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  1. Hi Tracy, Hope you are doing well with the revision It certainly is a different surgery. The GERD is much better, but not completely gone. I still take 1 protonix a day. Somedays if I have eaten anything with any acid I will take another. I am not able to eat much at one seating. One bite too many any I will vomit. I have adjusted and eat smaller meals more often. I will be going for blood work this month to check all my levels. Hoping my vitamin levels have improved. I have been much better about taking supplements. I also think since my diet is more diverse I am probably get
  2. Hello to all and hope everyone is well. A message popped up in my email about a thread I had responded to years ago. I had a strange reaction as I no longer think about WLS everyday. I had my first surgery in 2012 and a revision in 2018 due to GERD. I realized my surgery anniversary was in June after glancing at my profile. I completely forgot this year. Granted there is a lot going on with the COVID crisis and trying to adjust to retirement, but I think it is more than that. I have adjusted to a way of living and only occasionally live in fear of gaining all my weight back.
  3. Hi Tracy, hope you are doing better this month. Glad to hear things are improving with the GERD. Most days I take 1 PPI in the morning. I had a bad day last week and needed 3 and was wishing I also had TUMS. I eat small amounts about 3-4 times a day. This seems to work best to prevent vomiting. I have been taking my vitamins and did find a buffered Vitamin C which doesn't seem to bother my stomach. I am eating more fruits and veggies. I go back in the fall for more labs and hope things have improved. My weight has been stable. I still would like to let go of some more weight and
  4. Sending condolences to you and your family. So hard not being able to be with loved ones during the illness. Sending healing and prayers to you.
  5. Happy 3 years!! Health and happiness to you.
  6. Hello my friends, Hope all are well. I am here in New York about 1/2 hour outside of the city. There are many suffering here. COVID 19 has touched my family. My son-in-law and grandson have tested positive and have recovered. My son-in-law came out of quarantine today! We share a home with my daughter and her family. I was tested on Friday after 5 days of mild symptoms. I am waiting for results. We are fortunate, as others we know have died. So far my daughter, granddaughter and partner show no symptoms. It could be that they are positive but with no symptoms. Until they hav
  7. Thanks so much for the support. I certainly do have medical system fatigue. I did get some good news recently. I had some genetic testing done for a condition of my heart and it was mostly negative. At this time, they are putting off the loop recorder to monitor my heart. At least as long as I don't pass out again lol. I am retiring at the end of the month and I feel I will be able to better focus on my needs. A trip to my surgeon will most likely be something I have to do. It is strange, I haven't lost anymore weight despite the amount I am getting down. I think it is because
  8. Dos it measure the level of acid in your stomach?
  9. Honestly, I have not been back to my surgeon since my revision. I have had numerous health issues and the thought of getting more invasive testing at this time is not on my radar. Although, I do believe my gail bladder is trying to get my attention. I am not eating fatty foods but I had an MRI for something else and the bile duct is enlarged. I am taking bariatric vitamins and purchased some vitamin D3 today as well as potassium. I have to look up when is the best time to take the D3 and the potassium. I can't add extra vitamin C because of the gerd. Thanks for the support.
  10. I thought I would check in with my most recent doctor visit. Had my vitamin levels checked. Not good news. I guess I am absorbing less than I thought. I also am still only able to eat very small portions and solid protein is really hard to get down. The bad news is I am deficient in Vitamin C, A and D. I have no detectable Vitamin C in my body. I eat fruit and veggies. I guess not enough, or not absorbing. He increased my vitamins and calcium. I had a bone density test and in 5 years I went from having the bones of a 30 year old to having osteopenia. When my surgeon told me he wasn't
  11. Obviously, not the medical terminology for how my surgery was done. I had asked my surgeon if he was going to do a mini bypass and he said no. However, he said he would not bypass as much intestine. This is probably why I haven't shown any malabsorption issues. Not yet anyway. I am going to have my vitamin levels checks in February as well as a bone density test. I will know more then. I understand how you feel about the surgery. I did not want to have another surgery. I had my concerns about bypass. I have not seen my surgeon since my post op visit. My endocrinologist does all
  12. I haven't heard about bile reflux. Would you expand. Thanks.
  13. The amount I can eat differs each day. A good day is being able to eat both protein and vegges together. I had regain so the weight loss was a plus. My surgeon said I would lose about 20 pounds and after the first year probably gain it back. I lost more and so far am maintaining, I did not have a full bypass as if it was an original bypass surgery. He connected further up so I wouldn't have as much malabsorption. So far my vitamin levels are all good and honestly I am not great about taking vitamins. With no pyloric valve I thought I would be able to eat more but this has not be
  14. Hi Tracy, Sorry to hear that your GERD has not gotten any better. I am a little over a year post-op. I still have GERD...although not as bad as before the revision. One to two protonix a day and nothing spicy. As I mentioned, anything with tomato sauce has me doubled over. This is a very different surgery experience. It is a different type of restriction. If i eat a mouthful more than I should, I vomit. I am having trouble with solid protein. About 2 ounces of fish is all I can get down and a mouthful of veggies. I was able to eat chicken a few months after surgery, but not anymor
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