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  1. GUM, anyone?

    I too am a constant gum chewer- I chew a couple of pieces daily while at work. I have no problem with Orbit Spearmint.
  2. Yay!

    I hope you still kept that smile. Hottie!
  3. Surgery in 3 hours

    Good luck to ya. Not gonna lie, you are about to have a couple of rough weeks ahead. Not from pain mind you, but the mental aspect of craves. But you'll survive and make this whole ordeal worth your while.
  4. Fudgesicles?

    Not with mine. Although they may say sugar free on the box, I think the restriction is based on fat too.
  5. Officially Down 100lbs Today!

    That's awesome!
  6. I'm with angeldevil- I had no idea how many food commercials were on tv until i was miserable on my recovery sofa sipping my broth and crystal light. I have craved...boy, have I craved. I'm only 4 weeks post-op and I still think about some spaghetti and meatballs. But honestly, i think about it less this week since ive advanced to chewing food again. I just tell myself that someday soon, I can have some of that food again. My nutritionists are very strict, but I'm also of the opinion that constant deprivation of some foods i like could make a bigger problem for me down the road. Stay tough.
  7. my 23rd birthday is monday 2/4 and I cant drink =(

    Hey- I'm right there with ya. I'm a Southern boy that loves his beer and bourbon. I'm almost 4 weeks post-op and havent really wanted a drink yet. But I'm going on a big resort vacation this summer and I'm curious if I can have some drinks while I'm there. I think beer should likely be avoided if only for the carbonation. There are some low-cal beers available, but I bet they are low on taste too! Wine will have too much sugar- I dont need any dumping on vacation! I might try some vodka or bourbon in a couple of months just to test the waters. Mind you, I'm going to try it at home or a friend's house- I hear I could get pretty wasted with even a small amount of alcohol as it absorbs so much faster. Don't ruin your bd party by getting carried to the car in the first hour!
  8. Sore behind?

    Whew! I'm not alone! I'm three weeks post-op and I noticed this during my recovery while watching tv. I figured I was just sitting too long or that my bubble butt was shrinking!
  9. Just started reading The Hunger Games. Trying to decide if that's ironic or not.

  10. clear liquids

    Good luck! I actually have a mix of diabetes, sometimes referred to as LADA or Type 1.5. My recent RNY may not actually reverse the need for anti-hyperglycemic meds. Even during my current post-op period of low carb liquids, I have checked my BG only to find it around 105ish. So, looks as if I may need to remain on a low basal dose for a period of time- or forever. But I wish you a speedy recovery and make sure you monitor your own health. No one else can do it for us.
  11. Right there with you! My RNY is tomorrow! I'll keep you updated with any advice that comes to mind. Good luck!
  12. Weight loss graph

    I think this is my favorite pic.
  13. No worries- I got distracted reading the site, I forgot all about how delicious a plate of spaghetti would have been!
  14. Hey Everyone! I stumbled upon this site yesterday and was wowed by the outpouring of support from this bunch! I can see that I will have a lot of reading material during my recovery. GB is scheduled for 1/14 and I'm a few days into my pre-op diet. I must confess that I was looking for any info that would allow me to cheat and EAT something and Google directed me to you guys. No doubt that this will be a life-altering experience, but I am excited to face this head on!
  15. Before