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    I have 5 grown kids (4 girls and a boy), 3 grandkids (2 boys and a girl), and 5 cats and one very supporting husband! I enjoy cooking, gardening, and reading.
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  1. Cheesehead


    I was farther out when cleared for real meat. Anything shredded took me about 6 months. While I could tolerate cut and chewed chicken at 5 week or so, anything shredded took longer..
  2. Cheesehead

    My 6th Month Surgiversary!!!

    Love the pictures! The haircut is adorable!
  3. Cheesehead

    In 5 days, I will be one year out

    You’ve are a true inspiration! You have overcome so many hurdles! You will be around many years for your grandson! That is a true blessing!
  4. I don’t track but can keep a pretty close count on calories and serving sizes in my head.. I don’t count carbs as I eat a lot of fresh fruits..I have a rough estimate of how much protein I get..I’m good..
  5. Cheesehead

    Thoughts on 2 years out!

    I agree, it’s greek yogurt and apples or berries at home. On vacation ( I’m in the Cayman Islands now) I’m happy with protein).
  6. Welcome to onederland. We are in the Caribbean and I ask the caretaker how he makes the rum punch-his secret ingredient is to pulverize a can of fruit cocktail. Can’t even tell it wasn’t a liquid. He adds oj and pineapple juices. Many of us were thinking it was passion fruit, lol. I’m wondering if watermelon and a little lime juice would be good? There’s also rum extract that can be added...
  7. Cheesehead

    Aahhh, the sun!!

    Love that feeling! “I can do it, I DID it”. Feeling! It’s awesome to be “normal”! To do things that regular people take for granted! For me it’s the garden. We have a huge garden, used to take hubby and me all day to put in cause I had to rest. Now it’s less than 2 hours. Weeding I’d do a row, and rest in my chair. Picking tomatoes? Pick for 5 minutes, rest for 15-30. We are on vacation. I got in my mind earlier this week I was walking to and from town. The friend who was here staying with us went with. Hubby told her to try to get me to take the taxi back. I put my foot braces on and Tami and I walked both ways. I did it! It wonderful to be normal!
  8. Cheesehead

    Checking in and questions

    It took forever to get 2 oz of dense protein in. Some days I can barely get 3 oz down. But I don’t push it and I do have a protein shake a day still (I can’t choke breakfast down). And do call the surgeon and tell them you don’t have gall bladder.. glad things are getting back to normal..
  9. Cheesehead

    Time for some honesty

    I’m in maintainence. But I do eat healthy carbs in fruit. But that seems like A LOT of carbs. I’m a firm believer in doing what is working for you body and and your wls.. we are on vacation. I was eating apples every day and strawberries. But can’t find a decent apple and strawberries are $7 a pound or better. I’m sticking with pineapple. I went through apple withdrawal when we got here, lol! I pretty much get my carbs from dairy and fruit, but it’s what works for me. is your NUT a wls NUT?
  10. Cheesehead

    Time for some honesty

    Life happens, shake yourself off and get back in the saddle. Keep trigger foods out of the house. This past 10 days we had a couple stay with on Grand Cayman. The lady would by European chocolate and break a piece off each day. I don’t have that kind of control, if it’s there it calls my name til it’s gone. I wasn’t born with the control can do it!
  11. Cheesehead

    I just want a little taste

    Yes, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.. im on island time, somehow this reposted..sorry
  12. Cheesehead

    I just want a little taste

    Yes, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should..
  13. Cheesehead

    I just want a little taste

    The only thing I cannot eat if fried and usually alcohol. Fried-I can have a “taste” of hubby’s fries no more than 3-4 or I start to feel ill. The smell of fried food is not good! I can drive past a fast food place that is frying something and my stomach lurches. Alcohol is iffy at best. I’m on vacation and had 1 margarita and 1 rum punch last week with no ill effects, but one night I added a shot of rum to a drink and was laying on the couch wishing I hadn’t. I never know.. I don’t care for ice cream, bread is ok but sits funny. I don’t like rice or potatoes. And since I went so long without pop I don’t like it either (pre surgery I drank 2-2 liters a day). I was worried pre surgery about never having a bite of my kids wedding cakes, grandkids birthday cakes, but now I can take it or leave it. #4 daughter gets married end of June, I know her wedding cake is going to be too sweet, probably won’t touch it. Your tastes and outlooks change after surgery. Although, we are on vacation and I do have a coconut macaroon every day, but it’s a treat, we don’t get them in the states:) good luck on your up coming surgery:). Use the honeymoon phase to Change your outlook on food..I did not go off plan til I got to goal. The honeymoon phase for me, was squeezing the most out of every calorie.
  14. Cheesehead

    A belated one year anniversary!

    Way to go, Nerdy! Knowing you’ll be able to keep up with your little one and slapping diabetes in the face is awesome! You look great!
  15. Cheesehead


    Welcome! It’s the best feeling to break the 200 barrier!