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    Take the recommended vitamins. I have no issues. And stay away from ibuprofen, aleve...
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    Welcome back! So sorry to hear you are having issues. @tracyringo had a recent conversion.
  3. I left the hospital weighing 7 pounds more. I was crushed. It’s the liquids they pump into you.. it will come off.
  4. Right after surgery I set an alarm for every 16 minutes and drank a shot glass; 2 oz. even 7 years out; I can only chug 8-10 oz of liquid. I try not to get to the point where I’m dying of thirst.
  5. Welcome! Hope all goes smoothly!!
  6. Welcome! It will be here before you know it!
  7. Good luck! Welcome! If you have any questions feel free to ask
  8. I had cravings for pizza at that point. I added a spoon of marinara sauce to cottage cheese and microwaved it for a couple seconds. I also had refried beans with taco sauce and a little melted cheese..
  9. I knew this was the only way to get my life back. I was so nervous I nearly left the hospital. Got to the OR and said it’s not too late to run! I had failed every diet I ever tried. it truly is the best thing I ever did for myself. you can do it. Look forward to the losers bench!!
  10. Welcome! 3 weeks of the pre op coupled with a couple weeks post op, you may get bored.. but like your enthusiasm!
  11. Welcome! Hope everyday gets better!!
  12. That’s beautiful Lee!
  13. Welcome! Feel free to ask any questions you may have.. are you considering the sleeve or RNY?
  14. Trish, I’m so sorry to hear of your grandmother.. and Tammy your uncle.. it’s so hard..
  15. Welcome! I’m liking premiere vanilla blended with unsweetened frozen strawberries..
  16. It’s good to see you!
  17. Welcome! Thanks Trish! can you keep trigger food out of the house? Keep healthier options?
  18. My hubby has been home 6 weeks. Wanted him to fly to Syracuse, NY recently-I said nope.. then wanted him to drive to FL (if he flew it was 14 day quarantine) again I said no. First day we were off together he told me I was doing yard work wrong. I tossed my chopper and walked 13,000 steps. Lol. Decided I’d never retire if we were going to be home together. 38 years married..
  19. Alcohol may hit you harder and faster. You may want to avoid until you get to goal. It’s empty calories. I can’t handle sweet drinks. They make me ill. I don’t like wine, unless it’s sweet.. I will drink rum or vodka with flavored water. But again it will affect you much differently. Do not drive afterwards.. try it at home before going out..
  20. Looking good!! Such a transformation!
  21. I couldn’t eat a whole egg for months. My philosophy is it shouldn’t take more than a half an hour to eat. Now I’m usually done in 15 minutes. I get up and leave the table so I don’t over eat. The longer you sit there the more you can eat.. have you talked to your surgeon?
  22. Did your wife have surgery? How is she doing??
  23. Welcome MrM! I had out of control diabetes 3 different meds a day (total of 6 pills-metformin was one across and gilipizide), high cholesterol and high blood pressure. All are gone now. Instead of 18 pills a day I take 1 (thyroid) plus my supplements. wls is the best thing I have done for myself. follow your plan.