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  1. I was scared to tell my hubby because he had seen me try every diet known to man and fail. But he was my biggest supporter and has my back. I know being an engineer he had to do his own research and view the numbers and scientific aspects. He also knew my health was not good before. Knowledge is key..maybe have him visit your surgeon with younto ask questions..
  2. Not sure how I missed this. You look beautiful! Looking forward to “meeting” your hubby!
  3. Welcome! I’m almost 7 years out. No one has questioned my portions. If I’m with people who do not know I’ve had surgery they chalk it up to my not being hungry and also that I eat healthy. I chose not to tell many people-my hubby, adult children and 2 friends are it. I felt it was no ones business but my own. Early on I didn’t need negativity. It’s my belief no one really cares what’s on your plate. No one ever said “my God that is a lot of food either”. No reason to tell people you hardly know about surgery. If questioned about food choices tell them you are on a doctor supervised high protein low carb diet. It will also help explain a major weight loss. Once you lose major weight people will be asking “are you feeling ok?” To which I would reply “never felt better!” I didn’t take anti depressants but a cocktail of other meds for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and kidney issues. My meds were cut back before leaving the hospital and eventually all I take now is one thyroid pill. I took 18 pills a day before. With hubby asking me before surgery how all those pills were going to fit, lol. I know I had to crush a few pills immediately after surgery as per my doctors orders. I seriously wish I would have done it years ago. I have had zero complications. I had surgery to get healthy- no more diabetes, no high blood pressure and no high cholesterol. They were the major accomplishments. Fitting into smaller clothes, walking up stairs, playing with my grandkids, being able to tie my shoes, and learning to scuba dive all pale to being healthy. It’s the everyday things that are the best. With wls, it is easy to lose weight the first year but you must remain focused and in maintainence it is equally as easy to put it back on if you don’t remain vigilant. Good luck on your journey!
  4. I think we all wish we had done it sooner! I’m off on a 2 week scuba diving trip in 5 weeks (we do 2 week diving trips each year; hubby is a scuba instructor and dives year around.) I used to sit on the beach and read. I’m terrified of the water but always said if I got healthy I’d learn to dive; it was a great excuse. Well, I ditched the high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol..and he started pestering me to get certified. It’s something I couldn’t have done before but I actually love diving in the Caribbean and kick myself for sitting on the beach. I have a granddaughter to be born in a week and a half; with any luck I’ll be able to see her grow up. (I’m able to go camping, play in the park going up and down slides, and go sledding with our 4 older grandkids-something I didn’t do much of with my kids because my weight hindered me) then there is the simpler things like bending over to tie your shoes, having room between your belly and the steering wheel, being able to walk up stairs without gasping for air, crossing your legs, getting up off the floor without a crane, buying clothes in the normal person section of the store, just the normal everyday things;)
  5. My surgeon ordered a bone density scan 2 years ago. Even at my age all was good. Didn’t know it could also give other info! Next time I will ask! I will add here; I am diligent about taking my required calcium and vitamins! I believe they are very important! When you sign on for wls, you sign on for whatever supplements they tell you to take-for life-even if you gain back the weight! Off my soapbox for now...
  6. She is absolutely adorable!
  7. I was a youngster when I had mine at the age of 51; 6+ years ago. There’s never too old. One of my doctors told me after the fact that I probably wouldn’t have lived another 5 years-gee thanks! as long as you are committed to getting healthy and staying healthy, the sky is the limit!
  8. @Kio I heavily agree with you. I was taking 6 pills a day (3 different meds) for diabetes alone. And it still wasn’t under control. Not once did my doctors recommend or bring up wls. After I learned on my own, bypass could possibly put it in remission did I decide to do it. one of my doctors told me I’d have to lose a lot of weight to do that (no, it was in remission 5 days out). When I asked another why wls wasn’t brought up more often, he said it was a “drastic step”: well do you think?! I guess I feel losing a leg is too, or a life... i would do it again in a heartbeat!
  9. You look amazing! It’s fun to see how far you have come!
  10. Keep in mind; once you tell someone, you can’t untell them nor control who they tell. I classed myself as a failure when I reached the point of wls. I had tried every diet known to man from the time I was 4 years old. At first I was afraid of telling people and failing or hearing negative responses. Have you considered wls in Mexico? Several on here have gone that route. Btw, welcome. This is a great place to be! Life is good on the losers bench!
  11. You look amazing! You are truly a success!
  12. Good luck! Hoping for a smooth recovery for you!
  13. Glad to hear you’re doing good. Smooth move works well. I couldn’t stand it hot so I figured out a way to make it into iced tea.. i see you are in southern FL, anywhere near Sanibel?
  14. Pinto, black beans are good. Can you have salsa? One of my first meals after I was cleared was refried beans with a little melted cheese and taco sauce. I had pinto beans with cheese and salsa for lunch today. Don’t know if you can get salsa down there but I use it a lot as it is low calorie but adds flavor and moisture. I also make my own. Dont graze.