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  1. Very rarely do I have real hunger. But when I do, it’s the I can eat anything in sight type. I’ve actually forgotten to eat Easter dinner. I made a huge meal, then got busy hiding eggs, we did a kids hunt and 500 eggs for the adult kids. That night at 9:00 I realized I hadn’t eaten. I pretty much have a schedule for eating. I know, it’s hard to wrap your head around pre surgery.
  2. The art of dissecting a sandwich. I usually get funny looks when I open the wrap and dump it on my plate, lol! glad you are feeling better!
  3. Thank goodness! How are you today? I’ve just gotten so I throw caution to the wind. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich Friday. I usually throw the bun out but wanted the lettuce and tomato with it, so I took the top half off, cut the chicken and bottom bun in half and had a weird sandwich. Only ate a quarter of it. But guess what? It didn’t kill me and it didn’t make me gain weight over night. At this point do what you have to. Get back up to where you are comfortable and cut maintainence..
  4. I’m so sorry Lee. It’s important to be happy in life. I hope you are adjusting..
  5. Welcome! According to your stats. You’ve lost 30#. That 10# a month. You are considered a “lightweight”. Since lightweights have less to lose, they lose slower. Stay on your plan. You will reach goal. You have less than #50 to goal. Did you take measurements so you can see where you’re losing inches?
  6. That is so cool! Love to see the shrinkage
  7. That is awesome! Amazing! What an inspiration!
  8. Cheesehead

    still here!

    Hope they can get it straightened out!
  9. Glad you are doing great! And finding what works for you!
  10. Where I work now I’ve only been at goal weight. I’m the one who “eats healthy”. My boss thought I had an eating disorder, lol! We also had an all about me board. I put up a picture of “before me”. I was asked a couple of times if that was my sister, lol! Yep, my evil twin! While there are a couple of girls I could point in the direction of wls, (one asked me if I had it, nope). When she tries keto I encourage her. We all have to find our own paths..
  11. Mine are severe enough that I take quinidine (quinine). I was told there wasn’t enough in tonic water to help. Aside from that, it’s the nastiest thing I’ve tasted! Mine happen if I’m sitting and at night.
  12. While I have no problem conversing, I cannot talk to a group of people. Scares the crap out of me.
  13. Yay! To get up in front of a group can be terrifying! You triumphed!
  14. Predicting 12-15 Saturday and Sunday! Hubby will be home so he can clear the driveway! He’s already shoveled the roof once..super Bowl Sunday, there was barely enough snow to sled on. Afraid to have the grandkids over for sledding for fear they will get lost!