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    I have 5 grown kids (4 girls and a boy), 3 grandkids (2 boys and a girl), and 5 cats and one very supporting husband! I enjoy cooking, gardening, and reading.
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  1. Cheesehead


    12 pounds is great. Just remember the extra weight didn’t appear over night it will take time for it to go away. I also stayed off the scale, weighing every other Saturday (my husband hid the scale). Also, you are considered a “lightweight” so the weight will not drop off in huge amounts. Just keep doing what you’ve been told to do and it will come off.
  2. Cheesehead

    Last nut appt over!

    My insurance approval (BCBS-mn) took 2 weeks, then the clinic scheduled the surgery appt and that was 5 weeks out. Good luck! by this time next year you will be at goal weight!!
  3. Cheesehead

    Did your immune system change?

    I haven’t been sick in 5 1/2 years. Knock on wood! I also work around germ carrying munchkins! Maybe I’m immune!
  4. I swear I often have a good wls angel on one shoulder and the demon wls angel on the other. One tells me to try something, it won’t hurt. The other one works her butt off trying to keep me on the straight and narrow. I still dislike the uncomfortable feeling of eating too much. This weekend we had steak over an open fire. I ate only half of my 5 oz piece. I was full and knew I couldn’t comfortably fit any more in. Once I’m full, that’s it. I don’t sit and nibble to clean my plate. As @msmarymac said after being in maintainence for so long people forget the old you. My kids don’t remember me heavy (and I was heavy most of their lives). Sometimes I wonder if I put a little weight on, if the wrinkles in my face would fill back out, lol! You will get there, and when you do, you won’t to go back..good luck!
  5. Congrats! You are only 10 pounds from goal! For me the scale is not my friend. It can set the mood for the day, still! I used to reward myself for losing, with food of course. While im in maintainence, I tend not to be so strict. Vacation is 4 weeks away. We go to a little Dutch island. I am looking forward to a Carmel gelato cone (a very small, European size). But it’s a month away and I’m looking forward to it. There are somethings I have now that if I don’t absolutely love, I toss in the garbage. Until you get to goal, skip the empty calories that alcohol gives you. You will get to goal sooner.. youve come too far to sabotage yourself at this point. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on weight loss journey..
  6. Cheesehead

    10 months and counting....

    I also think you look younger!
  7. Cheesehead

    Hi Everyone...Any advice?

    My suggestion, take its for what it is worth. Don’t indulge til you get to goal weight. If pizza is brought in to work, I strip the toppings off and eat a couple of pieces with the cheese and toppings. I get a taste of sauce. We do make a whole wheat crust at home when we do homemade pizza. I view alcohol as empty calories. For a few years alcohol made me extremely ill. I hate wine, don’t Like beer. I was able to drink a summer shandy beer this summer. But alcohol hits me much faster now. There is also transfer addiction to watch out for.. alcohol will often cause weight regain. Just something to think about. There really isn’t much I can’t eat, but then I ask myself if I really should eat it...I have never regretted my decision..good luck..
  8. Cheesehead

    10 months and counting....

    What an a,among transformation!
  9. Cheesehead

    Forgot to post my inches lost

    Way to go!
  10. Cheesehead

    Confession time...

    Thanks everyone. Wise words of wisdom. A close friend (who isn’t so close anymore) alluded to it being the easy way out and I’ve heard it from others. and I’ve heard the usual-they will gain it all back. I don’t need negative thoughts..nor do I want people judging what I eat. I prefer to be “normal” and live in my shell. I was judged for being heavy I refuse to be judged for this. I’m not close to this girl, friendly-as I try to be to everyone at work. I did use my daughter and son in law as examples. She did mention being sickly if you had surgery. (I haven’t been sick since surgery), neither has my daughter or son in law. Maybe I will question her more, ask if she was interested in wls.
  11. Cheesehead

    Checkup today.....dilation tomorrow morning!!!!

    Sending good thoughts your way.
  12. Cheesehead

    Coping mechanisms with binge-eating

    For me the thought of over eating brings memories of what it feels like when I’ve had one bite too many. I don’t like that feeling. I’ve learned to listen to my stomach, if it tells me I’m going to be sorry and to stop! I listen. I know immediately when I shouldn’t eat any more. Even if there is only 1 bite left on my plate and no matter how good it tastes.
  13. Cheesehead

    foods that aid against constipation?

    Smooth move tea. Milk of magnesia.
  14. Cheesehead

    Finally had my MRI and testing done

    Hugs girl! (Softly). Prayers! Hang in there! And GET your VITAMINS and MINERALS in! You don’t need those problems on top of everything! Lois
  15. Cheesehead

    Kio....remember what you were doing a year ago today???

    Happy amazing year! Here’s to year number two!