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    I have 5 grown kids (4 girls and a boy), 3 grandkids (2 boys and a girl), and 5 cats and one very supporting husband! I enjoy cooking, gardening, and reading.
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  1. Cheesehead

    Day 13 post ob

    Weigh and measure your food. If you think your hungry but shouldn’t be, take a drink, wait 30 minutes. If you still are hungry eat a little something. Oftentimes you’re really thirsty and not hungry.
  2. Cheesehead

    I DID IT!!!

    The first time I caught my full length reflection in a window I thought “who is following me.,”. It gave me a scare! Lol! I still at times don’t recognize myself when I approach a store entrance.
  3. Cheesehead

    My first year SURGIVERSARY

    Congrats! This is a wonderful post! I love the transforming pictures! Life is so good on the losers bench! It is so awesome to see someone transform during this journey and become the person they are meant to be. I love your upbeat attitude. Way to go CJ!
  4. Cheesehead

    Boho Rosy's Surgiversary!

    Congrats! You’ve done amazing!
  5. So glad you got information from your doctor. You may get a different full feeling. Mine was a tightness. But further out if your stomach is sending the full signal and your head is sending the it’s only one more bite signal, listen to your stomach. It may be months, if at all before you get hunger. Eat according to the clock as you don’t have much to lose. Hope things get better!
  6. Cheesehead

    I DID IT!!!

    Way to go! It looks great! What why is it stripes are supposed to make a big person look larger but huge ugly, gaudy prints and rhinestones that draw attention to your front don’t? I remember one of my first horizontal shirts, my husband commented “wow! That looks nice! You’d never have worn a striped shirt before!” I guess I never thought about it but I never worn stripes before. I remember being told when I was about 7 when a dress I wanted had stripes, that horizontal stripes make you look fatter and that always stuck with me. Hey that’s also an NSV!
  7. Cheesehead

    15 month post op

    Ps. Tell yourself you’ve worked too hard to blow it now!
  8. Cheesehead

    15 month post op

    My best suggestion is to keep the crap out of the house. I cook it, I send it home.. hubby says the table looks like a bunch of vultures went through after the kids are done boxing up their leftovers, lol. I will make 4 pies and a rum cake for starters but I don’t want to see a crumb left..I rarely eat holiday dinner as I’ve cooked it all. My meal will be 6 shrimp cocktail;) go, enjoy the meal and be done with it. Get back on the wagon the next day. One of the reasons many of us had surgery to be “normal”. Being “Normal” means being able to enjoy a little of this or that at holidays. Stay focused. Don’t use it as an excuse to jump ship for the next 6 weeks. I bought my daughter a bag of m and m’s she wanted and kinda looked at her funny cause I know she is trying to lose weight. She told me “mom, I have self control. A couple won’t hurt me”. I told her to take them to her room because if I see them, they will continue calling me until they are gone. For me, it’s just best not to be tempted. I refuse to have candy dishes here because it would always be empty. I put candy canes on the Christmas trees, I don’t like hard candy so they are safe.
  9. Cheesehead

    How hard has it been to change your behaviours?

    Food doesn’t appeal to me so much anymore. I try not to keep sweets in the house. For me they are trigger foods. This summer I was busy with my daughters wedding and forgot to eat for 2 days. I’ve also gotten busy with Easter prep and forgot to eat until 9:00 at night. I no longer live from meal to meal. If I think I’m hungry I’ll guzzle a cup of water. It fills me up and if I’m still hungry later I’ll have a cheese stick or apple i highly recommend keeping trigger foods out of the house the first year. I love to bake but it goes home with my grown kids..
  10. Cheesehead

    2 Week Liquid Pre-Op diet starts today!

    Hey, look on the bright side: you are down 32 pounds! More by the time surgery rolls around! That’s less weight to lose after surgery!
  11. Cheesehead

    Protein Powder

    I liked the non fruity Syntrax as well.
  12. Cheesehead

    How did you lose weight before surgery?

    I was on enough medications that losing weight was impossible. I did manage to lose 6 pounds in 6 months. I did have a final pig out Day the weekend before. I had eggs Benedict, blooming onion, prime rib and several alcohol drinks. Haven’t had that stuff since. But after getting that out of my system. A couple days later, for my last meal before my 24 hour of liquids, I didn’t really care what I ate. I didn’t have to lose before surgery, I just couldn’t gain.
  13. Cheesehead

    Hi guys

    I’m so sorry. I’m sure Sadie knew she was loved. It sucks to have to say goodbye to our fur babies. Hoping to see more of you back here!
  14. Cheesehead

    My minimized wardrobe or "What I Might Be Wearing Tomorrow"

    I want to see your other the dye. What does your mom sell? I LOVE tye dye!! For the first time in my life I love clothes! When the girls were younger I’d sit in the try area and wish I wasn’t so fat, that I could have fun things. Now I can! I rarely spend more than $5 for shirts or shorts and no more than $10 for jeans. I shop clearance racks.
  15. Cheesehead

    18 month surgiversary on 11-17-18

    Missing you! Congrats on a job well done! Hope to see you back soon!