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  1. TanyaJ - wishing you well at the f/u appointment. Rick sees the post -op pt's. I thought they did pics & measuring at 3 months but it is with the 6 month appointment . I have my 6month follow up appoint Dec 6th. I need clothes but I don't know what size. I'm so excited. 3 of my children have not seen me since my surgery. Two will be home in Dec, 1 son lives up at the burg so he sees me. My dgt lives near key west & has not seen me since last February. I was on 3 BP meds; now I take 1/2 pill have you been able to get off some of your meds? I could probably quess the professional - initials?? What part of western md do you live in? I 'm out the Valley - runs parallel with Bedford rd & Wills mt about 1/2 mile before PA state line ( Stateline Inn - now a sm discount grocery store.) Angel, your big date is just around the corner!!! Do you have any questions? Wynter
  2. So happy for you! Will continue to send prayers your way for continued healing. Stay positive. God Bless.
  3. I had severe rt hip pain. Did my S-I joint exercises faithfully. Got to the point where I couldn't 't do my daily walk. We were leaving for 2 week vac in MB,SC in a 6 days. I was desperate. I decided to go to a chiropractor - best decision I made. I wasn't pain free on vacation but it certainly was tolerable .now I have no hip pain at all. Adjustments, cervical traction, core exercises, neck exercises, lots of education
  4. Hi everyone! I'm from Western Md too!! SNOW TONIGHT. RNY 6/6/13. Winchester. Dr Glembot & bariatric staff are awesome! Hospital staff were excellent, kind, knowledgeable, etc. Best decision of my life!!
  5. Hi! Down a total of 99lbs as of this am. I can't wait for 6 month pics at Bariatric appoint in Dec! Congrats to both of you!!
  6. So sorry for your loss. Sending prayers to you & his family.
  7. Wynter


    A huge thank you to all who replied. You gave me a lot to think about. I do feel better today. Again, thank you to my TT friends!
  8. Wynter


    Lost Another friend, or so I thought was my new friend. It must be me but I have no idea why. I no longer have my old friends. Only 1 home with me is my husband who makes a crude comment every so often - from my now flabby arms to the old constant badgering about how I speak (my secret is I have dentures). I have prayed for guidance but I am lost. I have spent the entire weekend in bed sleeping away. Forgot to eat yesterday. It' getting harder & harder to understand what I have to look forward to in this lonely world I evidently have created. Message here is don't pretend to be a friend if you have no intentions of really being a friend. The hurt is indescribable. I am just tired of hurting.
  9. I feel very isolated. Just need to be able to talk to someone who has had GB surgery. I will be 3 months out in 4 days. I do go to support groups - travel 3.5 hrs round trip. Joining a water aerobics class. Any suggestions/ recommendations would be greatly appreciated
  10. I'm from Western MD. Had GB surgery in Winchester on June 6th. Good luck on your journey.
  11. Ice chips & SF Popsicles should help.
  12. Go back to room temp fluids, warm broth, etc. stay on the clear liquids. If no improvement by Monday, call your surgeon. I've made comments in different posts about this same exact problem. It's not fun at all. I am still basically on clear & full liquids at 3 weeks out. I haven't been sick for 7 days now but still recovering from the effects of those 1st 2 weeks. Now, I think it's a mental issue with being scared to add puréed food to my diet. We leave for Myrtle beaching 20 days for a 2 week vacation so I'm hoping I can be on soft foods by then. Any recommendations for the puréed diet? Thank you in advance.
  13. Praying for good outcomes next week. Stay strong!
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