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    I have 5 grown kids (4 girls and a boy), 3 grandkids (2 boys and a girl), and 5 cats and one very supporting husband! I enjoy cooking, gardening, and reading.
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  1. Yes, quick and painless. Nothing to worry about.
  2. I tend to be more vigilant on vacations. I usually come back less than I went. I bring string cheese (yes, ok without refrigeration), protein powder and bars. Enjoy yourself.
  3. It sounds like you are happy and the weight has lifted!
  4. And it was homemade:). Martel’s brother made it. Saw Juan picking his brain! I love shopping at the Mexican markets. Just have to take my daughter along to translate, lol! Another favorite is the thinly sliced beef (can’t remember the name). Everyone seasons their own and flips it on the grill with Mexican corn in the summer, done in no time!
  5. I don’t. But do use my fitness pal to check caloric content from time to time. i work in nutrition/food service so have a very good handle on portion size and can recite just about any caloric content of foods I eat (sometimes posses a problem when I ask hubby “Do you realize how many calories are in that?,”. I often eat similar things. I also like that many restaurants post calories-it discourages some choices. I eat a protein bar for breakfast mid morning, apple and Greek yogurt for lunch, 2 pieces of string cheese for afternoon snack and supper is usually chicken. At the month food isn’t interesting me, lol!
  6. You’ve done amazing! So glad the walker and wheelchair are put away for good now! Are you walking better with the bionic knees?
  7. Cheesehead

    I'm back

    So glad to see you back Robin!
  8. I’ll raise you Trinidad scorpion pepper;). Grew them last year but may need to step it down as they made 2 people sick. I still love spicey. I have 2 Mexican son in laws. I just have to be careful things aren’t too hot since I can’t eat and drink. Had Juan’s green tomatillo salsa tonight on pastore. I could have drank it with a straw! I often have fajita chicken for supper.
  9. I gained 7 pounds in the hospital. Hope things are going smoothly?
  10. Cheesehead


    What a cutie patootie!!
  11. And how is the shoulder doing?
  12. Congrats on 2 years! Adorable little Rockstar! They can be a handful! Stick around we miss you! Life can sure have its potholes! I am just coming off a 2 week vacation where I unplugged. My kids are adults but seems that we have way more drama.
  13. You’ve done great! Keep up the good work.
  14. Love you in the dress! Super cute!
  15. You will have exercise buddies, RoRo and Ollie. Cute pups!