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  1. What Are You Wearing Today?

    A nsv! Looking good!
  2. Advice please

    Keep a bottle of water in your car. I keep jerky and protein bars either in my purse or my car for emergencies. Nuts are also another good choice. Not sure what you can have 2 months out though. I also have a case of rtd protein shakes in my car until it gets too hot, just put them back in this week (don’t think they will freeze now). I like to just grab one and take it to work, saves having to remember to grab one on my way out the door. If you are anywhere near a grocery when life catches you in a whirlwind, take 5 minutes for yourself and grab a slice or two of deli lunchmeat. That’s saved me a time or two. I love string cheese at room temp. I often grab one and stick it in my pocket to warm it up.
  3. Things are looking up

    Yay! So happy things are looking up!
  4. Pre Surgery Night Jitters

    I was terrified, but I can say it’s the best thing I ever did for myself. I was about your age with a multitude of health problems, which are now behind me:). I can do things I never dreamed possible as well as simple things like bending over to pick things up or tie my own shows. Good luck today! See you on the losers bench!
  5. Shoot it was 4 years before I could steadily see a difference looking a mirror. I think people started to notice at 50# lost. Is it wintertime there? Are you buried under a heavier coat? If you lose 10# a month in a year it will be 120#. It all adds up. And we didn’t gain it in a couple of month, so it’s not just going to fall off in one big chunk overnight. Follow what you are supposed to do.
  6. Hello, my friends.....

    So happy hubby has a job and one he likes. That’s always a plus. stalls; this too will pass:) on a nice snowy day, closet cleaning would be a productive job.
  7. 2 week pre diet

    I hate change! I think most of us do. What if I can’t eat this or that. What am I going to do if I go out to eat. What about the changes that this means to our vacation (where are we going to eat) so many what ifs... just take a deep breath and take it day by day... sometimes minute by minute... I was so scared day of surgery, when they wheeled me into OR I told myself “it’s not too late to run”. I thank God I didn’t! I was terrified I wouldn’t wake up. I had a really easy recovery. I was back to work full time, on my feet all day without a break on day 9. The only thing I had issues with was reaching above my head. The dr. Didn’t give me lifting restrictions. Told me my body would let me know. You can do it! Btw: I’m a follow Michigander by heart:). Tough, stubborn Midwesterner! Lois
  8. Busy times

    Aww sweet!
  9. Since your early out; soup is a good choice. Further out I do salad (picking the meat and cheese off first), or grilled chicken, hold the bun (could do burger but I don’t like hamburger). They usually come with a leaf of lettuce and tomato-there ya go you have a veg to go with it;) I have used the “I guess I wasn’t that hungry after all, but it was really good!”
  10. You start to think differently about food in your honeymoon phase. It’s not so much about what you are giving up but what you are gaining by losing weight. My weight no longer holds me back.
  11. Sad news

    So sorry to hear of your loss!
  12. Welcome to the losers bench! You are well on your way! I can’t believe you came home the same day!
  13. Overeating?

    Papaya enzyme is my friend. It hasn’t happened in a long time but if I take that one bite too many...chew a couple of them. They seem to help dissolve food. And throwing up is more like foamies. Spitting a lot.. you will learn to listen to your belly and not your head..if your belly says no more, listen. Ignore your head telling you, “but it’s just one more bite”. Waste is ok...
  14. A few questions for your Sunday

    Snacks... I agree, an apple is my go to. It’s dense, low cal and filling. My drug of choice is ambrosia apples that I get at the local gas station, lol! Sometimes they are my lunch with a Greek yogurt. How about string cheese (I prefer mine at room temp), jerky beef sticks. Cheese cubes, almonds, I also cut up a small cup of strawberries and add a dollop of Greek yogurt, sometimes that’s lunch even. How about lunchmeat wrapped around a piece of string cheese. Appetites.. somedays food is a struggle, other days I could eat the paint off the walls! On ravenous days I drink a lot of coffee, lol! I never noticed hairloss but at the time it was short and I’ve always had thick hair..someone told me biotin causes hair growth where you don’t want it so I never took it..