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  1. Craig, I know you are struggling. If this is the boost you need as well as changing your diet, I don’t think it’s bad. If it takes over your life and it’s the only thing you can think about or it becomes compulsive then it would be time to examine. I think when we were losing it was a high to see the scale move downwards. We wanted to see results! I think seeing muscle definition is basically the same. Just my thoughts. Hope you can get back on track. Sometimes, we just need to find what works for individual needs.
  2. Hoping you get answers soon!
  3. I can only drink 8 oz at a time. Earlier out I actually guzzled too fast and it actually came out of my nose. Early out I used a shot glass which holds about 2 oz. I set an alarm for every 15 minutes and drank a shot glass, took about 8 hours to get it all in.
  4. I haven’t posted a picture in a while. I’m 6 1/2 years out. We tent camped while hubby scuba dived this weekend, so I’m grubby and hair is frizzed. The other photo was taken in May in Cayman..while camping our grandson found a dragon fly that wasn’t moving in the water and rescued it.
  5. Cheesehead

    Vacay time

    Jen, you take care of yourself! You don’t want an injury that will last a lifetime. Let your body be the guide.
  6. You are so close to goal! Keep up the hard work. What are you enjoying doing now that you couldn’t do before?
  7. Cheesehead


    Welcome! Premier is good. I like the peach flavored ones. Know they also make a protein water that my daughter likes.. good luck on your new journey!
  8. Cheesehead

    Vacay time

    Amazing photos! Hoping for quick healing for your injury! When is your race?
  9. I had hubby hide mine and bring it out every other Saturday. I had a habit of letting the scale rule my emotions and sabotaging my efforts. If I had dieted and not lost weight I said to heck with it and ate what I wanted. If I lost weight I rewarded myself with food. It was just better not to have one around. Now I weigh every morning.
  10. Your face is definately slimmer! I always seemed to lose in my face first, then my chest..after weight loss I actually didn’t like my narrow face with short hair and grew it out for the first time in my life..
  11. Cheesehead

    down 10

    Just think of it as a 10 pound bag of flour you don’t have to carry around 24/7. How are you doing?
  12. You look great! Isn’t it amazing what shedding the weight does to free us? We are better able to take a step back and examine our lives as we shed the weight. It is very freeing. I shed a boss who lived on intimidating and instilling fear with her employees.
  13. Glad you had fun! Looking forward to pictures.
  14. Although I’m bypass. I had very little pain. Mostly laying flat at night. Remember, get up and walk around! For most people carbonation hurts. I was a Diet Pepsi addict pre. Can’t stand the taste of pop now. For months after I could only picture the pop hitting my stomach and expanding with the bubbles. I could only imagine the pain. I cant stand plain water. Look for water enhancers, they add flavor with no calories or carbonation. MIO is a popular brand here. At the moment I like the powdered packets you add to a water bottle. My tastes dictate very specifically which brand I like. (Wylers right now, no other brand will do). Last summer it was A and W root beer packets. I can drink the same thing for months and all of a sudden my tastes change. Ditch the carbs! Early out before putting something in your mouth- ask yourself “what’s in it for me.?” Is there any nutrition? Most processed carbs have little to no nutrition. Your tummy will be so much smaller you need to make the most of it. That said, I love fruit! I add vanilla Greek yogurt to it for added protein.. Good luck on your new journey!
  15. Yay! Way to go! You can do it!