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  1. Band to Bypass

    I had the band and had a problem with it after about a year. I gained back most of my weight I then had bypass. I would highly reccommend the bypass to anyone. I am now at a healthy weight and I feel great!!
  2. Big Medicine

    they are both really nice. and yes garth is a hottie, but i went with age before beauty.
  3. Big Medicine

    when i was in the office a couple of weeks ago they were filming.
  4. need Houston area doc familiar with RNY!

    robert or garth davis. they are both great
  5. New from Texas

    you have picked a great doctor!!! welcome
  6. Hi I am doing really well after 21/2 months out. Getting better and more energy everyday. How are you doing?

  7. I'm a freaking xl????!!!!

    i went shopping about 2 weeks ago. i found a cute pair of capri pants but could not find the size on them. i tried them on and they fit. came home and found the tag on the inside and it said they were a 12. well i was convinced they were sized wrong or that the brand ran really big. well in the 2 weeks since i went to another store and bought another pair of capri pants in a 12 (levis) and my husband reminded me that i had a pair of columbia pants that we bought about 2 years ago as "goal" pants on a clearance rack. i remember thinking how small they looked and that i would never be that small. well i finally tried them on and sure enough they fit. so now i can wear a large shirt and a 12 pant. who'd of thunk it.
  8. drastic times call for drastic measures...

    wow i really was going to ignore this thread but i just can't get over jersey whining about people calling her vulgar names when she has called me a !@$& or in her term cu tuesday. huh???? guess it is ok when she does it to others but not when it is being done to her.
  9. Breads

    when i had my band bread was an evil, evil thing. but so were a lot of things.
  10. Making a wedding cake

    last year i made 1 birthday cake for my son and one for my grandpa. they were both the same, it was a 2 layer cake with a baseball diamond on the top with a half baseball at second base. i did grass on it, sand made out of graham crackers, bases made out of white chocolate. i spent 13 hours on those two cakes. i was exhausted!!! but it was worth it for all of the ohhs and ahhs i got. and my son and grandpa loved them.
  11. Making a wedding cake

    well be sure you practice your flowers before the night before. they aren't hard but they do take practice. and they do take awhile to dry.
  12. Making a wedding cake

    yeah i have to agree about the fondant. it looks really pretty but it is not tasty. i did make a fondant once with marshmallow and it was better but still.... and to me it wasn't all that easy to work with fondant, the people on tv make it look a lot easier to work with, than it actually was
  13. Making a wedding cake

    sorry forgot to give you the link to a really good buttercream recipe that i have used for years now and always gotten rave reviews for disclaimer: this icing is not in any way shape or form good for you but it is damm tasty! Buttercream Icing, Buttercream Frosting Recipe, Cake Decorating
  14. Making a wedding cake

    also on the flowers you want to make them at least a day or two in advance because you want them to harden. and one more thing, you need to make an extra little cake for them to freeze and have on their 1 year anniversary, its tradition
  15. Making a wedding cake

    don't use the canned icing!!! make your own buttercream icing. then you can make it as thick or as thin as you want. and i think on the flowers you might want to use royal icing.