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  1. 1st time to ever post to ANY blog!

    Welcome! This is a great place to be. Feel free to ask questions..I failed every diet I was on for 50 years.
  2. Did you keep or shed the dieter's mindset?

    I’ve been at goal for over 4 years. I work in food service and use portion control (we use scoops 1 1/2, 2, 3 And 4 oz). I am good at eyeballing. I double check every couple weeks but I’m really close. I also know the caloric count on food. I keep an approximate total in my head. This for me is a way of life, a lifestyle change. I want to be “normal”. I eat a lot of the same thing every day. There’s a saying, “we don’t live to eat, but eat to live”. For some of us this is true. Food loses its appeal. Not everyone..some of us forget to eat.
  3. I just got my surgery

    Welcome! The losers bench is the place to be. I’ve been Big all my life. My first diet was at4 years of age. @AustinJ- love Gabriel! Seen him 4 times..
  4. "At goal" pics

    You glow girl! You’ve come so far! You are an inspiration to others just beginning!
  5. 8 days out and struggling!

    First off, slow down, take a deep breath. You just had major surgery. Right now, focus on your liquids so you don’t get dehydrated. If you can drink protein shakes grab a couple of those. They also count as liquid as well as protein. For the first couple weeks, just try the best you can, you may not hit those goals but do get as much liquid as possible. Get up and walk, but don’t do too much so you are in pain. It will get better. Good luck as you start this new journey.
  6. Pet peeve

    It’s one of the reasons I’m not public about my wls, I didn’t want to defend myself. If it is the easy way out, then so be it. After many failed attempts maybe I deserve the easy way.. every day is about choices and especially when you maintain. No matter how you lost weight.
  7. Travel Tips?

    In Cayman, I have 1 coconut macaroon a day. In Bonaire we get stroopwaffle cookies and I usually get a small gelato cone when I’ve walked into town. Those are my treats..and I’m usually diving and end up coming back losing weight. I go crazy with not being able to weigh. I still concentrate on protein first and no drinking with meals. I also take coffee grounds. Powdered creamer, Splenda. Our experience has been the X-ray machines don’t recognize cheese. Hubby brings Jamaican bun and cheese sandwiches back with him and I have string cheese. They usually search those carry ons. They’ve actually asked what string cheese is. Oh I also end up pulling my hunk of gouda cheese out too.
  8. Happy!

    Oh and we need before and after pictures!
  9. Happy!

    Congrats! You’ve done amazing. ONWARDS and DOWNWARDS! You ain’t done baby!
  10. Travel Tips?

    I confess, I’m a grocery store a holic..even our own, I can spend time just walking the isles. And foreign ones are even more fun, especially if things aren’t in English. There’s a Dutch one I love when we go to Bonaire. And I love a Mexican one I go to several times a year. In Bonaire we love Dutch gouda and apples. Hubby likes mayo in toothpaste tubes.. the yogurt in France was the best (pre surgery so not sure if they had Greek)..
  11. Jen, you are now an inspiration to the newbies. You rock!
  12. What a year can do

    Michael, not too many people could do the pre op diet you did. Many of us were busy having food funerals. No matter how you got the weight off you are a wls person. Your guts have been are healthy! You are living! Wait until one day soon the kids will tell you they don’t remember the bigger you. Your kids are younger so it will happen sooner rather than later. I was a couple years out when my adult kids were talking and they couldn’t remember me heavy.
  13. Travel Tips?

    Following Jen’s thoughts-they make tuna in a pouch, I hate tuna so never think of them.. one other thought: your clothes will take up less room and weigh less with your smaller size.. my thoughts are my food take up room and weight but aren’t coming back in the suitcase, therefore I have more room for souvenirs:). I bring back 6 bottles of rum for our adult kids from one of the islands we go to. Also keep in mind the long plane ride over. It’s hard to predict what meals you will be given. I keep jerky, string cheese, protein bars in my purse. Also a couple of apples..
  14. What a year can do

    Michael you have done an amazing job! Not many would have remained so dedicated pre op with weeks of protein shakes and the liver shrink diet! You are truly an inspiration to those up and coming newbies!
  15. Travel Tips?

    When we go to the Caribbean I carry protein powder, protein bars, string cheese, beef jerky strips, I’ve carried yogurt, bagged in zip locks, in case they break open. Hubby works in the food industry, just last week at Chobani, and has been assured it is fine unrefrigerated. And I’ve packaged peanuts in 1 oz portions. I carry 2 boxes of protein bars, plus what’s in my purse. I think 2 boxes are about 3 pounds..each box is 25 ounces..there are a few nights that I chose not to eat out because there is nothing I will eat.