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  1. So I didn't drink any alcohol the last two days and the scale says I've lost three pounds. Maybe it's water, but I'll take it. It gives me hope. I
  2. Thank you both. I appreciate your kind responses. I know that I should never drink my calories. I do feel like I'm on the edge of addiction transfer. I know what I need to do to lose weight, but I just don't do it. I've been thinking lately about doing the preop diet. That made me lose 10 lbs before surgery, and that might be a good kickstart for me. If I could just fit into my clothes, I would be happy. I'm just so angry that I can't eat like I did during my honeymoon phase. Well, I guess I wasn't drinking anything in my honeymoon phase. My life has changed so much. Having a child has been very hard for me. And quitting my job was a huge change. I have not dealt with all the changes as well as I'd hoped.
  3. Has anyone else struggled with weight gain after giving birth? When I got pregnant, I was 16 months out from surgery. I was down to 132, below my goal of 140. But that's where my body took me, even while not eating the greatest. I went up to 165-ish during pregnancy. Then, after pregnancy, and after emergency ulcer surgery a month after giving birth, I got down to 140-ish, and I was totally happy with that. I could fit into all my clothes. Since November 2015--four months after giving birth--I've gone up to 170. I am embarrassed to even admit that. I have avoided the forums because of it. I honestly would be happy if I could get down to 150-ish. I want to fit into my clothes again (and have a normal BMI). Yet, some days, I think, Where I am now isn't so bad--but when you've experienced fitting into a size 6, being a size 12 just isn't acceptable anymore. Even though I think I still look good in photos! I just am not happy with my body after knowing what *could be.* I have not been careful about my eating. I eat the same as I did 16 months post-op, but I guess the honeymoon phase is over. And I have been drinking. A few glasses of wine a night. Thank you for letting me be honest here. I am disgusted with myself. But it's like my PCOS is back again, and I"m right where I was when I needed gastric bypass It's so discouraging. I've actually *gained* weight since I joined a gym in April, proving that it's food that causes me to gain/lose weight, not exercise.
  4. grapey

    Pregnant! Wow! :)

    Thank you! Colorado Springs area.
  5. grapey

    Pregnant! Wow! :)

    Here's a recent pic of me and my buddy. He's doing very well and gaining lots of weight. I get tired very easily but otherwise am doing ok. I can fit into all my pre pregnancy clothes, but they're a bit snug
  6. If it's related to food could be an ulcer. I hope you saw your doc. I am living proof to the fact that you don't ignore abdominal pain. I had a perforated ulcer and had to have emergency surgery.
  7. Before my pregnancy I was taking one dose of miralax every day. During my pregnancy, my OB told me I could take two doses a day if I needed to. Now my son takes some (a tiny amount) to help him poop. Like mother like son
  8. Well, the magnesium has lost its effectiveness. I'm back to taking stool softeners again. Maybe I'll take more mag and see if that helps.
  9. Yep, a bariatric surgeon from my original surgeon's practice did the surgery. I really do want to see a GI specialist, since a few times now I've had pain in the area of the old ulcer. I talked to the surgeon's nurse today about the pain, and she wasn't very helpful. I do not want to be caught off guard with another ulcer! Even though the surgeon said only NSAIDs would cause one. I haven't taken any and still feel occasional pain. I have drank caffeine a few times and had a couple glasses of wine, all in the past two months.
  10. I think I understand what you're saying. I can share my experience--I had a revision after a perforated ulcer and woke up to a liquid diet. The surgeon told me that in a week or so, I'd prob be able to eat about a half a cup (instead of a tablespoon, like after my first roux en y) and pretty much the same foods I'd been eating before surgery. That's proved to be the case, though I did try to be more careful the first couple weeks or so. I was very thankful that I didn't have to start over on the new patient regimen! I notice that my pouch definitely feels smaller. Before this I could eat a cup, and I was hungry more often. Now I'm rarely hungry and can't eat very much. I guess that's a good thing to help me get off the baby weight, but part of me hopes I won't lose too much. I'm at my goal of 140, with eight pounds to go to my lowest of 132.
  11. grapey

    Deep thoughts...

    Awesome! I remember waiting for those results. Very stressful.
  12. The pain subsided, thank God. I hate having to worry about every random ache and pain in my abdomen.
  13. It's either the magnesium or the C. Diff. is back, haha.
  14. Hmm, I usually take the pills in the morning, but I wonder if I should take them at night. I've had insomnia forever.
  15. I know this has been discussed on the forum before, but has anyone taken magnesium supplements for constipation? I started taking them a couple of weeks ago and I think they're really helping! I poop every day without the help of stool softeners or miralax, which I had been taking every day.