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    I have 5 grown kids (4 girls and a boy), 4 grandkids (3 boys and a girl), and 3 cats and one very supporting husband! I enjoy cooking, gardening, and reading.
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  1. You’ve done awesome!!! Beautiful lady!!
  2. No problems here. I will be 7 years out next week. My doctor told me last year that had I not had surgery he didn’t think I would have survived 5 is good on the losers bench:)
  3. I’m 7 years out. Only had it improved in the last year, but it still grumbles just not as loud. It used to scare the cats..Sounds like an old house making noises.
  4. I was told it was ok as long as you get your liquids in. But check with your doctor..
  5. Each day should get better. Won’t be long til you are back on solid foods.
  6. Happy new year Nana! Hope you’re feeling better! What a lovely couple!!
  7. I’m 7 years out. I’ve never had any complications. I was so nervous when I got into the OR I told myself it wasn’t too late to get up and run! It’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever done for myself..good luck!
  8. As far as exercise-I do not nor did I join a gym. I have bad ankles but do get 10,000 steps a day in. Do aim for protein first! Dense protein fills you up.
  9. You can do it. Vary the flavors or shake. If you must cheat: broth, sf jello..
  10. Throwing up is not normal. You should not be eating bread or pie crust. I make a crust less pumpkin pie with Splenda for holidays..stick with protein..this early out it is best for you!
  11. @Alan Stern I mixed lashing original cereal with greek yogurt. Occasionally the first year. But do watch your carbs in this honeymoon phase.