am in is much greater with this surgery. I had no pain meds with the sleeve. I was offered Diludane in the hospital which I did take. I only stayed overnight. I am 3 days post op and it feels as though the pain is getting worse especially on my left side. I was told to wear tight clothes...not sure why. I haven't been able to eat yet due to nausea. I did try some unsweetened almond milk yesterday and it stayed down. The thought of protein shakes makes me gag. As far as soreness I am not sure if it is the surgery or gas. I have finally started to release some and hope this helps. My belly is so swollen so I am thinking that it is gas. I have been walking to try and move it around. I also hate having to crush all my medications. I am so trying to keep a positive attitude and tell myself this will take a little time. Hope you are starting to feel better soon. Stay in touch
  11. Thank you all for your kind words and support. I was supposed to have the surgery in May but had to postpone it do to my Dad's medical problems. It has been almost 4 months since he passed away and I am ready to begin to think about my needs. I know the risks are higher with a revision surgery which has me frightened. I have a good surgeon and have to trust that he will do his job. After that, it will be up to me to learn everything I need to to take care of myself. I know there will be changes in diet and vitamin supplements which I will have to make. I will adapt. I am not concerned about too much weight loss. My surgeon said I would lose some the first year but then gain back if it is too much. I have some regain to lose as I was 132 and maintained that, within a few pounds, for 4 years. I will be hanging around and hope I can be of support to others who are going through revision surgery.
  12. I am almost 6 1/2 years post-op VSG. I am having revision to Bypass on 11-1 due to severe GERD. Not happy about this, but I am taking 4 PPI meds a day and still wake up choking during the night. Also severe reflux during the day. I am very limited on what I am eating but none of things things have helped. I met with my surgeon and he explained VSG is a pressure surgery and nothing else can be done. He said the bypass will work. I feel as though I am starting from day 1. Which is hard to wrap my head around. I feel like I will always refer to my WLS as VSG. I guess that makes sense as the gastric bypass is not being done as a WLS. I know there are differences in the surgeries so I might be hanging out on the Bypass boards for advice. Maybe I have answered my own question. I lost my weight through VSG. Although I have had some regain up and down I still consider my VSG a successful WLS. I need to remember the Bypass is a surgery being done for medical reasons and keep my head on straight. Hope all are doing well. Sending positivity energy out to those who need it most.
  13. Hi All, This seems like an odd request from someone who is 6 1/2 years post op VSG. I have been suffering from severe GERD for almost a year. The docs changed my meds and then increased them to the maximum dosage. No relief. I met with my surgeon and he said the only thing he can do is a revision. Not happy but no other options. That is unless anyone has any other ideas I would be glad to hear. My surgery is scheduled for Nov. 1. I was online today getting my protein powder and then looked at the vitamins. All of them have artificial everything. I have other medical issues which would make me quite ill if I took them. Does anyone know of an all natural vitamin that I can chew, or even crush to get my victims in? I am going from sleeve to bypass so I know I will have to be more diligent with my vitamins. Thanks for any suggestions. Hope everyone is doing well and for those that are struggling my thoughts are with you. Kim
  14. Thanks so much. I needed this today.
  15. Been a very hard time for my family. My Dad passed away last Saturday. It was difficult and there was literally no time to do anything but care for him. He was 99 and was a fortunate man blessed with family that loved him. I went back to work today despite not feelings ready. I need to accrue time so I can take time off for my surgery. I won't qualify for FMLA until October. I am coping the best I can with the GERD. On way to many PPi meds and am very limited to the foods I can eat. I need to refocus now on taking care of myself. I am going to a workshop next week, that I had signed up for months ago, which focuses on gentle movement and breathe work to get out of my head and into my body. Hope all are doing well. As always, thanks for your support.