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  1. Hi! the 9th of december was my "birthday". Really my birthday because is a year since I start leaving again. I already reached my goal and I've never feeled better. I have a boyfriend (I was single for more than 5 years), his crazy about me! This operation was the best investment I've ever had to do. I wish you all a merry christmas and a better new year! Mariana
  2. I had the same concern when I started eating "normal" food (not blended), first I could only eat a gerber portion( you know, the one for babies) now I can eat a cup of food but nothing else. If you compair what you could eat before the operation is a lot more of what you can eat now, even if you think is too much!
  3. Hi every body! today I reached half the way I am suposed to go, in exact 74 days!!!! I am so happy! I returned from the weekend at the beach and I was thinking about how this summer was the best I have had in years! I party, I'm meeting new people, I am very very happy! I think this operation is the best investment I have ever made! Think of losing 45 pounds before the operation was utopic, and now I just made it!!!!!! I can not describe how I feel right now, I look at myt face in the mirror and see someone I wasn't used to see... I suposed I will get used to my new me,hehe Mariana
  4. Thats funny, I wanted to do the same thing in the boys room!!!! I'm pretty sure you talk in there too!!!!
  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! you are such an inspiration! It means that we all can reach our goal! Thank you very much!!!!!
  6. Calderon de la Barca WAS a writer fron Spain, like Shakespeare but in spanish,hehehe
  7. 2 weeks ago I was very sick, I got the flu and had to stay in bed one day. I haven't notice anithing about my sneezing, I sneez a lot because of my allergy and is the same sneez!
  8. Thanks Tracy, lucky me my mom is at Atlanta right now and I called her yesterday and asked her to buy me some Gas-X...and some pantys, mine are gigant right now and I've said to my friends that I'm only buying clothes after reaching my goal, so if it doesn't fall I can still wear it! hehehe Happy Valentines Day to every body!
  9. I went out last thursday and had a whisky on the rocks with water (without gas). i find wine too sweet for me right now but whisky was great. I just had a glass and felt like having 5. The thing is not making it an habit!
  10. It is such a relive! I have lost every descence and now I just "pass a gas" wherever I am!!!!! I hope this is only temporary!
  11. Thanks1 I will try the Gas-X today!!!!!!
  12. Hi everybody, I'm so happy I found this forum. I'm from Peru and i just had my 2 months date (the 9th). I'm thrilled with the opperation, I already lost 20 pound and in a normal way it would have taken me like 5 months to lose that kind of weight. I have one question, is somebody having "gass" problems? I have gasses all the time no matter what I eat, I don't know if thats normal or not. I feel so great after surgery, my asma is lamost gonne and I can do an hour or gym without feeling I'm dieing! I'm sorry about my misspellings (I'm sure you will find a lot) hope to hear from somebody soon, Mariana