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  1. Pinto, black beans are good. Can you have salsa? One of my first meals after I was cleared was refried beans with a little melted cheese and taco sauce. I had pinto beans with cheese and salsa for lunch today. Don’t know if you can get salsa down there but I use it a lot as it is low calorie but adds flavor and moisture. I also make my own. Dont graze.
  2. Syntrax is also one of my favorites. I’ve been blending frozen strawberries with premier protein.
  3. I decided not to tell many people. I didn’t need the negativity. Afterwards, a few people told me they didn’t think I was “that big”. Well how big is 250#? Once I decided to do it, it was full speed ahead. I have told very few people. My life, my body.. be warned, once you lose weight people will ask when you plan to stop. Be prepared with an answer. Such as I’m working with my doctor and he is monitoring my weight which is in the normal BMI range. Or what ever.
  4. Welcome. I only weighed every other what your doctors have told you to do. Use this time to change your eating habits. You don’t mention what country you are from but mushy stuff- cottage cheese, refried beans, chili, cheese..
  5. You’ve come a long way baby! You’ve done great! Keep on keeping on...
  6. Hoping it’s just a bug. Feel better! Keep us posted..
  7. Welcome! Feel free to ask any questions you have..
  8. At this point you should not be eating empty carbs. Or fried foods. That is what will pack the weight on. Protein first, lean meats, not fried. No pasta, bread, rice... you need to begin new eating habits NOW. You did not have surgery to go back to eating the crap you ate before. This is a second chance. Just because you CAN eat something, doesn’t mean you should eat it! There is absolutely nothing in fried mozzarella sticks, breadsticks and chicken parm is usually fried as well. When you go out have a game plan in place- (get a couple of meatballs or grilled chicken). Something else; when you go out ask that they do not add oil, butter or grease to your food. (Oftentimes for is heated with a butter substitute sometimes doused in it, which adds calories and makes a healthy choice not so healthy- they add this to everything, chicken, steak...fat equals moisture and flavor).. If you can’t stick to the healthy options then perhaps suggest someplace you can. Most places you can check online menus before going.. I don’t mean to sound harsh but this is the honeymoon phase. You should make the most of it. Wring as much nutrition out of every calorie that you can..
  9. Also measure yourself- everything- neck, upper arms, thighs, calves,
  10. Good luck! Hope you have a speedy recovery!
  11. Weigh and measure everything you eat. Stop immediately if you start to feel full or a pressure. Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, scrambled eggs. I added a little marinara sauce to cottage cheese and warmed it in the microwave a couple seconds, helped with pizza cravings. I used 4 oz Rubbermaid containers. I still use those and 6 oz custard cups as serving bowls. It’s easier to see how much I’m getting. Tastes can and do change. I hate eggs now. Keep your liquids up and shoot for your protein. An 11 ounce protein shake has 30 gr protein and counts towards liquids. I was on the progress one stage a week program. Was eating real food in 6 weeks. My pouch is not stretched. I can get 3 oz of chicken in. I can drink 8 oz. before feeling full. Stay with your plan. It works! That’s why the dr. Gave it to you.
  12. Just think in a short while you will be on the losers bench. Keep your eye on the prize. (I was so nervous that I got into the OR and nearly got up and ran out). But I’m so glad I didn’t. Good luck on your new journey!
  13. Sarah, along with the 5 day pouch reset I suggest going back to basics; fill up on protein, no drinking with meals, keep carbs low. I’d recommend sticking with your old plan. Stay off the scale- maybe weigh once a week. Ask yourself are you really hungry? Is there any nutrition in what you are eating?
  14. Welcome QueAnd and peachy! good luck on your new journey!
  15. Welcome! Just an idea... we have several here who have gone to Mexico for wls with good results. I had a 6 month program with monthly appointments and was told up front I could not miss a month. That I also could not gain weight. Know before you begin what is required by both your insurance and the bariatric center. Document each requirement.
  16. Keeping busy will help.. keep your eye on the prize!
  17. I came home from my 2 week check up (actually 12 days out) cleared for soft foods. I was so excited! So my first meal was refried beans a little taco sauce (I was afraid of the seeds) and a little melted cheese. I still love Mexican foods. Often eating grilled chicken, taco seasoning, onions and peppers with cheese and salsa. Salsa adds flavor without very many calories. Early out I could eat eggs and had salsa and eggs. Next stage chili is a good choice. I grew Carolina reaper peppers and Trinidad scorpion peppers last year for the sons in laws. We like spicy!
  18. You look great Lee! Love your shirt!
  19. Chap stick! My lips were so dry. I took a robe because I didn’t want my butt hanging out. I also took a book. Unlike most, I didn’t sleep while I was there. Try to get as much liquid in as they will allow. You will probably gain weight while in the hospital with water weight. I gained 7 pounds. I also didn’t want to have the scale rule my life so I weighed every other Saturday. I never noticed stalls. i also suggest you take a tape measure and measure everything. Neck, upper arm, chest waist, hips, thighs, calves wrist..if you get discouraged look at inches lost. Often if you are in a stall you will still be losing inches. Stalls are your bodies way of catching up.. good luck!,
  20. Cheesehead


    Good to see you! Summer is so busy and hectic. We look forward to it all winter; forget about those hot and ungodly humid days..
  21. @Nana Trish way to go! Was thinking of you earlier today! Glad you posted! How are you doing? How are the knees? (Well obviously pretty good!)
  22. Yes, how are you all doing? I only weighed every 2 weeks so I didn’t become frustrated and always noticed a drop. I was one who let the scale control my emotions and dictate my moods and would sabotage if I gained (to heck with it, I starved myself and didn’t drop 5 pounds overnight or if I lost (must reward myself). Did you guys take measurements? Seeing those drop was an added boost.
  23. What a fun trip! I bring 3 boxes of protein bars when we go to Bonaire. One is breakfast everyday. One is for after the first dive, then we have lunch of gouda cheese, apples and a breadstick type thing. Then 2 more dives and we cook supper in our room so I can control what I have. Eating out there is so much fried stuff and that does not like me. There are always a few panic times but I usually come back lighter and have to work to get where I want. But I like to go and relax a little and I allow myself a stroopwaffles cookie. They are wonderful on vacation but hold no lure back at home for some reason. Vacation and once in a lifetime trips deserve a little lightening up. (Not a put a pile of pasta on your plate every night but a taste of Island life. I believe every island has a personality. Different cultures, different food..) first trip after wls hubby forbid me from bringing a scale.. I was only 4 months.