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    I have 5 grown kids (4 girls and a boy), 4 grandkids (3 boys and a girl), and 3 cats and one very supporting husband! I enjoy cooking, gardening, and reading.
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  1. Life is good. Recovering from the holidays. I still work in a germ factory (large daycare: Kindercare). I refuse to live in a cave until this is over. I don’t push my luck but I still do my own grocery shopping (first thing in the morning; less people). I still see my grandkids. I sanitize everything; so much so my fingers peel off in layers.. but life is good. And am hoping this year gets better for all of us.. happy new year to everyone!!
  2. @Ladybugzzz86 how did you fare over the holidays? Hope you were able to stay on track.
  3. Go slow. And chew well. If you don’t tolerate something, give it time and try again. If something doesn’t agree with you I find papaya enzymes (chewable and found in the vitamin section). Help to dissolve food..
  4. Welcome! How are you doing??
  5. Welcome! Feel free to ask any questions you may have!
  6. I find drinking something helps me. I like sf lemonade drinks sticks in water with a slice of lemon. I don’t like plain water..i have been buying beef sticks that were 60 calories. One of them takes the edge off..an apple is dense and will more than fill me up. No protein but I get my required amount in..
  7. Good to see some of the old timers! @CheeringCJsounds like you’ve got this! I find if I don’t get my 10,000 steps in; when I get home I jump out of the car and walk till I get them in. Because once I go in the house and get comfy I don’t want to move, lol. @Nana Trish Harpers getting so big!!
  8. Love the top picture! You both look so much younger! Happy anniversary!!!
  9. I’m 8 years out. I’ve lost most interest in food. the best advice is to listen to your stomach and not your head. If your stomach tells you enough and your head says it’s only 1 more bite-don’t do it! you look great!!
  10. I don’t struggle with regain. But I think much of that is because I struggle to eat. Nothing sounds or tastes good. The thought of doing a reset is a no go. I’m afraid it would awaken the hunger demon.. my food today was a protein bar and banana for breakfast. Lunch half an egg and slice of low carb bread (egg sounded good but still make me gag) and 1 cup of homemade chicken chili for supper (hubby is away for work and I’m trying to finish it; otherwise with him gone I’d have had a protein shake or bar. I used to love to cook). im bypass but I find if I eat something high in ca
  11. I’d lost 128# at 9 months. I cut every unnecessary calorie.. I still ask myself before I eat something “ what’s in it for me?” Meaning what nutrition am I going to get..
  12. I had little strips covering the incisions. No drains..not painful at all..
  13. I’ve always gotten my protein in. I had short thick hair and never noticed any hair loss. It may be luck of the draw..
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