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  1. You and you daughter are beautiful, Tammy!!
  2. Maybe you will join many of us in the polar club. I went from keeping our bedroom at 47 to putting on a sweatshirt if the temperatures drop below 80. I use my car seat heater in the summer, lol! Hubby and I got into a thermostat war Sunday in the car. I had my side at 78, he kept lowering his, got down to 66, lol! I used to hate heat, now I embrace it!
  3. I went home on a few meds but was quickly taken off of them. I can drink about 8 ounce of liquid. I don’t like the sip sip thing. Earlier out I set aside 4 bottles of water per day. (16 .9 ounces each) so I knew I was getting my fluids. Immediately after surgery I drank a shot glass of water every 15 minutes. 8 hours and done. I set the timer on my phone. I still like my water flavored and ice cold. I put a sugarfree lemonade powdered stick in my water and put in the freezer for a half hour til it’s slushy...this is my new “normal”. I’m used to it now. The first summer I drank too much too fast and it came out my nose. Lesson learned..
  4. Wow! You’ve come a long way! Do you realize that you have lost a full sized adult person? That’s a whole person you are no longer carrying around 24/7!
  5. It will get better. But if you are truly depressed please find help. many people actually find straws help to get more liquid in, just don’t slup or gulp so you get air in. I was a Diet Pepsi a holic. I no long like pop. I don’t like plain water, I add flavored drink sticks to add flavor to water. Pearly out caffeine acts as a diaretic which could hehydtate you quicker. I was told as long as I could get 64 ounces of non cafinated liquid in that caffeine was ok. I still eat quickly. I fill up quickly. I walk away from the table (no grazing). I used to have a quart sized glass that I could gulp in seconds. Well, that ability is gone. I can handle 8 ounces. I was told chewing gum was ok-just don’t swallow it or take excess air in while chewing it. This has become the new normal. It will get better as you adjust and can finally eat something. I’m a horribly picky eater (always have been). It’s only gotten worse. So there were only a very few things I would eat or drink on the post op liquids, mushy got old fast. But I knew I had to adjust because there was no going back. These days I really don’t like food. I eat a lot of fruit, Greek yogurt, cheese, protein bars.. my tastes still change even this far out.. hang in there..
  6. My “fast food” is rotisserie chicken. It lasts me 5 meals (hubby eats the legs and thighs). Another quick one is deli lunchmeat wrapped around a slice of cheese..I hate the taste of frozen meals. I don't take a lunch break so my lunch at work is an apple and Greek yogurt. The yogurt has 12gr protein. I also use protein bars with 20 gr of protein.
  7. Is it 8 per cent of your total weight or 8 per cent of the amount you are overweight? I was told not to gain weight. I was on so many medications and some of the side effects were weight gain. I did take off 6 whole pounds in my 6 months. I did not have to do a liquid diet, thank god! My daughter and son in law did; not fun! As you get your “ducks in a row” time seems to drag. But use the time to make better habits..
  8. Sounds like you are off to a great start. I hate plain water. I hate it room temp and I hate hot tea. I prefer iced coffee (hated coffee pre op). Mio flavor drops and the powdered drink sticks are my friends. Lately I like the wylers lemonade, frozen just to a slushy state. For a while it was the root beer drink sticks, I was mixing that in vanilla protein shakes.. You are doing great!
  9. My BMI barely qualified me but with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol I did. My BMI was 40-41, I was considered lightweight.. one step at a time. Get the sleep test done..
  10. Swill he go home tomorrow? Hope all is well today!
  11. I’m only coming up on 7. But they have been the best 7 years of my life! I have had no complications! I’ve never been to the doctor or er room for anything stomach related. My labs are normal as well. (I do take my vitamins everyday-to me not taking them is not an option! I listen to my stomach (if it’s trying to tell me to stop, or it doesn’t like something; it’s best to listen before I regret it). Fried food does not like me at all, but that’s ok I don’t need fried foods. How far out from sleeve are you?
  12. Major accomplishment! I remember when doing your driveway was hard work. It’s not always the marathons (those are wonderful-if you can do it!) but the smaller things that mean the most! When hubby dives on Lake Superior, there’s a hill that looks like that; mind you he carries his tanks-but I used to use the outhouse before going down because it took me 3 or 4 rests coming back up. Now I come and go up it as I please several times a day and carry stuff. It’s a great feeling. I’m thinking a 3 mile walk would be too much for me, but over the course of the day I can get 4 miles in as I average 10,000-11,000 steps a day. Step by step.. Just remember how far you have come! You no longer use a walker, your boundaries have expanded past the mailbox, and you no longer use Trish steps
  13. You look amazing! Healthy and so happy! You go girl! And keep us posted on your achievements!
  14. Welcome! It looks like you are batting this out of the park already! Good luck this next few days.. they will be your hardest but with @Nana Trish at your side it will be a piece of protein bar...(cake is a dirty 4 letter word;)
  15. I was scared to tell my hubby because he had seen me try every diet known to man and fail. But he was my biggest supporter and has my back. I know being an engineer he had to do his own research and view the numbers and scientific aspects. He also knew my health was not good before. Knowledge is key..maybe have him visit your surgeon with younto ask questions..