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    I have 5 grown kids (4 girls and a boy), 4 grandkids (3 boys and a girl), and 3 cats and one very supporting husband! I enjoy cooking, gardening, and reading.
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  1. Traveling snacks; string cheese (I prefer mine room temp), jerky, measured out 100 calorie nuts, protein bars, carrot chips (in produce section.. May give the crunch you need..)..apples fill me up.. you can do it. Break the weight up in 10# goals. I can’t do high impact exercise. Exercise was never a part of my weight loss.. But I walk. I can get 10,000 steps a day in. It’s easier to eat high carb foods as they don’t fill you up. Think of smashing down a bag of chips and see how much it condenses down too.. Eat 4 ounces of protein first. It’s dense, it will fill you up..if I get munchies when I’m out and about I hit the grocery store for a couple slices of lunch meat; it stops the hungries in a hurry.. better than chips or candy.
  2. Cheesehead


    Flu has been way down in our area. Not sure if it’s mask wearing, social distancing or a combo. Even the miniature germ factories (kids) at the daycare have been way healthier this winter..
  3. Cheesehead


    I got the moderna. Other than a sore arm and a little tired I had no reaction. We were also told to get it in the opposite arm from the first one. Three of the girls I work with got it in the same arm and they developed rashes on that arm.. how did you fare?
  4. Welcome! My goal was to “be normal”. Not to hold my breath when tying my shoes, lol.. I was able to get certified as a scuba diver (before my dr wouldn’t ok it with my health problems). (Add here that I’m terrified of putting my face in water and not being able to touch bottom, lol! But hubby is a diver addict and instructor)
  5. I have an under active thyroid. I’ve been on synthesis for years. It is the only pill out of 18 pills presurgery that I’m still on. hope the new meds help!
  6. Cheesehead


    What a beautiful pup (s). Life sure does get hectic! We added 2 grand babies 8 days apart in January. One was in the NICU 24 days. Between work, taking care of a 1 and 2 year old so their mom can nap with the baby and watching the other families 10 year old so they could spend time in the NICU.. just got my second Covid vaccine today. Every time I think I have a minute I fall asleep, lol!
  7. Stalls happen. It’s your body playing catch up. Stay with your plan and the weight will come off..
  8. We are good! 44 here! It’s a heat wave! 2 weeks ago it way -20! Yes imagine we still have 2 blizzards in us?”! Hate winter/love the grandkids!!
  9. I’m 8 years out. Absolutely no regrets! No problems. Went sledding with our grandson yesterday. Could not have done that before! All my health issues from obesity are gone.
  10. Life is good. Recovering from the holidays. I still work in a germ factory (large daycare: Kindercare). I refuse to live in a cave until this is over. I don’t push my luck but I still do my own grocery shopping (first thing in the morning; less people). I still see my grandkids. I sanitize everything; so much so my fingers peel off in layers.. but life is good. And am hoping this year gets better for all of us.. happy new year to everyone!!
  11. @Ladybugzzz86 how did you fare over the holidays? Hope you were able to stay on track.
  12. Go slow. And chew well. If you don’t tolerate something, give it time and try again. If something doesn’t agree with you I find papaya enzymes (chewable and found in the vitamin section). Help to dissolve food..
  13. Welcome! How are you doing??
  14. Welcome! Feel free to ask any questions you may have!
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