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  1. I host a baking weekend- my 4 daughters, sons girlfriend and a girl that is like part of the family. We bake all weekend, make candy, they divide it up 6 ways. I refuse to keep it in the house. I get the fun of baking but don’t have the temptation. Smells-the smell of fresh donuts at the store will send me scrambling to the fresh fruit. They used to be my downfall. Can you do any weight lifting for exercise?
  2. Welcome! You’re doing great already! Many of us gained weight before we left the hospital with the iv fluid pumped into us. I gained 7# and just about cried. Thought I was already a failure!
  3. You’ve done great! Love the swimsuit! You’re grandbabies are adorable! Normal is good! But for those of us who were obese for so long I wonder if our brains will ever be normal. I have my Fat moments. And then I lose my appetite. Then the weight falls off but I recognize when the weight drops I need to put the brakes on that. A treat now and then is ok. It isn’t the end of the world. It’s what “normal” people do.
  4. Sounds like you are doing great. If you can’t do the gym, can you take a walk? Are you on meds for AFib? Do they perhaps need to be adjusted by your dr? My doctor forgot to take me off one of my blood pressure meds til I complained of things going black.. I still forget to eat. And at the moment food isn’t appealing (I’ve lost 4 pounds last week-time to get back on the wagon to maintain). Who would have thought we would forget to eat or that food wouldn’t be appealing? A couple Easter’s ago I made a huge meal, got busy and realized at 9 that night that I hadn’t eaten, asked hubby if there was anything left (I had been doing egg hunt and family packed up the food and taken it home, lol.) I no longer live meal to meal and food no longer has a hold on me..
  5. Welcome! Hope all is going well. I love to cook and my job entails cooking. I go through periods where I just have no interest in food (seems to be at the moment. I lost 4 pounds last week so it’s time to buckle down and try to maintain).
  6. We are all different. I could tolerate cold from the start. My NUT told me before surgery that cold may never agree with me. That had me bummed because I pretty much like ice cold drinks. I could never understand how anyone could drink room temperature water, gag! Get down your liquids anyway you can. And yes tastes change..
  7. Yes, a happy, happy day to you @CheeringCJ!
  8. I used calamine lotion. My upper arms and stomach itched like none other! I wanted to claw the skin off!
  9. My surgeon allowed thinned down sf pudding, thinned Greek yogurt when I came home from the hospital. I like a packet of sf hot cocoa mixed with 3/4 cup water and fill the rest of my cup with coffee for a mocha on the weekends. my daughter loves the sf alpine apple. Soon you will graduate to “real” foods.
  10. Welcome! I like mio flavor drops and sugarfree flavor powder for my water bottles. I craved root beer for a while and found a root beer flavor packet for my water. I also mixed it in vanilla rtd protein shakes. Im not sure if I could have done 2 weeks of liquids..I only had 24 hours! Keep your eye on the prize!
  11. You’ve come so far! You look like a new person! Liking that hunk of coral you’re holding . Looking great on the beach!
  12. Welcome! Life is good on the losers bench!
  13. It will get better. I was told the first months is a learning time. Life is good on the losers bench!