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  1. Portland Oregon area

    Surgery Monday! anyone in the Portland area around the same timeframe?
  2. Sleeve to RNY 4/18

    Monday is surgery date, gulp. Nervous and excited. I think I'm ready..getting things in order. I really hope I don't have a lot of cravings as family is coming to visit 2 week later and their also foodies and wine lovers. I never had to deal with dumping, probably part of the reason for the weight gain now in highly nervous! I work with a lot of ppl and I don't want to have that conversation as I learn what works and what doesn't. Question to ya'll - when and what did you do for exercise? How soon after and what type? Big gyms or small classes? I really want to tone and be easy on the knees. looking for ideas for liquid/purée stage too! Thanks guys
  3. Sleeve to RNY 4/18

    So got my approval from Aetna for the revision (yay) but it shows approved for 1 hospital night, this seems too quick! For the Sleeve, i was in for 2.5 days and they said I was ahead of the curve. How many nights did everyone stay in the hospital? (with no complications) Would you recommend I try to tackle this with Aetna directly or through my Surgeon? Thanks!
  4. Sleeve to RNY 4/18

    Thanks for the feedback! I personally have an Aetna PPO, they weren't difficult the first time around (even though I heard crazy stories about Aetna) so fingers crossed for this time around. That bit of coding information is definitely good to know! The more knowledge you have going in makes things go much smoother. I appreciate it.
  5. Sleeve to RNY 4/18

    Hey guys - I'm in this boat too, terrible acid reflux about a year and half post sleeve and strongly considering a revision. I have a question on insurance. Did ya'll have any issues? Did you have to go through all the hoops of getting approved like the first time around?
  6. So about 2 weeks out from my 5 month surgery date. I'm at a 60lb weight loss, feeling good, lots of compliments lately, which is always nice. For the last month or so, the stress level has gone up for a variety of different reasons. Work - started a new role, had to major training and learning and developing a new dept, late nights etc. Also getting married, so planning that (even though were trying to keep it stress free, yeah right) Of course these are all excuses for me to explain, why i'm not exercising and why i'm not sticking to a high protein/low carb way of life. I admit it, i'm a foodie, I love to try new restaurants, new dishes, old favorites...sure i don't each the portion size i use to but still. But the worse of it.... sweets. for the first 3.5 months, not a bit of sugar passed my lips (or a very small amount) but it started with a mini cupcake and it went downhill from there...craving cakes and ice creams! dreaming about them and I find myself slipping into my old ways of not paying attention and just putting whatever looks good into my mouth. HELP! Does anyone have any suggestions to getting back on track? Please motivate me! Thanks
  7. Need to vent and looking for motivation

    thanks guys! all very good advice... sometimes you just need to hear others confirm what you really already know. after venting yesterday i actually picked up my gym bag and got in there... heres to getting back on track.
  8. Well as a dedicated lurker I know that hitting a plateau is common, but when you're in it all different thoughts are going through your head. So if I may, I'm going to outline what I’ve been doing and hit me up with some advice please. So surgery 2/6th - tomorrow (my birthday btw) will be my 3 week mark. Frankly I can’t believe it's only been 3 weeks! Starting weight was 305, the surgery was moved up, so really didn’t have more than 4 days to do the pre-op diet. had a lot of pain the first couple of day, pain meds didn’t really work for me, but after I started getting more protein in, that help a lot in the healing arena. Currently still sore on the right side where they had the drain...not sure why. So first off, my doctor and his team are very strict comparable to what others have said about diet. They want you to do 2 weeks of clear liquids, then 2 weeks of "creamy" liquids, then 2 weeks of mushy foods and then you can start to try real food. I did about 8 days of clear liquids before I moved on to creamy liquids. Continued on that for 8 days before I started to mix a bit of mushy food into the mix (as I felt like I couldn’t stand to be on liquids one more min) So now I'm on mushy food, which helped with the head hunger and basic frustration of living in pre surgery world. I'm trying to arrange my diet like Adkins, just protein, some dairy and eggs and very limited carbs and sugars. Currently I weigh 282, which is great, but I have been at this weight for about 5 days now and I can’t help but think it’s because I’m eating too much. Here is a typical day. Breakfast - coffee and half a protein shake in the morning Snack - the other half of the protein shake (about 10am) Lunch - about 2 oz of refried beans with some soft grilled chicken (about 2 oz) Dinner - 5 to 6 pieces of sashimi or 3 to 4 oz of steamed salmon Snack - yogurt or string cheese I'm probably getting in about 50 oz of water daily (I know I need to increase this) The hardest part for me is the constant drinking (I get lost in my work and forget) and waiting too long to eat, then I eat hungry and too fast. I haven’t thrown up at all, although there have been times I wished I did (too full or too fast) So what do you guys think? Have a stretched my stomach? Have I messed up my weight loss for not following the doctor’s diet? I find it difficult to speak with the doctor’s nutritionist as she is 12 years old and weighs about 90 lbs. Last time I talked with her I felt like she was reading a script and not really talking to me as an individual.
  9. Guilty ... Had a bourbon sour, took an hour to drink it(I use to drink one of those in about 15 min) it was delicious, overly sweet but still enjoyable. I definitely felt it too...overall no side effects except for those empty calories
  10. Sleeve and Acid Reflux

    My upper GI showed I had acid reflux but I hardly noticed it, just a couple of times. Since the surgery I have it 5 out of 7 days but I just take the generic Prilosec and it goes away in 20 mins. If i would take it regularly and I don't think I'd really notice it
  11. 5weeks since surgery

    My life is very much a social gathering, mainly around food, trying new restaurants and even part of my job are lunch meetings. I was freaked out too, but once I started being able to eat more normal foods I was able to go out with friends, you just eat differently. Example of today, we went to a Mexican restaurant. I got 2 tacos, one beef one ceviche. I just at the insides of the taco and actually took half home for dinner. Totally satisfying and I was able to feel normal, actually better than normal. I focus on protein only no carbs (or very low carbs) I'm also 5 weeks out as well. I had the sleeve so a bit different but you can do it, there is always something at every restaurant that can work. Be it something you split or off the appetizer or sides menu. Good luck!
  12. How much weight the first month?

    My month anniversity is 1 day away and I'm at a 25lb loss, so we are pretty close. I'm shooting for 10lb + a month moving forward for hopefully awhile.
  13. Girl, once you start feeling up to it, start looking for a non hostile work environment. Keep your mind occupied and don't let them bring you down. Forget those snotty people!
  14. stoked! following everyone advice, i increased my liquid intake and kept eating protein (although kept the coffee) I lost a pound and half this morning! (yay) Thanks for getting me through guys
  15. Thanks for the feedback! I'm still definitely playing the mental game, part of knows this is normal but part of me is scared ill convert into my old ways, which was pretty much making excuses to eat. I've started tracking last week and at least it's making me more accountable. Funny, you go to all these meetings, classes and appointments with tons of research but you just don't get it until post surgery when you're living it.
  16. Super excited, a tad nervous. I thought I remember them telling us to bring our protein with us into the hospital for the days after recovery, is this accurate? (couldn't find it in the manual) you would think they would have this already there for you, since where I'm getting it done is strictly a bariatric floor... thoughts?
  17. Follow up to my stupidity ....

    I love your honesty! I imagine there are ups and downs, just like everything in life, i'm looking forward (and a bit afraid) of what mine will be. The one question i have though, whats the firming cream knowledge you received?
  18. fingers crossed

    I just submitted everything to Cigna for the Sleeve Surgery. I've been thinking about this for over 5 years and i finally made the decision to do something about it. Of course right in the middle of getting everything complete for insurance I found out that my company is eliminating my position, which in turn means my insurance will disappear as well. I'm pushing forward and hoping that Cigna turns out to be awesome rather than a jerk, which it seems can go either way from what i've read from other people's stories. If my paperwork was submitted yesterday by the doctors office, when is it appropriate to start calling? Thanks! any advice is welcome. L.
  19. fingers crossed

    Got approval! Surgery scheduled for Feb 13th! (yay)
  20. fingers crossed

    thanks for all the feedback everyone! I did call Cigna on Friday, they said that they didnt have my paperwork yet. So in turn i called my doctor's office and they said; 1. they received a fax confirmation that they did indeed receive my paperwork, said i was probably speaking to the wrong person and 2. that I shouldnt call, that Cigna is very busy and I should just let them do their job and just be patient. I was kind of offended by this, I guess I understand, but this is MY insurance and MY surgery and it kind of pissed me off that they told me to not call... I decided to be patient, for at least one week and then call again.
  21. fingers crossed

    sweet, then they are getting a call from me tomorrow! Thanks!